Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 is a complete solution for security and performance optimization.

It doesn’t just provide security but also cleans junks from your computer and provide accelerated internet and computing experience.

3 PCs – 1 Year License


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 has lots of features that work to improve the performance of your computer as well as it provides security from various modern computer threats. This tool detects and remove new malware attack, existing secret intruder, and blocks potential ransomware attacks in real-time. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate monitors your CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive and optimizes them for better performance. Let’s take a look at all the features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12.

Features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 consists of various elements for Security, Cleaning, Performance, and automatic handling things.

  • Full Detection – protects your computer from various modern threats.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking – removes the browsing traces so that other websites couldn’t track you.
  • Registry Deep Clean – cleans corrupted and unused registry entries to improve performance.
  • Secure File Deletion – uses DoD 5220.22-M to delete the files securely.
  • Auto RAM Clean – cleans RAM and increase the performance automatically.
  • Performance Monitor – continuously monitors PC performance and improve it quickly and easily.
  • Optimization Defragment – organize hard drive intelligently for maximum performance.
  • Ultimate Tuneup – optimizes Windows settings to increase the performance and internet speed.
  • AutoCare – automatically performs actions at a scheduled time.
  • AutoClean – automatically cleans cookies, cache, history, and other tracking data.
  • AutoUpdate – downloads the update automatically when it is available.
  • Privacy Shield – blocks access to your sensitive data.
  • Digital Fingerprint Protection – hides your online identification so you remain anonymous.
  • Anti-cryptocurrency Mining – stops malicious websites from using your system resources to mine cryptocurrency.

Working of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12


The antivirus tab of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 shows the status of malware infection for your PC. You can start the scan by Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 Antivirus Tab

If you click on the Protection Details, you can enable/disable various protection features like Real-Time Protection, Anti-Ransomware Engine, Windows Firewall, FaceID, Auto Silent Mode, Browser Anti-Tracking, Surfing Protection & Ads Removal, Homepage Advisor, and DNS Protect.

Clean & Optimize

The Clean & Optimize tab lets you scan your system for various junk files and improve the performance of your computer. You can select the options for which you want to scan your PC and then click on the Scan button.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 Clean and Optimize Tab

The options of Startup Optimization, Privacy Sweep, Junk File Clean, Shortcut Fix, Registry Clean, and Spyware Removal are selected by default. Other options such as Internet Boost, System Optimization, Registry Defrag, Security Reinforce, Vulnerability Fix, and Disk Optimization can be manually selected.

Speed Up

The Speed Up section of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 has different features to increase the speed of your computer.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 SpeedUp Tab

Turbo Boost- It stops unnecessary apps and services that is consuming the CPU and RAM of your computer.

Hardware Accelerate- This option is to check the outdated drivers and then update them so that your PC performs well.

Deep Optimization- It scans different settings in your computer that be tweaked to improve the overall performance.

App/Toolbar Cleaner- You can clean different plugins/toolbars on your computer with the help of IObit Uninstaller.


The Toolbox tab has various tools for optimization, security & repair, and system cleaning. You can manually download each tools with a single click. It gives options to manage your startup, RAM, and hard disk. You can also schedule an auto shut-down event.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 Toolbox Tab

There are options to clean your drive, shredded files, registry defragment, Scan empty folders. You can also use Undelete tool to recover your deleted files. It also gives you the option to protect the DNS.

Action Center

The Action Center tab of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 shows some offers of other IObit products which you can hide. Also, it displays the recommended actions to take like installing software updates.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 Action Center

Other Options

You can access the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 other options by clicking on Menu button located top left. It gives you options like Antivirus Settings, Quick Settings, and complete program Settings.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 Other Options

It also lists options to access Technical Support, Rescue Center, and Quarantine. You can also access User Manual, Feedback, Update and about the section from here. Options to change the font size, transparency, background image, and skin type are also available.

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