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MalwareFox Premium acts as a strong shield between your computer and millions of computer threats.

It blocks adware, browser hijackers, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, rootkits, and zero-day exploits. Its real-time protection feature immediately prevents Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) from entering your computer.

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MalwareFox premium is a lightweight yet heavy protection suite. It doesn’t eat much of computer resources so that you can enjoy doing other work. It actively monitors the status of your computer and internet in the background. MalwareFox is an All-in-One antimalware solution. Let’s take a look at the features of MalwareFox Premium in detail.

Features of MalwareFox Premium

MalwareFox is a simple protection suite. It doesn’t have unnecessary tools like other antimalware. It does what it is meant to do. MalwareFox Premium antimalware works on a heuristic approach. Traditional antivirus relies on the signatures to detect computer threats. But nowadays thousands of new malware are created each day. So, this method is not practical. This is the reason, MalwareFox follows the behavioral analysis method to catch the culprits. It uses both method signature and behavior analysis.

  • Anti-Adware – removes adware programs from your computer that annoys you with pop-ups and redirects.
  • Browser Cleaner – cleans your browser by removing unwanted toolbars and settings hijackers.
  • Ransomware Protection – doesn’t let enter ransomware and encrypting your valuable files.
  • Rootkits Remover – removes rootkits through deep scan and removal.
  • Anti-Spyware – protects your private data by removing spyware and keyloggers.
  • Trojan Killer – detect and removes various trojans from your system.
  • Pro-Active Technology – analyses the behavior of potential threats and match signatures to block them.
  • Zero-Day Attack Prevention – actively finds and removes sleeping zero-day threats from your computer.

Working of MalwareFox Premium

The home screen of MalwareFox displays the status of your system. It shows System Status as Clean or Infected. Also, it shows the last scan time. At the same time, it also lists license and last update check time. MalwareFox shows Real-Time Protection status on the homepage. Also, there is a drag and drop area, which you can use to scan files quickly.

MalwareFox Premium Home Screen

Like other antiviruses, MalwareFox doesn’t consume much system resources. So, you can quickly start the scan. You can also do other works while the scan is going on.

MalwareFox Premium Scanning

Once MalwareFox completes the scan, you can click on Next button to clean your computer. It will remove all the threats. Also, it quarantines threats if you have configured in the settings.

MalwareFox Premium Scan Result

The Settings tab of MalwareFox Premium lists different options. You can change some General settings. You can also schedule a scan and create a restore point. It gives you the options to enable/disable Real-Time Protection and Cloud-Sandbox Technology. Furthermore, You can add exclusions, check for updates, and tweak some advanced settings.

MalwareFox Premium Settings$

The Quarantine Tab lists the quarantined threats. You can delete them from here. Also, you can restore them if you think they are safe.

MalwareFox Premium Quarantine

The License tab displays information of your subscription. It show number of days left and license type. You can also activate new license when your old license gets expired.

MalwareFox Premium License

The Reports tab has a full report on the previous scans. You can open or delete a report. It categorises report as System Scan and Scheduled Scan.

MalwareFox Premium Reports

When you open a report, it gets open in Notepad. So, you can easily read it. It has full details of scanning and action taken. It gives you information on detected threats, malware type, and cleaning action.

4 reviews for MalwareFox Premium

  1. 5 out of 5

    Oscar Meeks

    It is a lightweight antimalware that doesn’t consume much of the system resources. It works silently in the background and only bothers you when we are about to get infected with a malware. It blocks that immediately and shows the notification. Five Stars.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Katie Fink

    Using malwarefox for a year. One of my friends recommends it when I got infected with an adware. It worked perfectly. I have one more antivirus in my pc and I am using that with malwarefox they don’t get collied. Not that antivirus is about to expire so going lone with Malwarefox 😀

  3. 5 out of 5

    Laurie Reyna

    There are lots of scary malware on the internet. I personally have a fear that the ransomware will eat all my important files. So wanted a security solution that could block the ransomware attacks with other malware. MalwareFox perfectly does the job. Also you will love its simple interface. 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alvin Pryor

    The best thing of MalwareFox premium is it doesn’t just rely on the signature based detection method. It uses the clouds to scan the suspicious files so that it can catch the new malware. It also analyses the behaviour of programs and blocks them if it sees something fishy. I fully trust on this antimalware.

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