Movavi Video Suite 2020

4.80 out of 5
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$79.95 $34.99

Movavi Video Suite 2020 is all in one software for all your video editing requirements including following tools:

  1. Video Editor – Cut / Join and Add Effects
  2. Video Converter – 180 formats supported
  3. DVD Burner & Editor
  4. Video Digitizer for Analog to Digital conversion
  5. Audio Editing & Conversion Tool

1 Windows PC – Lifetime License (Not for Mac OS)


Movavi Video Suite 2020 is a set simple video creation tool that is capable of producing professional videos. The features are easy to navigate and apply in your project. The suite consists of feature-rich video creator, powerful video converter, screen capturing app, and video digitizer. All these different tools make it a perfect suite for people who wants to produce quality videos for their YouTube channel.

Movavi Video Suite Features

Let’s take a look at the features of Movavi Video Suite.

  • Creates a movie from already recorded video or audio.
  • Captures video from a screen if you want to create tutorials.
  • Can record using Webcam if you want to just vLog for the time being.
  • Helps you to improve the quality of the video by removing shaky and blurry parts.
  • You can remove or add a part in the video.
  • Different types of transitions help you to narrate the story accurately.
  • Lots of video effects to create an exceptional movie.
  • Can use music, voiceovers, fading effect, and equalizer in the audio tracks.
  • You can add different types of captions and labels.
  • Can directly upload the video on YouTube or can save on the hard disk.
  • You can record your video on CD, DVD, or Blu-ray.
  • Dedicated video digitizer to convert the analog videos into digital.

Working of Movavi Video Suite

When the Movavi Video Suite 2020 starts it displays the Favorite tab. In this tab, there are Video Editor, Converter, and Screen Recorder by default. You can also add other tools on the Favorite tab by clicking on the plus button.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Dashboard

The Video tab lists all the tools used to available for creating videos. It has tools for editing video, converting video, recording screen, capturing from cameras, split video, watch video tools.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Video Tab

Movavi Video Suite Video Editor is a simple editor. You can add your own media by using the import button. You can also use the inbuilt media in your project. There is a wide timeline and a big preview area. You can add multiple tracks on the timeline.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Video Editor

Video Editor offers all essential tools and features to create professional movies. Its got Filters, Transitions, Titles, Stickers, Callouts, Animation, Pan and Zoom, Stabilization, Highlight & Conceal, and Chroma Key options.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Audio Video Converter

The Audio Video Converter supports more than 180 formats. MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG-2, Android, and iPhone X are some popular supported formats.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder of Movavi Video Suite offers full-screen recording as well as custom area recording with the webcam, System Audio, and Microphone. You can even apply effects to the cursor and keystrokes while recording. It also has a dedicated screenshot app that you can use to capture and annotate your screenshots.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Video Recorder

With the Recorder Tool, you can record video from your Webcam, Camcorders, TV Tuners, and can digitize VHS tapes.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Split Video Tool

The Split Video Tool of Movavi Video Suite lets you quickly cut unnecessary parts from a video. You can either save the clips as a single file or can save them as separate files.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Audio Tab

The Audio tab of Movavi Video Suite lets you record sound, convert audio, burn audio to external media CD/DVD, and a player to play music.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Photo Tab

Photo tab has options to create slideshows, convert images in different formats, and share pictures online.

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Data Tab

The Data tab of Movavi Video Suite helps you to burn discs, burn an image to disc, copy a disc to disc or hard drive, and import AVCHD camcorders videos to your computer.

Besides all these options, it also offers stock video footage and interactive user guides to learn the editing skills, though it is effortless to use.

5 reviews for Movavi Video Suite 2020

  1. 5 out of 5

    Robert Scoble

    Amazing It has Video Editor, Converter, and DVD burner. The video editor has lots of effects and it works great. Must have deal after this much discount. You won’t get such price deduction for Movavi Video Suite.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sam Daniels

    It is great software for all video and filmmakers. If you love to create awesome videos, then this tool is going to be a big help for you. It is a complete package that contains all the necessary tools for creating videos that too in such price.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Dave Mandy

    Guys, it is a must-have deal. If you are planning to open a new YouTube channel, then video suite is a great kit. Its interface is amazing. You can easily learn the editing in a few hours. Also, you are getting it screen recorder and video converter. The Recorder is great for creating tutorials for YouTube 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5

    Raatikka Marko

    I am using Movavi Video Editor to create videos for my YT channel. Now after knowing about this deal, going to upgrade to the Video Suite 18. It has video and audio converter and the price of the video suite is less than the video editor itself after this discount.

  5. 4 out of 5

    John Smith

    Movavi Video Suite is working fine. I was planning to purchase this suite and when I see this discount, grabbed it immediately. Product key was delivered in just 5 minutes. Just entered the key and it starts working. Hassle free 🙂

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