Advanced SystemCare Vs. Ccleaner: Which is Better?

Would you like to make your PC faster?

Windows PC stores a lot of temporary files to make the ongoing process smooth. However, it results in overall slow performance since it stores all these junk files in the OS drive. Therefore, it is essential to remove these files from time to time for optimal PC performance.

However, most techniques contributing to the smooth performance of your PC requires some technical skills. Unfortunately, not all of us can spare the time to do the task manually.

Solution? PC cleaning software.

Yes, we live in an era where there is an app for everything. Advanced System Care and Ccleaner are two such apps. Both apps are popular and are capable of making your system faster. 

We have already compared Advanced SystemCare Pro vs Ultimate. This time, it’s against a program from different company. From a broader perspective, we found Advanced System Care to be more appealing.

Without much raving, let us find out why.

Advanced SystemCare Vs. CCleaner: Introduction

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Intro

Advanced SystemCare is a product of IObit. It excels in the optimization and cleanup of a windows PC. IObit is working from 2006 and has touched fields like PC protection, optimization, cleanup, and driver update. 

Advanced SystemCare is envisioned as a feature-packed cleaning program. It is capable of improving your system speed and privacy. For instance, it can remove temporary files, fix registry settings, increase your privacy, and many more in a single click. The fun part is everything is automated.


CCLeaner main window

CCleaner is an old player in the PC optimization industry. The initial release was in 2003. Unlike other similar products, it is available for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and more. It can get rid of multiple elements causing slower performance like residual files in browsers, unused applications, and more like that. It comes as free software and also has two paid plans. However, the free version does not support many features.

Advanced SystemCare Vs. CCleaner: Features

Let’s have a glance at what features does both programs carry. All below-mentioned features are part of the paid plans for the product, i.e., Advanced SystemCare PRO and CCleaner Professional Plus.

Advanced SystemCare ProCCleaner Professional
System TuneUp and Performance BoostingSystem Cleaning
Real-time OptimizationReal-time Monitoring
Internet SpeedupPrivacy Protection
Deeper Cleaning of Windows RegistryPremium Support
Automated Software UpdaterScheduled Cleaning
Homepage ProtectionAutomated Updates
Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware ProtectionDisk Wipe
Surfing Protection with Ads RemovalDisk Analyzer
DNS Protection
Auto RAM Cleaner
Install and Forget Setup
Secure Delete Files
Deleted File Recovery
Program Uninstaller
FaceID to protect unauthorized access to PC
Windows Critical Updates

Advanced SystemCare PRO

Advanced SystemCare Toolbox

We can categorize its features into three main domains:

Deep Registry Clean: You get to deep clean useless, or invalid registries. The Registry stores the data related to your software and hardware. Tou can edit it manually by pressing “Windows key” + “R” together to open Run command. Later, type “Regedit” and hit enter. However, you should not delete files from here if you don’t know what you are doing.

Faster Internet Speed: A couple of functions work together to provide you faster internet speed. It optimizes browser settings to speed up internet connection.

Secure PC & Privacy: It clears your online tracks, block crawlers from accessing personal data and cover your digital fingerprint. Thus, it stops websites from retargeting you if you enter a malicious site accidentally.

CCleaner Professional Plus

It has its essential functions divided into four different software. So to use features like defragmentation, recovering deleted files, and see your hardware performance, you have to buy the package.

Advanced SystemCare provides far better features in its toolbox as compared to CCleaner. Therefore, in terms of functionality, Advanced SystemCare is an optimal choice.

Advanced SystemCare Vs. CCleaner: User Interface

Advanced SystemCare UI

One deciding point for choosing any software is its user interface. No one would like to have a clunky visual, which doesn’t explain the functions. However, that is not the issue with these products. Both applications provide a sleek and simple user interface. 

In the case of Advanced SystemCare, you get a quirky UI. You have all the tabs on the upper side of the window. Each tab reveals a variety of functions. For instance, the primary window lets you optimize your PC in a single click. Similarly, other windows have features like Protection, Speedup, and Toolbox options. 

