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Avast Driver Updater is an advanced driver updater. It is a useful tool to check and update outdated drivers. It also creates a backup of the existing drivers in case things go wrong.

1 PC – 1 Year Subscription without auto-renewals.


Avast is widely known for its security solutions. It has a vast user base of more than 400 million. Apart from an antivirus program, Avast also makes some PC optimization tools like Avast Cleanup, Avast Driver Updater, and Avast Battery Saver.

Avast Driver Updater scans your PC for outdated drivers and replaces them with the latest version available in its database. It servers around whooping 5 million drivers. That means there is a good chance it has all the essential drivers for your PC. Moreover, it creates a backup of the existing drivers in case things go south.

Previously it was available bundled with Avast Ultimate, but now it is a standalone application. The Avast Driver Updater provides its users with all the features without any cost in its 15 days trial period.

Avast Driver Updater: Installation and Interface

Installing Avast Driver Updater is a straightforward process. You have to download the executable file from the official site of Avast, launch the installer, click on Install Now button, and follow the instructions.

avast driver updater installer

After the installation is completed, the program will ask you to scan for the outdated drivers.

Scan outdated Drivers

Scanning with Avast Driver Updater

You can scan for outdated or mismatched drivers in your Windows PC using Avast Driver Updater. However, it does not include development libraries and environments like MSV ++ Runtime, .Net, Oracle, Java, and more. The program is exclusive to drivers only. Also, Avast Driver Updater does not update the core basic drivers that are distributed within the operating system installations and updates, since your Windows update covers them.

Updating with Avast Driver Updater

You can update each driver individually or select the drivers you want to update and clicks the “UPDATE SELECTED DRIVERS” button. It hardly took more than a few minutes to update all the drivers. However, it does not confirm the total download size. Still, we can assure you that each driver surely takes less than 2 MB space.

Settings and Support

You can access essential settings regarding the program in the Menu. On the Settings tab, you can view and configure the Language, Notifications, Personal privacy, Taskbar icon, Troubleshooting, and Backup Folder settings.

Avast Driver updater Menu

Avast Driver Updater has distinguishable support for free users and those who bought the program. You can access the online forum with your queries. Possibly, some tech expert might have already solved your issue for a prior user. Also, you can opt for consumer support by getting a ticket if you are a paid user. Their support is quite kind and helpful. However, we liked the online community more.

Overall, Avast Driver Updater is a useful tool to check and update outdated drivers and optimize your PC.


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