Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 Review

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 comes with antivirus and system maintenance tools. The antivirus works on behavior-based detection. It provides security from known and unknown computer threats.

The Ultimate version also removes junk from your computer and boosts its speed. IObit Software company has developed the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. IObit mainly builds system optimization and security software. It was founded in 2004. Since then it has launched many products.

I will test Advanced System Care Ultimate 14.5 and tell you about its efficiency.

For a quick glance, here is the summary of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 Review Summary

Developer: IObit

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

User Interface 10/10
Features 8.5/10
Support 8.5/10
Resource Consumption 8/10
Pricing 9/10
Pros Cons
  • Powerful, advanced protection
  • Unmatched feature set
  • Digital Fingerprint Protection
  • Face ID Protection
  • Smart Scan tunes up system for non-techies.
  • Efficient Maintenance Procedure
  • Full malware detection not enabled by default
  • Upsell ads in Pro version
  • Support response is slow comparatively
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a well-designed system maintenance tool. It has features like Clean & Optimize, Speed up, File Shredder, etc. Not only this, but it also comes with an antivirus, which is a rare feature in an optimization tool. You get all these benefits at a much cheaper price. Therefore, it is worth the money you are paying.

The Installation

I downloaded the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate from its official website. The download link redirects to the CNET website. The installer has a size of 90 MB. So, I had to wait a little. Though, the installation was easy and quick. Other similar software in this range offers a web installer. So, some users might feel that ASC Ultimate has a bigger installer. However, it is not true. Its installer size is less compared to other products with similar features.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Installation

Whole download and installation time on my PC took around 7 minutes. It may differ according to internet speed and system configuration. My system has 4GB of RAM and runs on the i3 processor. The installer lets you choose your desired language and click on the Install button. That’s it, and installation goes automatically from here.

User Interface

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 has an excellent design. The default font and dark blue theme are soothing to the eyes. It also has the option to change the theme and font size. It has different tabs for different types of elements. So that, users can easily find features. It has Antivirus, Clean & Optimize, and Speedup three main functions in separate tabs.


Moreover, the Toolbox tab has all other tools. So, that the user interface doesn’t get cluttered. You will find a few tools on the Toolbox as paid features. However, you can easily differentiate as they are categorized into different sections. Overall, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate’s user interface is simple and adequately managed.

The Features

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 has several features. I will test a few critical features here.

The Antivirus

The Antivirus of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate isn’t a simple antivirus. It has many advanced features. At first, it displays three types of scans. Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan are there. I did a quick scan to test the feature. It takes around 32 minutes to finish. It’s much time for a quick scan. Though, it is not an element of surprise. It is due to my almost full 1 TB Hard Drive.

If you click on the Protection Details, it displays various layers of security options. It has the option to enable/disable them. You can also customize the settings of these features separately. The Anti-Ransomware Engine, FaceID, and Browser Anti-Tracking are some essential features. It also has DNS Protect and Homepage Advisor. The homepage advisor warns you if some hijacker modifies browsers settings.

Moreover, you can manually select file types for ransomware protection. This option is accessible through protection details. You can click on the gear icon of the Anti-Ransomware Engine.


The Care feature of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate scans for various items. Upon clicking on the Scan button, it searches for different options that you select. It scans for the startup, privacy, junk files, shortcuts, registry items, and spyware. You can also select other items such as internet boost, system optimization, etc.


I haven’t selected different options, so it took less time than usual. The scan time depends on the features you choose. However, it is recommended to select all elements in the first scan. ASC Ultimate has found any issues with the performance of my PC. You can also customize the scanning parts for each item. Hover the mouse and click on the gear icon of the setting.

Speed Up

The Speed Up tab of ASC Ultimate 14.5 has few optimization options. The Turbo Boost stops unused apps and services. It releases RAM so that computer works faster. The Hardware Accelerator feature doesn’t work unless you download the driver booster. It is a paid component.


Startup Optimizer tweaks various settings to increase system speed. On my system, ASC Ulitmate detects 25 items that it can optimize. App/Toolbar Cleaner is again an external feature. You need to download and subscribe to IObit Uninstaller for this.

Software Updater


The Software Updater tab lists all the important programs and options to update them. If there is a new version of that program, it gives you the option to update that program instantly. The tab also lists the current version of essential programs and their status.

Action Center

The Action Center tab of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 shows some offers of other IObit products which you can hide. Also, it displays the recommended actions to take like installing software updates.


Other Features

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate offers a few other useful tools. You can access them in the Toolbox tab. Most of these features are either paid or unnecessary. However, features like Undelete, File Shredder, and MyWin10 are useful.


It also lists options to access Technical Support, Rescue Center, and Quarantine. You can also access User Manual, Feedback, Update, and about the section from here. Options to change the font size, transparency, background image, and skin type are also available.

The Value in Terms of Money

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14.5 is available for $49.99. It is the most affordable maintenance tool which also has an antivirus. You will not get such software for this much money. I would suggest you purchase this tool for its system cleanup capabilities. Its shield is capable enough to block severe threats like other reliable antimalware or antiviruses. Still, if you compare the price with other good antiviruses, ASC Ultimate is a lot cheaper. And moreover, currently, it is available at a very high discounted price of just $14.99.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a well-designed system maintenance tool. It has features like Clean & Optimize, Speed up, File Shredder, etc. Not only this, but it also comes with an antivirus. The antivirus has various protection features. It has anti-ransomware, anti-spyware, anti-hijackers, and DNS Protect. Its real-time protection blocks threats via their behavioral analysis.

Whereas, the system clean and optimized tool is impressive. It removes various junk files from your system. ASC Ultimate applies several tweaks to boost the speed. Also, it is packed with several other useful components. So, if you are purchasing it for mainly maintenance purposes, then it is a good deal.

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