Driver Easy Review: Is it worth buying?

Drivers are the bridge between the software and the hardware of the device. For the proper functioning of the system, drivers must be kept updated regularly. 

In Windows 10 or any other Windows OS version, you can check and update drivers manually through Device Manager.  However, suppose you often forget or find it tedious to review and update the drivers from the Device Manager. In that case, there are several third-party tools available that automatically scan for the outdated drivers on your system and remind you of the update.

If you search on the internet, you will find many tools available for the purpose of updating system drivers such as Driver Booster, Driver Talent, etc. One of those is the Driver Easy.

In this post, we would thoroughly review the Driver Easy Pro updater. With our impartial review, you can judge yourself whether it is suitable for your system or not.

About Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a popular Windows driver updater. It scans and automatically updates the outdated drivers on your system. It is developed and maintained by Easeware Technology Limited. Some of its popular features are:

  • Automatic Scan for the outdated drivers
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Offline Scanning
  • An expanded database of 8 million + drivers
  • Driver Backup and Restore
  • Driver Uninstall
  • One-click Update

Driver Easy User Interface

The first thing a user wants to know about any software before going for it is its ease of use. The ease of use mainly depends on the User Interface of the application. Even if the software is feature-rich, it is of no use if it has a complicated interface.

If you look at the Driver Easy user interface, you will find it quite easy to use with the modern look and navigation.

Driver Easy User Interface

You will find all the available features and tools right on the main screen. Even a beginner can spot and use those without any trouble. Some users may complain that it does not have the option of switching to dark mode. However, that is not a big deal and does not lower its performance a bit.

Driver Easy Features

As already mentioned, Driver Easy is a feature-rich driver updater. We will now see how capable its features are.


While testing the scanning of the Driver Easy, we found it quite quick and effective. In a few seconds of detection, it founded 19 outdated drivers, most of them were untraceable while we tried to find them manually using Device Manager. 

Driver Easy Scan

From settings, you can also schedule the scan according to your preference.

schedule the scan

The schedule scanning feature of Driver Easy has some advanced options that you won’t find in many driver updater applications.

schedule scan advanced option


After the scanning is completed, the user will get the option to either update all the drivers at once or manually update drivers that you require the most.

Driver Backup & Restore

The Driver Easy also comes with a feature to backup your current drivers and restore them in case of a system failure or when you fresh install the Windows.

Driver Uninstall

It is another handy feature in the Driver Easy drivers updater application. If you noticed any driver is misbehaving, it might be corrupted. You can uninstall it using the Driver Easy.

Driver Easy Driver Uninstall

Offline Scan

The Offline Scan is the best and unique feature of Driver Easy. Using it, you can update the drivers of the system, which does not have an internet connection. For that, first, you have to perform an offline scan on the device without the internet connection. The Driver Easy app will create a file containing all version information about your drivers. Next, you have to upload that file on the device that has an internet connection. The Driver Easy would download the listed drivers that you can install on the previous device.

Driver Easy Offline Scan

Overall Verdict

As a driver updater, Driver Easy does perfectly well what it is meant for. It was quick enough to list out the outdated drivers. It also has a proxy feature that provides proxy servers to speed up the drivers download.

But its most considerable disadvantage is its trial version. The trial version of Driver Easy would just list out the outdated drivers and does not provide an option to download and install them. It also does not automatically update itself. Driver Easy trial version cannot be called a trial version because trial versions of any software are meant to test the real product before buying it, that Driver Easy lacks. If this thing bothers you, you can go for its alternatives, such as Driver Booster because most of the features of Driver Easy Pro except the Offline Scan are also present in its alternative.

Driver Easy Updater: FAQs

1. How much does Driver Easy Cost?

As of now, Driver Easy will cost you $29.95 for a single PC. For three devices together, it usually costs $59.90, but currently, it is available for a flat 50% discount at $29.95. For 10 PC, the price is $99.95.

2. Is Driver Easy Legit?

YES, the Driver Easy application is a legit one. We can say that from its Trustpilot reviews. Currently, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 5,424 genuine customers, which is a considerable amount.Driver Easy Trustpilot

3. Is Driver Easy Pro Worth Buying?

Driver Easy Pro is overall an excellent driver updater for your Windows devices. However, there are other great options too, like Driver Booster, etc.

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