Refund Policy

We offer 60 days refund guarantee from the date of payment. However, we will provide any assistance required during the license validity period even after 60 days.

To avoid technical problem, we strongly recommend free trial before you buy. This removes the concerns regarding compatibility, software conflict issue, etc. You get to try the product on your computer system without paying. Once satisfied, you can proceed for buying it.

Acceptable Refund Cases

  1. License Key did not Work
    This is unlikely to happen but we will offer free-replacement or refund in such an event.
  2. Product did not work as described
    After buying license key for premium version of a product, it should activate and work as promised. However, if there is any discrepancy, we will try to resolve or offer full refund.

Unacceptable Refund Cases

  1. Did not like the Software product / Features not as Expected
    We cannot provide satisfaction guarantee as we are not manufacturer of the product. You must buy the product only after being satisfied with trial version.
  2. Failure to provide Proof of Error / Non Co-operative Attitude
    In case of technical issues, please support your claim with valid screenshots and co-operate with Manufacturer Support team.
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