IObit Uninstaller Pro 12


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IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 is one of the most powerful Windows programs uninstallers.

It can be used to delete installed software, bloatware, browsers as well as web plugins, and extensions. It also comes with other useful tools to keep your PC optimized.

1 PC – 1 Year License | No Auto-Renewal


IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 would not only uninstall the programs, but it would also remove the leftovers such as registry entries, saved files, etc. with it. In Windows Operating systems, especially in Windows 10 and 12, many stubborn applications refuse to uninstall in the usual way. IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 can remove such applications easily. Many times browser extensions and plugins can cause browser crash or even system crash. IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 can delete such unreasonable web apps too. Let us look at some of the salient features of the IObit Uninstaller Pro 12.

Features of IObit Uninstaller Pro 12

Here are some of the features that make the IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 is one of the market’s best uninstallers.

  • Uninstall any Programs easily – it allows you to remove one or multiple applications at once wholly. After that, it would also scan and list out the residue files of the uninstalled program. You can choose to delete or keep those files.
  • Delete Leftovers of already Uninstalled Programs – this feature of the IObit Uninstaller would delete the leftovers of the programs you have uninstalled before installing the Iobit Uninstaller.
  • Windows Update Uninstaller – this feature is for those Windows users who are unable to uninstall the updates manually from settings.
  • File Shredder – it works like the real shredder and breaks the files into pieces and destroys it, leaving no traces behind.
  • Easy Uninstall – it is a floater icon. Users can drag it to any program and drop it easily and quickly uninstall it.
  • Software Updater – the latest IObit Uninstaller Pro 12 comes with an in-built Software Updater that detects the outdated and defective apps on your system and updates them.
  • Software Health – it helps to identify the corrupted or broken software programs and repair them.
  • Remove Browser Add-ons – some browser add-ons and extensions are stubborn and very hard to remove. IObit Uninstaller Pro can remove them altogether.

Working of IObit Uninstaller Pro 12

The main interface or the dashboard of the IObit Uninstaller Pro, by default, displays all the programs in alphabetical order. You can sort the programs in All Programs. Bundleware, Recently Installed, Large Programs, and Infrequently Used.


The Install Monitor will monitor the program installer’s activity so that the malicious installer could not install any unwanted application in the background. It provides both Manual and Automatic monitoring options. IObit-Uninstaller-11-install-monitor

The Software Health will provide you with various options such as Uninstalling Leftovers, Updating the outdated software, detecting hidden permissions in software, blocking notifications, fixing uninstalling issues, and a lot more. You can update all the outdated applications at once or one-by-one updates, only the required apps.


Next, the Toolbars and Plug-ins option would let you choose and remove the unnecessary web addons and extensions from your browser. You can sort them in All Browser Extensions, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any other installed browser that support the add-ons.


Windows Apps option lets you easily uninstall the apps of Windows official-Microsoft Store and other third-party applications.


On the top-right corner, there is an Options icon; clicking on it will let you explore more options such as Settings, System Restore, Export program list, Check for updates, and more.


Next to is the IObit uninstaller advanced tools icon. You can use advanced tools such as Software Updater, Easy Uninstall, File Shredder, Force Uninstall, Stubborn Program Remover, and Windows Update Uninstall by clicking on it.IObit-Uninstaller-11-more-tools


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