Top 5 Best Free PC Optimization Software 2019

Are you getting irritated with slow speed of your computer? It’s not just you; Windows PCs tend to accumulate junk over time which hampers the overall performance.

Sometimes, the issue is outdated hardware which could not meet the current minimum requirements. PC optimization software cannot help you in such case. You will have to consider adding a RAM or complimentary SSD.

However, most of the time it is the software issue which is easier to resolve. We have the best PC optimization software which does the computer cleaning and speeding up for you.

1. Iolo System Mechanic

Cleaner and Faster PC with the Best Free PC optimizer

System Mechanic ashboard

Iolo System Mechanic is a renowned name in the computer utility industry.

It cleans up junk, useless files freeing up hard disk space, wipes RAM and deletes historical logs and caches. This automatically results in availability of more CPU and RAM resources improving the overall performance.

Not just the cleaning operation but also it detects and fixes over 30,000 problems causing crashes and frequent freezing of Windows PCs.

In our test, we noticed improvement in computer speed especially during the startup and file execution / opening time. Free version gave decent results, but it has two premium versions which are worth considering.

Their licensing policy allows you to install the software on unlimited computers at home.

Get System Mechanic Coupon or Upgrade using System Mechanic Pro Coupon which saves upto 60% on regular price.

2. Iobit Advanced SystemCare

One-click optimization tool for Windows PCs

Advanced SystemCare Pro 12 Homepage

What we liked most about this software application is its easy-to-use interface.

Advanced SystemCare tunes up the computer performance by getting rid of unwanted files. Along with cleaning, it manages Hard Disk and RAM. You can defragment them if necessary to gain back lost speed and remove sluggishness.

Their website claims to increase speed by 300% however that didn’t appear to be true in our tests. There were definitely improvements in web browsing and graphics processing by 13.4% as per our PC benchmarking tool.

The Free version has the basic cleaning functionality while the PRO version has additional features. You get Internet speed-boosting, real-time optimization, privacy protection and deep registry cleaning with Advanced SystemCare PRO.

They have one more edition called Advanced SystemCare Ultimate which includes all the features of PRO and provides malware detection. It is a optimization cum security software well suited even for the newest PC users.

Buy using Advanced SystemCare Pro Coupon or upgrade with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Coupon to claim upto 70% discount.

3. Auslogics BoostSpeed

Handy optimization tool with tons of extras

BoostSpeed 10 Home Screen

Auslogics Boostspeed is a comprehensive set of optimization tools designed to improve multiple areas of computer operations.

BoostSpeed works on cleaning up PC for freeing up system resources. It analyzes the current state and suggests optimizations to fix the slow PC issues.

Along with the disk and registry cleaning modules, it has some bonus features like File Recovery which can recover files deleted accidentally. Also, there is File Shredder which can delete files beyond recovery. This is useful in case of sensitive information which needs to be permanently deleted.

If you opt for Premium version, there is a Live Speedup Module which optimizes applications in real time. Also, there is a hard drive monitor to prevent file fragmentation which facilitates faster file access. Disk and Registry also cleans up automatically without manual intervention.

Tip: Use BoostSpeed 10 Coupon for 71% discount on regular price.

4. CCleaner

Long time trusted PC optimizer software

CCleaner has been in the market for a long time and a used to be a go-to resource for many tech-savvy users.

It is a good tool for cleaning up PC, optimizing it and making more secure. It doesn’t have advanced features like Iolo System Mechanic but does eliminate the junk causing slow-down.

Recently, there was an incident of malware being injected into CCleaner. But, that’s not all. Since Avast acquired the product, users have noticed the change in behavior which includes, popup ads, updates and antivirus installation without consent.

Company claims that it is taking care that such incidents do not happen. We too hope that CCleaner doesn’t fall down from its current standing in Best PC optimization software.

In the free version, there are basic cleanup modules but you will need to buy PRO version for automated cleaning and optimization.

5. Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Complete Maintenance and Optimization Suite

Ashampoo designed their Winoptimizer product with descriptive interface and supplementary tools which goes beyond usual cleaning process.

WinOptimizer shines is its additional tools, including a process manager, software uninstaller, Energy bar and many more. It is like a swiss army knife for your PC which is packed with 36 modules enabling your PC to run at top speed.

One of the interesting feature is that the program benchmarks your system and compare its performance to other online users.

Looking beyond the basics, program provides array of additional features which might confuse novice user. However, it is overall a superb optimization tool and worth considering keeping running Windows smoothly.

Essential Bonus Tools

It is certain that PC optimization software are helpful to great extent for maintenance of computers but there is more to it.

User must follow secure computing practices to avoid any cyber threats because presence of resource hogging malware can also lead to slowed down PCs.

An effective antimalware software can keep malware infections at bay. However, make sure that it is lightweight and doesn’t require high system resources.

6. MalwareFox

Gets rid of adware, spyware and other malware infections

MalwareFox Premium Home Screen

MalwareFox is simple yet advanced antimalware solution for windows computers. It gets rid of cyber threats like adware, spyware, browser hijacker and even dangerous ransomware.

It’s easy to use, one-click malware removal solution. In the premium version, you get 24×7 real-time protection which blocks any internet threats before it can enter your computer.

It’s a cloud based application so has low-footprint on the system. Moreover, the cloud based signature ensures that you are protected against the latest threats.

The Free version is completely functional for 15 days with which you can get rid of any infections present. However, you can get continuous protection to stop malware attacks before it infects in the premium upgrade.

Download: MalwareFox Anti-Malware

7. Driver Booster

Finds faulty or missing drivers and update them

Driver Booster 6 PRO Home Screen

Optimized performance is not only dependent on clean computer but also smooth functioning of its components. Compatible and updated drivers implies correct configuration which helps them to provide desired output.

Driver Booster detects and updates system drivers to latest version. It fixes any compatibility issues with the hardware and makes sure that each component is running at its best.

Also, it has a Game Booster module which disables unnecessary processes to offer better gaming experience. On top of that, program keeps backup of old backup which can helpful in case of roll-back.

Consider using Driver Booster Coupon to avail 55% discount if you are buying PRO version.

To conclude, that was all about the best PC optimization software available in the market. If you use something else or want to suggest a trick which can certainly improve the performance, please consider commenting below.

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