Overall, Advanced SecurityCare provides an easy-to-access user interface. Also, the toolbox contains various modules to add several features.

CCleaner UI

CCleaner has a straightforward interface too. It has the essential features marked on the left side of the window. It includes Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options. You can find elements related to PC optimization in each tab. For cleaning junk files from your PC and Registry, it has two dedicated windows. However, the tool tabs contain additional functions like Startup Manager, Browser plugins, and more. In short, CCleaner has a praiseworthy user interface.

Both programs stand at the same spot when it comes to ease of use. However, CCleaner keeps it minimal, whereas Advanced SystemCare has worked on graphics.

Advanced SystemCare Vs. CCleaner: Performance

It won’t be significant if your optimization tool brings down your PC performance while working. Unfortunately, many similar apps have this issue. However, these programs do not impact system performance in any manner.

​Advanced SystemCare Performance

Advanced SystemCare Optimization

It has almost zero impact on your system. You don’t have to worry about slow processing since the program work in the background. Besides, when it comes to scanning and optimization, Advanced SystemCare does the job very well. When compared to the other one, it can scan your files with record speed. You can find and fix your PC related errors within minutes. Moreover, it informs you about the junk files on your computer automatically. Also, it has a single button for optimization in such situations. 

In short, Advanced SystemCare has a considerably excellent performance. Besides, features like Turbo Boost and Deep Optimization give you a smooth experience while working on your PC.

CCleaner Performance

CCleaner Scanning

CCleaner, too, does not show any impact on system performance. Moreover, the installation and procedure of operation are quite straightforward. However, you need to check the installation procedure thoroughly to avoid installing unnecessary applications. CCleaner

Besides, the inbox features depend upon the package of your choice. For example, you can use real-time optimization options and automatic updates in the Professional version. Coming to the scanning process, it is as fast as Advanced SystemCare. However, the in-depth scan feature took longer than we expected. Still, CCleaner provides a lot of customization, and you can select to opt-out of some zones. Therefore, it works pretty well for home users.

Pricing Models

Both programs have free and paid versions available for use. However, they are still way different than each other.

You get two options in the Advanced SystemCare.

  • Advanced SystemCare Free: Completely free to use for an indefinite time. It provides essential optimization.
  • Advanced SystemCare Pro: It set you back for $19.99. You get all premium features, and you can use the license on 3 PCs for one year.

On the other hand, CCleaner provides you with three options.

  • CCleaner Free: It’s entirely free to download and use. However, it lacks many features.
  • CCleaner Professional:  For $19.99, you get essential PC optimization tools.
  • CCleaner Professional Plus: This is the most premium version of the license. It would cost you $39.95 for a one-year subscription. You can use the license on three PCs.

However, when you get CCleaner Professional Plus, you also get the file recovery software “Recuva” with it. It can help you to recover permanently deleted files from your system.

Final Verdict

We saw different aspects of Advanced SystemCare Pro and CCleaner Pro. Hopefully, now you can choose which one suits you better. Advanced SystemCare Pro has more features when compared to CCleaner. For instance, the internet booster helps you rectify issues slowing down your internet connection. Besides, it provides privacy from online threats and clears your digital footprint in real-time.

As per the pricing models, Advanced SystemCare Pro is slightly cheaper than CCleaner. Besides, you get a lot of additional modules to increase the utility of the product with Advanced SystemCare.

Keeping all aspects in mind, Advanced SystemCare is a clear winner for us. Tell us which one you like in the comment section below.

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  1. Well, I have tried both. CCleaner free version was OK but refused to remove some invalid files. I have been trying Advanced System Care free version and was impressed enough to pay for the Pro version. Despite numerous attempts to contact them I cannot get the Activation code and have requested a refund. I find their contact requirements very complex and confusing for this 87 year-old! They keep you going round in circles and getting no where.


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