Is Movavi Free? Download Legally without Crack

Do you want to download the Movavi free of charge? You can download the Movavi editors without paying and that too legally and without any crack software.

Movavi offers excellent features in its editors. It is easy to use and light on system resources that why users prefer Movavi editors. However, some people don’t have money to pay for the subscription although it’s very less. They tend to download the Movavi illegally via crack version. That is not the way, here in this article, you will find the legal way to download Movavi for free.

Download Movavi Video Editor for Free

Movavi Video Editor Free

Movavi allows you to download the video editor for free. If you want to get the editor for free, then it is the best way.

 However, you won’t be able to produce a video without watermark.  It has several features for video editing. It comes with the inbuilt media library. The library consists of music, sounds, sample video, background, and intro videos. Also, there are filters, transitions, titles, stickers, and callouts. These features help you to create engaging videos for your social media accounts.

To unlock everything and remove watermark, you will need Movavi activation key.

Some other features, like Pan & Zoom, Stabilization, and Chroma Key, are a great addition. You can export video to your PC or can directly upload to the YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo.

Download Movavi Video Converter for Free

Movavi Video Converter Free

Movavi Video Converter is available to download for free from the official website. You can convert video in different formats with this option. However, the video that you convert with it will get a watermark. This watermark is in the middle of the video and completely ruins the viewing experience.

Features in Movavi Video Converter are ultrafast conversion and 180+ video format supported. There are profiles for 200+ devices; it lets you produce video in those devices format. Movavi Video Converter also supports the conversion from H.265. The premium version has several other features like conversion to H.265, quality enhancement, adding effects, etc. It also lets you trim, rotate, and crop the video.

Download Movavi Photo Editor for Free

Movavi Photo Editor Free

Movavi Photo Editor is available to download for free from the official website. Also, you can produce a photo without any watermark. There are no time limitations on the free version also. You can use it for any time you like. The photo editor comes with some excellent features. It allows you to crop photos and flip & rotate. The straighten the horizon feature lets you fix your photos if the camera angle was not right. You can also add images and stickers in your pictures.

Other ways to get Movavi for Free

Movavi Clips for Free

If you want to use Movavi for basic editing, then you can avail it for free. Movavi Clips is available for free on the Android and iOS. Yes, it is not for PC or MAC. It allows you to create simple videos for your social media accounts. Movavi Clips lets you split, merge, and trim videos. It also lets you adjust the brightness and saturation. The Video Editor comes with the timeline that is easy to use with touch.

Movavi Clips allows you to insert transitions between clips so that it looks smooth. You can add and edit the pictures with pan & zoom effect. There are stylish stickers to add in your videos. You can also increase or decrease the speed of the video. There are features to fade-in and fade-out.

Movavi Clips also lets you add music to the videos from the device or the built-in library. You can adjust the volume or mute the original sound. It lets you create slideshow with music. Once you finish the editing, you can export the video to your device. Also, you can directly upload it to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media accounts.

Downsides of getting Crack Version

If you are looking for the Full Movavi Editors on the illegal websites, then there are serious consequences. Downloading Movavi from the torrents or crack websites is illegal. Below are the downsides of getting it from unofficial websites.

  • Legal Action- It is illegal to obtain copyright material such as software unofficially. If you get caught, you might need to pay fines or even jail time. Several internet service providers in the US collaborating to stop the illegal distribution of copyright materials. If they catch you, you might need to pay a file of $1000.
  • Malware Infections- The websites that make the crack version available bundles malware with it. You might end up infecting your PC with severe computer threats. They might bundle adware, spyware, trojans, or ransomware. It will enter in your PC without your knowledge and could cause more damage than purchasing the actual license.
  • Lagging- The crack version doesn’t properly run. The hackers break its code to force it run without activation. The code of the software isn’t properly optimized. It could run slow, get hang, or lag. You might lose your project if it lags in the middle of editing.
  • No Update- If you don’t get Movavi from official sources, you won’t receive the updates. Meaning you will not get the latest features. Also, if there are any loopholes, then it is not getting fixed with updates.
  • No Support- If you use the crack version of Movavi, you won’t be able to contact the technical support. Any issues that arise with the Movavi software, it won’t be fixed as there is no technical support for crack versions. So, we suggest that you get the software from the official website only.

The Legal Way to Get Movavi

You can use the Movavi for free that is available on the official website. Movavi Photo Editor and Movavi Clips are available to download for free. You can use them without watermark. Other products are available to download for free but produce videos with watermark. The watermark is in the middle of the video, and it completely ruins the video.

Also, downloading the crack Movavi software is not right. It has several consequences. You could face legal action or end up installing malware. So it is not an advisable method to follow.

So How to Get Movavi if you have a tight budget?

You can’t have the full version completely free. So, I suggest you get the Movavi with discount. Here on WorthWagon, we have several exciting offers that let you get the Movavi with huge discounts. It is entirely legal as we get the license keys directly from the official website. Also, the installer is from the official website. So, there are no chances that you’ll get the malware infection.

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  1. I checked the Movavi site carefully to see if it was really free, and there was nothing on their site indicating it wasn’t free.

    I downloaded and installed it.

    The next screen showed it wasn’t free, and attempts to uninstall it said it was already running. I had to shut down the computer to get to where it could be uninstalled.


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