Is Movavi Safe to Use?

Movavi is a multimedia software company that offers several easy to use products. This company started its journey quite late compared to other big names. That’s the reason people are less aware of Movavi.

Nowadays malware is being served in the name of useful software. People don’t trust new software so easily. Well they shouldn’t, there have been several fraud cases where people have been cheated. That’s why people ask, is Movavi safe to use and if it contains virus or malware?

If you aren’t sure that the Movavi products are safe to use or not, then I will answer it in this article.

I will look in the various online forums if anyone has faced any issues with Movavi products. Also, I will check the VirusTotal review to make sure if any antivirus considers it as a malware or not. But first of all, let’s see several Movavi products.

Products of Movavi

  • Movavi Video Suite
  • Movavi Video Converter
  • Movavi Video Editor
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus
  • Movavi Video Editor Business
  • Movavi 360 Video Editor
  • Movavi Slideshow Maker
  • Movavi Photo Editor
  • Movavi Photo Focus
  • Movavi Photo DeNoise
  • Movavi Screen Recorder Studio
  • Movavi Screen Recorder
  • Movavi Screen Capture Pro
  • Gecata by Movavi
  • Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter
  • Movavi PDF Editor

Company Info and Reputation

Movavi concentrates on designing multimedia software that is  easy to use for children as well as adults . Movavi started its journey in 2004, and since then they have created a wide range of multimedia software. From producing videos to creating a slideshow and from recording the screen to edit the PDF files, there is a solution for that.

Movavi offers its products in the different range; there are regular, Pro, and Business version of some crucial products; users can easily choose according to their usage. The motto of Movavi is, “We want to make sure that working with multimedia is fun and easy.”

That’s true if you want to teach video editing to your 10-year kid, then Movavi is the best solution as well as you can create some professional video for your YouTube channel with it. The products of Movavi is sold to more than 150 countries, and it has more than 300 staff members located in three offices in the USA, Russia, and Cyprus.

What Antiviruses Think of It?

We cannot scan the Movavi with all the antivirus programs, but there is a way to know what antivirus think of it. VirusTotal is a service that checks a particular file with several antivirus engines and displays the report. It computes the hash file and checks it with different antivirus engine if the file is infected or not.

I am checking the two most popular Movavi products on VirusTotal. Below is the VirusTotal score of Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi Video Suite VirusTotal Review

VirusTotal checked the file with more than 70 antivirus engines, and none of them detected it as any threat.

Now check the VirusTotal score of Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Movavi Video Editor Plus VirusTotal

Movavi Video Editor Plus also got the 0/70 score, meaning  no antivirus consider it as a threat out of 70  antivirus engines.

What Users Thinks of It?

To know what other users think of Movavi products, I am going through different online forums.

Adriana Lima posted on a forum giving Movavi 5/5 stars –

Movavi User Review 1

Here, another user Alexander is  not happy with the Movavi  as it puts the watermark in the trial period. Users also need to understand that companies cannot provide free products. They have to earn somehow.

Movavi User Review 2

Here Claire finds a way to increase her Instagram followers.

Movavi User Review 4

Movavi User Review 3

There are several comments of users on these forums, some find the product useful, and some had bad experiences with the support, but  no one had face malware problem with Movavi software , which suggests that users consider Movavi as safe to use.


Movavi is a reputed software company doing business from more than 15 years. Such a company will never inject malware in their products that will destroy their name in the market. Also, there are no reports that suggest any cases of malware infection in Movavi products. Not only this but VirusTotal checked the installer with more than 70 antivirus engines, and none of them considers it as a malicious tool.

User reviews are mixed, some people find it useful while some faced problems, but none of them found it malicious. I downloaded and installed most of the popular products on my PC, and I haven’t encountered any issues. So at this point,  I can assure you that Movavi is exceptionally safe to use .

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