Advanced SystemCare PRO 13 Review

Summary: Advanced SystemCare Pro cleans and optimizes computers by removing several junk files from your system. ASC Pro has various features to protect privacy which removes your sensitive data when you close the browsers.

I pretty much loved the single click optimization of my computer. Cleaning up my internet history in the name of privacy traces was inconvenient however, it can be unchecked. Overall, it’s an all-in-one tool to get rid of useless files and entries to run computer like new.

You might consider Advanced SystemCare Pro Coupon before buying it.

    • PROs
  • Single Click Cleaning
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Feature-Packed
    • CONs
  • Some findings are superfluous.
  • Many Upsells / Ad-banners

The Installation

The installation of Advanced SystemCare Pro is simple. The installer is lightweight also. Its size is just of 48MB which took around 10 minutes to download. I just clicked on the Install button, and it automatically gets installed. Installation time on my laptop with 4GB RAM and i3 processor was 4 minutes.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Installation

The download and installation time depends on system configuration. If you have a higher system configuration with a faster internet connection than mine, then it would take less time.

User Interface

Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 has the most straightforward user interface than other products. It has effectively categorised different tools and components. A person with basic computer skills can easily navigate. It has tabs of Care, Speed Up, and Protect. 

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review User Interface

The Action Center tab of ASC Pro displays some offers of other IObit products. It also presents actions to take such as updating old software. The scanning icon and window looks attractive.

The Features

It’s time to test the features of Advanced SystemCare Pro 13.


Care has lots of different options. Some options are selected by default, and some are not. You can also use the Select All button to quickly select all the options. It is a good idea to Scan the PC with all options selected. You can also configure the settings of each option. To do that click on the gear icon beside each option. It gives you additional customization on the scans.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Care

I select all the options for the first time scan. It took around 10 minutes to scan my computer. The scan result shows that 4809 items need fixing. It also detects 570.3MB of junk files.

Speed Up

The Speed Up tab of Advanced SystemCare Pro has few features to increase the system speed. The Turbo Boost option stops services and apps that are unnecessary. It also releases the RAM for other programs. The Hardware Accelerate doesn’t work unless you download IObit Driver Booster. Similarly, App/Toolbar Cleaner only works if you get IObit uninstaller. Deep-Optimization feature tweaks system settings to increase the speed of Windows computer.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review Speed Up


On the Protect feature, there are some options to protect your sensitive data. The Privacy Shield prevents phishing sites and blackmailing software from stealing your confidential information. Similarly, Browser Anti-Tracking clears your browsing fingerprint. It stops other websites to track you. The Real-Time Protector stops spyware attacks.

According to Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate review on TekCompare, the Ultimate version of the product uses Bitdefender engine which provides malware protection too.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review Protect

The most important feature of ASC Pro is FaceID. It scans your face and lets you access your computer with it. It also captures pictures of intruders in the background. So, you can find who tries to access your computer behind you. This feature works only when you have a webcam. 

Surfing Protection & Ads Removal tool protects you from several online frauds. It prevents annoying ads and cryptocurrency sites. The Homepage Advisor notifies you of any changes to the homepage. Several browser hijacking applications change browser settings. It is a helpful tool.


The toolbox has several other components that you can use to optimize your PC. It has System Optimizing tools, Security & Repair tools, and System Cleaning tools. IObit also lists few of its other products. But these tools need to be purchased separately.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review Tools

Also, all the tools in the toolbox need to download. So, you need an internet connection before using them. Few users could see it as a problem though they are easy to install. Installation is simple just click on the tools to install.

The Value in Terms of Money

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 is a feature rich product. Also, its price is low compared to other similar software. The cost of ASC Pro 13 is just $19.99. Also, its license works on 3 PCs for one year. It is indeed an affordable system maintenance tool.

It targets various area of computers and removes junks. Defrags the disk and registry to provide stable computing experience. It has a competitive price for this kind of feature-rich software.


IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 is a fully functional system maintenance tool. It doesn’t consume much system resources itself. Also, it frees RAM from unnecessary programs and services. It claims to boost the speed of the computer by 200%. It wasn’t that much active. But I feel that it has smoothed the system operation at some level. With different features and a competitive price, I am fully satisfied with Advanced SystemCare Pro 13.

5 thoughts on “Advanced SystemCare PRO 13 Review”

  1. OK,
    It destroyed my PC a while back, but I thought I would give it another chance. THis time I bought it of EBAY BUT there technical support team won’t support you and you get referred to sales.
    Did it work?
    Look good to start with then with the driver update it actually burnt out my DLink plug in USB plus crashed several other programs.
    Would I use it again. I considered it but noted the cost was $29.00US from their site which is 6 monthly. If you buy this of Amazon, I’d say you will get the same lack of nill customer service.
    There must be something out there which basically get the junk out of the register. Please feel free to contact me, but under no circumstance would I recommend this product. To finish off, it took 30 days to get a refund last time nor did they offer consideration for having cost me $250.00 to have my PC rebuilt. I am amazed they are still in business!

    • Why would you buy it through eBay and not right from the developer, iobit. You are more likely to find problems buying it third party. I have been using this product for 5+ years and have never had an issue.

      • It generally doesn’t matter where you buy from. Most of the vendors including eBay or WorthWagon for that matter provide activation codes only and the actual software product is downloaded from official developer.

  2. Evaluating Free Version. Seems to have helped some behavior peculiarities from bad app install.
    MalwareBytes AV sw is flagging almost every app in the the AdvancedCare folder as a PUP – “Potentially Unwanted Program”. What…?


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