Movavi Video Converter 2023

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$54.95 $20.95

$54.95 $20.95

Movavi Video Converter is a quick tool to make your media files compatible with any device. You can process videos, audios, and images. 

  1. Choose output according to the device.
  2. Get numerous formats and encoding options.
  3. Edit Videos: adjustments and add effects.
  4. Choose output file size and quality.
  5. Merge multiple files into a single one.

1 Device – Lifetime License


Movavi Video Converter is a solution to compatibility issues with videos, audio, and image files. You can quickly edit and convert your media into numerous formats. Also, control your output file size and quality. It also allows you to take bulk actions.

Movavi Video Converter Features

Let’s take a look at Movavi Video Converter features.

  • Convert videos, audio, and images to various formats.
  • Choose from different devices to ensure compatibility.
  • Quickly tweak your files using the Edit option.
  • Add Text and Image watermarks.
  • Automatically identify and increase low volume.
  • Add Stabilization to your video.
  • Add Effects and Adjustments in visual media.
  • Insert Subtitles in your video.
  • Crop and resize visual media.
  • Trim the length of your files.
  • Switch between Before and After modes in real-time.
  • Merge various video and audio files into one clip.
  • Change Bitrate of your sequence.
  • Multiple Language support.
  • Apply adjustments to all files in a single click.

Working of Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter asks you to take a quick tutorial when you first open it. You can skip by clicking the cross button. Further, you can Drag and Drop your files or click the Add Media button to open your files.

movavi video converter 2022 add media

Click on the Edit button to open a new window with all the editing options. You can select to open an option directly using the drop-down Edit button on the top side of your screen. There is a new AI Upscale Option that automatically edits the video with best-suited options.


Editing Options


In the Audio tab, you can improve your voice quality by increasing the Volume output. Also, remove noise from the clip using the Remove Noise option.


Use the Adjustments tab to enhance your image using BrightnessContrast, Hue, and Saturation. Also, there are some intuitive functions like Auto contrastAuto White Balance, Magic Enhance, and Noise Removal. You can optimize your image and video for better visuality using these functions.


Use the Effects tab to add various effects to your video and images. It adds depth and tone to your clip. You can combine six filters at a time.


Add permanent subtitles in your video using the Subtitles option. You require a premade subtitle file. Then, you can insert it into the video. Also, you can adjust fonts, text sizecolor, and position of your subtitles. Besides, select text to highlight and tweak the synchronization option for perfect results.


Insert Text or Image Watermark into your visual files. You can control the TransparencyFontText Color, and Border Color of your watermark.


Crop your files into defined Aspect ratios. Else, create your custom dimensions for the resizing. Rotate and Flip your images and videos in a single click. You can also save the output directly without conversion using this option.


Trim a specific clip from your audio or video sequence. You can manually add starting and ending keyframes. Otherwise, drag the slider on the bottom side of the video to obtain the same results. Note that, it keeps your selected portion in the output.

Hit the Done button once you are satisfied with your editing.

Additional Editing

Drop-down quality button

You can select your output quality by clicking on the Quality drop-down button. Note that output Quality, File Size, and Bitrate are directly proportional to each other. That means a greater file size reflects higher Bitrate and better quality. You can also export a sample of your video to check the properties.

Click the Merge Files button at the bottom of your window if you want to join all your files together.

AI Upscaling


The AI Upscaling is the new feature included in the Video Converter Premium 2022. Using this feature you can double the video resolution without losing the video quality. However, AI upscaling would highly increase the conversion time.

Quick Conversion Options

You get a quick selection tool tab at the bottom of the window. You can search for a format or click the Device Detection button if you have connected your device to the computer. It should detect the gadget and suggest the best setting for conversion.

popular tab

The Popular tab shows frequently used formats by other users to help you find your favorable encoding.

Video tab

The Video tab shows various video formats for conversion. Each form lets you covert your file in different compatible sizes.

Device tab

You can choose to optimize your file to a specific device using the Device tab. It has popular devices associated with different companies. Also, you can select between Smartphones, TV, Feature Phones, and many more options.

Audio tab

The Audio tab consists of numerous audio export formats. You can choose the one best suited for your need. Usually, most platforms support the mp3 file format.

Images tab

Lastly, there is the Images tab that lets you convert your image files. You can change all your images to a new format in a few quick clicks.

create custom preset in movavi video converter

You can also create a Custom Preset to use whenever required. Click on the gear icon at the bottom after selecting an output option. There you can customize the settings according to your needs.

Saving Options and Settings

save to options

You can find the Save to button at the bottom side of your screen. Select it to choose where you want to save your output.

Click the Convert button to convert all your files to specified settings quickly. Later, you can Pause and Stop the process in between if you want to go back.

setting options

The Settings option lets you set your preferences regarding General settings, Conversion, and Hardware Acceleration.

Besides, you get multiple language support, access to the user manual, contact support, and many other options straight from the app.

You can click on the Show tips icon if you find yourself stuck. Besides that, you get an option to Share your media on other platforms quickly.

Movavi Video Converter lets you change the file formats in quick and simple steps. Moreover, none of the functions is hard to understand, and anyone from a toddler to a grown person can use the program. It is a one-stop solution for converting your media files.

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