Is IObit a Virus? Find Out the Truth

Is Iobit a virus? This is a question that many people are asking online. Iobit is a software company that produces a range of computer security products, including an antivirus program. However, some people have raised concerns about the company, suggesting that it may be involved in malware or other online scams.

In this article, we will analyze the IObit Uninstaller program and find out the truth about whether the IObit products are safe or not.

IObit Overview

IObit is a software company based in China. The company was founded by two brothers named Lei and Zhi-Xiang Zhou. According to their LinkedIn profiles, both of them are computer science graduates from Beijing Jiaotong University and have worked at Microsoft as senior engineers before starting IObit. Their first product called Advanced SystemCare (ASC) was released in 2003 and quickly gained popularity among computer users. The company has since expanded into other areas of software development, producing programs for cleaning and optimizing computers as well as security tools such as antivirus and anti-spyware.

The IObit uninstaller is a popular program that can be used to remove unwanted programs from your computer. It is available as a free and paid version. The free version has some limitations, such as not being able to uninstall Silverlight or Java.

The company also produces a range of other security products, including an antivirus program and an anti-spyware program.

Are IObit Products Safe?

There are mixed opinions about the safety of IObit products. Some people say that they are safe and effective, while others claim they have malicious intent or are just not worth the money spent on them.

However, many users report positive experiences with IObit Uninstaller and other software from this company. Most reviews praise its ability to remove stubborn programs from their computer without leaving any traces behind.

We will first discuss what are the problems with IObit and then test the IObit Uninstaller under a few factors.

Problems with IObit

There are a few problems that have been raised about IObit in the past. The first is that the company may be involved in malware or other online scams. This was hinted at in some of the early reviews of their products, but there has not been any concrete evidence to support this claim.

The second issue is that IObit products are often bundled with other software, such as toolbars and trial versions of paid programs. This is common practice for many companies to make money from their products by selling them to third parties who bundle them into packages then distribute those packages through various means.

For example, if you were to download IObit Uninstaller from their website directly, there would be no other programs included in the installer, but if you were to use CNET or another source, then it may have additional software bundled with IObit Uninstaller, which could potentially cause problems on your computer.

Another problem is that some users report being redirected to websites when they try and download or update their software from IObit’s website. This could be due to an issue with their servers, or it might just mean that there are too many people trying to access the same files at once, causing congestion on the server-side of things.

The final problem is that IObit Uninstaller has been reported as potentially unwanted software by some antivirus programs, but this may be a false positive.

Is IObit Safe?

As mentioned, IObit is a legitimate organization, and its products are popular among users. However, if you have doubts about whether it is safe to use on your device or not, you can judge it on the following factors.

IObit Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot is one of the reliable sources to get unbiased, honest, and verified reviews of any company, service, or product. When you search for IObit on Trustpilot, currently, it is rated as great with an average score of 3.9 out of 5 from 723 users. Note that Trustpilot only allows genuine, verified buyers to rate software.

iobit trustpilot

It has got better than average ratings from more than 75% of users.


Users have praised the fast and efficient service of IObit in solving their problems.


Many users were also happy with the products and services offered by IObit.


Even if the reviews are negative, we can’t find anyone saying it is unsafe or malicious.


All in all, maximum reviews on Trustpilot for IObit were positive, and nobody raised any question about whether it is safe or not.

IObit VirusTotal Check

VirusTotal is a popular and one of the most trusted sources to analyze suspicious files, domains, IPs, and URLs to detect malware and other breaches. It uses the malware detection engines of top security solution providers. Here you can upload any installer file to detect malicious files in it. 

To test whether the installer of IObit is safe or not, we downloaded IObit Uninstaller from the official site and uploaded it on VirusTotal. Here are the results.


Only two out of 64 engines raised a red flag for it and rated it as an unwanted application. However, all popular and trusted providers such as Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky, McAfee, AhnLab, and others flagged the installer file as totally safe.

So, if you trust the traditional players in the security field, you should not have any doubt about the IObit Uninstaller and its other programs’ installer.

IObit Uninstaller After Installation Behavior

Generally, after installation, a malware program abnormally uses the system resources in the background, so we checked the status of the IObit Uninstaller and found nothing suspicious in the Windows Task Manager. It was working normally in the background. 


Clearly, it is not a malicious program.

Summing Up

IObit is a software company that has been producing computer security products for many years. While it is true that some users have given a negative review of it, more than 75% of reviews and ratings are positive. Its installer does not contain malicious files, and after installation, behavior is unsuspicious.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to uninstall stubborn programs from your computer, then the IObit Uninstaller is a good option to consider. And for more optimization tools, you can surely get IObit products as we didn’t find any malicious behavior.

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