Advanced SystemCare Pro vs Ultimate

Do you feel that your Windows PC can perform better?

Windows has become an excellent operating system for users. However, it creates a lot of junk files that affect system performance. You can remove the unnecessary files manually, but that requires some technical knowledge. Also, one wrong step can leave your PC inoperative.

Here, enters Advanced SystemCare.

It does all the optimization tweaks for you and provides smoother work experience. Besides, it carries a variety of useful features.

However, people find it challenging to decide between the Pro and the Ultimate version. Therefore, we have created an easy to follow guide to help you decide.

So, without much raving, let’s get started.

Advanced SystemCare: Introduction

Advanced SystemCare is a utility program that boasts about optimizing your PC for 300% faster performance. IObit, a software company, develops this program and is running it successfully for the past 14 years.

The program comes in three variants, i.e., Free, Pro, and Ultimate. Since most of the useful features are available in the paid versions, we will only discuss them.

Advanced SystemCare Pro

 Advanced SystemCare Pro speed up window

It is a PC optimization tool for Windows that takes care of the elements causing your system to perform slower. It finds all the optimizable tweaks and brings them to one place. Later, you can select to rectify the issues in a single click.

Additionally, Advanced SystemCare Pro carries some excellent anti-tracking and security features. According to the parent company, it can make your PC 300% faster. Moreover, you can notice a faster booting time as well.

Besides, it contains a lot of useful features like internet booster and file shredder, to name a few. More on that later.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

 Advanced SystemCare Ultimate speed up window

The Ultimate version is a similar product but with a slight change in focus. In addition to essential optimization features, it improves your online security. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is comparative to a full-fledge antivirus product.

It uses the Bitdefender scanning engine to detect and remove viruses and malware from your system. Bitdefender is a trusted product by many users when it comes to security solutions.

Besides, it also prevents any malicious webpages from opening. Thus, protecting you from attacks before they even happen. However, if any malware or virus enters your system, then it is capable of detecting and eliminating the threat in real-time.

Pricing Models of Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is the premium package that comes for USD 19.99. It is a one-year subscription, and you can use the license on 3 PCs. You get PC optimizer, internet booster, and moderate level privacy protection in the package. If you are looking for a performance booster, then this product is suitable. Besides, it works pretty well for the minimal price.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is the second tier paid version. It is available at the cost of USD 29.99, i.e., 10 dollars more than the Pro version. However, you get advanced security, and privacy features adding to the effective optimization. It serves as a complete security solution, and you won’t have to use another antivirus product with it.

Both versions are compatible with all Windows version starting from Windows XP to 10. Also, if you have already purchased the Pro version, then you can upgrade the license for Ultimate by paying the additional 10 dollars.

Advanced SystemCare Pro vs Ultimate Comparison

In simple terms, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a powered-up version of Advanced SystemCare Pro. It increases the utility by adding the capable antivirus module in the program. To clarify, IObit promotes the Pro version as a PC optimizer. In contrast, it categorizes the Ultimate one as a PC security solution.

Apart from that, both programs share similar features. However, when compared to other antivirus products, few of them provides PC optimization. Still, they cost a lot more than Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.

AntivirusNot AvailableAvailable
Speed upAvailableAvailable
Software UpdaterAvailableAvailable
Action CentreAvailableAvailable
Performance MonitorAvailableAvailable
Rescue CentreAvailableAvailable
Ignore listAvailableAvailable
Surfing Protection and Ads RemovalAvailableAvailable
Privacy ShieldAvailableAvailable
Browser Anti-TrackingAvailableAvailable
Homepage AdvisorAvailableAvailable

There are a few noticeable features worth mentioning. The real-time protection from phishing attacks prevents you from exposing your data. Face ID restricts unauthorized login to your account. Additionally, both versions disguise your digital fingerprint to keep your browsing private. It tweaks your internet setting for faster browsing experience. Besides, there are many utility tools available in the Toolbox.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Antivirus Review

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Antivirus Review

As we mentioned earlier, the Ultimate version uses Bitdefender antivirus engine for scanning the viruses. That means both of them uses a similar algorithm to flag malicious programs. However, the effectiveness of scanning depends upon regular updates by the developers behind IObit products.

That said, there aren’t any independent antivirus lab tests to provide reliable data. Therefore we decided to test the program ourselves. We used 100 malware samples, including phishing attacks, viruses, and zero-day attacks. Out of them, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate was successful in preventing 83 attacks. It identifies all the widespread viruses and worms and removes them in real-time. However, it lacks when it comes to new malware.

Given that it uses Bitdefender engine at its core, results could have been better. Still, most of the antivirus programs can not detect new malware. Therefore, we recommend you to use a robust anti-malware program like MalwareFox. It should serve as a secondary protection layer. Thus, protecting your system from all type of threats.

Final Verdict

No doubt, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a worthy product. In contrast to other antivirus programs, it provides PC optimization as well. Besides, it costs less than many premium antivirus software out there. Thus, it won’t hurt to pay an extra amount of 10 dollars for such beneficial features.

However, if you are already using an antivirus program, then Advanced SystemCare Pro can be an excellent add-on for better performance. Also, it is worth mentioning that its privacy algorithms won’t interfere with your primary antivirus.

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