Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

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$64.95 $29.95

$64.95 $29.95

Give wings to your creativity and enlighten the filmmaker in you with Movavi Video Editor Plus.

With attractive like object animation, automatic video creation, and built-in media, video editing is a breeze. The software has various animations, filters, titles, transitions, and effects with support for faster processing of 4K videos.

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Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 supports multi-track editing, cut & trim, and crop & rotate features. With the object animation of Video Editor Plus, you can easily create moving titles, clips, callouts, and stickers. Also, it has a collection of 20 new video clips, 86 themed stickers and 39 new music tracks. If you are feeling lazy today and didn’t want to create a video, then you automate it. Select Create Quick Video from the File menu and add your photos videos and music. It will produce your video in minutes. Let’s see the features of Video Editor Plus 2022 in detail.

Features Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

Movavi Video Editor Plus supports webcam capturing, video stabilization, and beat detection features. It also supports picture in picture, chroma key, and audio editing tools.

  • Basic Video Editing Tools – cut & trim, crop & rotate, multi-track editing, etc.
  • Filters, Transitions, Titles, Effects – to create a stylish and appealing video.
  • Quick Video – to automatically create videos with photos and music.
  • Audio Editing Tools
  • Supports 15 Montage Wizard Themes
  • Comes with the advanced feature of Scene Detection, Chroma Key, and Stabilization.
  • Can work on up to 99 tracks on the Timeline.
  • Has keyframe animation of overlay video, titles, etc
  • Include a feature of highlight & conceal.
  • Has 16 ready-to-use intros and outros
  • Has a lot of sample video clips
  • 39 built-in-music tracks.
  • Style your videos with 86 stickers.
  • Support faster processing of large HD videos.
  • Faster processing of Full HD & 4K videos.

What’s new in Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022?

This year’s update of Movavi Video Editor Plus is primarily focused on providing more audio editing options.

  • Magic Audio Enhancement Button: To make the audio perfectly crisp automatically
  • Manual sound adjustment: If you like to make changes manually
  • There are new Audio Effects: Overload, Oscillation, and Vibrato.
  • The Audio Effect Panel has a new look
  • A new panel is added at the right-hand side of the timeline known as a Sound level visualizer for adjusting the overall volume of the project.

Working of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

On the main interface of Movavi Video Editor Plus, you get the option to add pre-recorded media files. Also, you can record video from your device’s webcam or can record the screen. You can also add in-built media files. It has sounds, music, sample video, backgrounds, and intro videos.movavi video editor plus 2021 interface

On the Filters tab, you can easily add filters to your videos. It gives you the option to search the filter also. You can also add more filters from the store.apply filter Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

The Transitions tab lets you add various transitions in your video to make it more lively. There are hundreds of transitions effects for you to select.Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 add transitions

The Titles tab gives you the option to add titles to your videos. It has several stylish titles. You can also browse the titles in different categories. add title Movavi Video Editor Plus

Similarly, on the Stickers tab, you can add several stickers. There are 86 different stickers. You can also add more from the Movavi store.Movavi Video Editor Plus add sticker

The next tab would provide you with more Tools for adding enhancements and special effects to the video. Here is the list of tools provided by Movavi.

The Color Adjustments option lets you adjust the color of your video. For example, if you want to convert your video into black and white, you can do that with this option.Movavi Video Editor Plus apply color adjustment

The Crop and Rotate option lets you crop and tilt the video according to your preference.
Movavi Video Editor Plus crop and rotate

The Overlay is a great option to overlay your video over another video. Using the overlay option, you can display the multiple angles of the same video in a single frame. Movavi Video Editor Plus overlay

Movavi Video Editor Plus also supports Pan and Zoom. You can Zoom-in and Zoom-out with the Pan effect. This tool is helpful if you want to grab the attention of viewers.Movavi-Video-Editor-Plus-pan-and-zoom

The Stabilization tool lets you fix the shaking of a video. So, you don’t need to worry if your hands get shaken while recording.

The Animation tab lets you add animation to the objects. You can change the angle of the objects. It also enables you to change the opacity.movavi video editor plus 2021 animation

The Highlight and Conceal tab allows you to highlight or hide an area in the video. If you want to protect the face of a person in the video, then this tool helps you.highlight and conceal Movavi Video Editor Plus

With the help of Chroma Key, you can easily remove backgrounds and replace it with other environments. It also can be used to replace objects. Movavi Video Editor Plus Chroma

Scene detection is an advanced feature that could automatically sense the changes in the scenes and cut the video into short clips accordingly.Movavi Video Editor Plus scene detection

Using Logo, you can add a logo or watermark of your organization throughout the video. It provides various customization options.Movavi Video Editor Plus add logo

Want a little more professional touch to your video? Using the Slow Motion feature, you can convert your video or part of the video into slow motion. Cut the clip you want to add a slow-motion effect. Then add the effect.slow motion Movavi Video Editor Plus

The Audio editing feature provides several tools for audion enhancements and tuning such as Synchronization, Equalizer, Beat Detection, Noise removal, etc.Movavi Video Editor Plus new audio effects sound autocorrect Movavi Video Editor Plus

Overall, Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 contains all the premium features that you need.



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