Is Advanced SystemCare Safe or Dangerous?

Do you need to optimize your PC for better performance?

Mostly, people ignore the minor tweaks associated with PC optimization. Still, if you do it, you might find the manual work time-consuming.

Solution? Advanced SystemCare.

This program can take care of the essential adjustments to make your PC work smoother. However, PC optimization programs aren’t welcomed widely. People have their opinions and often suggest it as useless.

Besides, many users feel sceptical about their safety when installing such programs.

Therefore, we have tested the app and looked for some honest reviews for the applications.

Let us see what benefit does it serve.

What is IObit Advanced SystemCare?

Advanced SystemCare is a product of IObit software company. Its been in the market since 2006 and successfully gathered around 250 million users.

Advanced SystemCare is a PC utility program that improves PC performance using various methods. Its primary goal is to remove unnecessary or junk files from your system. Moreover, it can rectify Windows errors to prevent any crashes. Also, it provides a safe browsing experience by covering your digital footprints. Consequently, it makes your PC perform smoother, faster, and more reliable.

Besides, you get some more quirky features like file shredder, internet booster and many more. You can read more about it in Advanced SystemCare Pro review.

Advanced SystemCare: User Reviews

Like we said before, Advanced SystemCare has over 250 million worldwide users. Many of them are happy with the product, while others find it unnecessary. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can manually optimize your PC if you want. However, it would take more time than using an automated program. Besides, it gathers all the tweaks at one place for you. You can opt-out of any function and deny deletion of specific files if you want to keep them.

Advanced SystemCare user review good

That said, many users that installed this program from a third-party site found unnecessary add-ons and malware with it. However, those who have downloaded it from the official website had none of these issues. Therefore, try to get the program from the official website only.

Advanced SystemCare user review good

The free version of software products often bundles extra programs in the installation package. It includes a browser, another utility tool, or some other application. However, you can deny the excess installation before completing the procedure.

Advanced SystemCare user review critical

In short, we found that users are satisfied with the performance of Advanced SystemCare Pro. However, some third-party uploaders have added malicious application with the program in previous years. It has made a dent on the company’s reputation. Therefore, we recommend you to use the official site for any download.

Advanced SystemCare: Is it Safe?

Yes, Advanced SystemCare is entirely safe and indeed improve your PC’s performance. Moreover, it carries some great utility tools with it. Also, you can install additional modules for optimal performance.

Moreover, features like browsing security, internet booster, file shredder, and more enhance the utility of the program.


Advanced SystemCare is a useful and practical product for beginner users. While techies prefer to update their PCs manually, it does the grunt work for you to make your device performance optimal. Still, if you doubt the authority of IObit products, there are some great alternatives. We found CCleanerBleachBit, and Clean Master to perform the task with the same ease. However, they might vary in some features that are exclusive to Advanced SystemCare.

Advanced SystemCare Safety FAQs

Are IObit products safe?

It has been a long controversy since Malwarebytes identified IObit products as PUAs. It is because of the permissions involved in the working method of some of the IObit products. However, many reputed antivirus companies allow the application on your device. Therefore, we can confidently say that IObit products are safe and useful.

Is Advanced SystemCare Pro worth it?

If you are not a tech-savvy and deep computer-related terms overwhelm you, then yes, Advanced SystemCare is worth it. It can clean your PC, boost your internet speed and protect you from cyberthreats as well

Which is better? Advanced SystemCare Ultimate or Pro.

If you are looking for a complete security suite, then use Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. It uses the Bitdefender antivirus engine to provide adequate protection from viruses, worms, and other malware. However, if you already use another anti-malware application, then prefer Advanced SystemCare Pro. It should improve your PCs performance, whereas the primary defence is handled by the antivirus/anti-malware application.

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