How to Remove Movavi Watermark

Movavi has several multimedia software, and manufactures one of the best video editing software. You need to purchase the software to use them fully. Movavi lets you try the product so that you can decide if the product is right for you.

In the trial period, Movavi doesn’t limit access to the features. However, it adds watermark in the videos that you produce. This watermark appears in the middle of the video, and it completely ruins the video. In this article, I will tell you how to remove the watermark from Movavi trial videos.

Remove Movavi Watermark

Method 1 – Activating the Product using Genuine Key

The legal way of removing Watermark from Movavi is purchasing the software from the Movavi store. You will get the actual product license officially, and there will be no consequences. The payment you will do will reach the Movavi, and they could fund the up-gradation of software. Yes, you might need to pay full for the software, but it is the correct way.

Visit the Movavi store and purchase your desired software. You will receive the activation key. Now you need to enter this key in the product to activate the product.

If you are using Video Editor, then click on Help and choose Activate Software. Now paste the activation key that you get after purchasing the product and click on the Activate button.

Activate Movavi Video Editor

In Video Converter, click on the key button located on the top side of the window. Then paste the activation key and click on the Activate button. That’s it, and now there will be no watermark in your videos.

Activate Movavi Video Converter


Method 2 – Getting Activation Key Free of Cost

The second option to remove Movavi Watermark from videos is to get the free activation key. Though it is not the correct way to activate the product. Since you are exploiting the bug in the program to activate it.

You can search in the Google for Movavi Free Activation key.

You can get the free activation key from these websites and activate the product but never download the software from a third-party website. There will be no problem if you use the activation key to activate the product.

There are several websites on the internet that offer crack version. Do not download crack version, as they contain malware. Cybercriminals bundles malware with these crack software.

When you install them on your system, you also install the malware. Even if there is no malware, the program is still not safe. They break the code of the program to activate it so that it might cause a problem in your system. So always download the software from the official website.


Method 3 – Using Logo Remover Software

There are several services on the internet that lets you remove the watermark. You need first to produce the video from the Movavi editor then use the online service to remove the watermark.

Such a service is available on You can upload the video here to remove the watermark. It lets you remove the watermark from 5 videos in a month for free. If you want to work on more videos, then you need to purchase their plans.

Remove Watermark Online

Select the video that you want to remove the video and then click on the Remove Watermark button. Then it will upload the video and convert it. Once the conversion is finished, it asks to complete a few tasks to download the video. You might have to participate in the surveys to get your video.

Remove Watermark Online Surveys

Another service is available at You can also download its app or can use the online watermark remover. Click on the blue box and select the video that you want to remove the watermark. Then it will start uploading your video once that is completed it will allow you to watch the preview.

Apowersoft Remove Watermark

Then click on the Erse button to remove the watermark and download your video.

Method 4 – Get Huge Discount on Movavi Genuine Keys [Best Way]

Getting discounts on the Movavi genuine keys is the best way to remove the watermark from Movavi videos. It is the legal way to remove the watermark at affordable price.

Here at Worthwagon, we provide excellent discounts on the Movavi Software. This way, you will remove the watermark without breaking any law. Also, you won’t face any copyright issues. There will be no risk of malware infection since you will download the software from the official website.

Get Movavi Video Suite at 56% discount and Movavi Video Editor Plus on 41% discount.


There are several ways to remove the watermark from Movavi. But you should remember they are all illegal. You might face copyright issues, and legal institutions could penalize you. If you won’t pay for the software and then how Movavi will pay salaries to their employees who developed this excellent application. Plus downloading crack software has its own consequences. If you want to remove the watermark, then activate the product using the genuine keys. Worhtwagon provides huge discounts on Movavi keys. We purchase the keys from the official website in bulk. This is the reason we can provide such discounts.

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  1. I have purchased Movavi Suite and I cannot seem to remove the watermark…do you have instructions on how to remove the watermark in Movavi Video editor?


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