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Includes Video Editor Plus + Converter + Recorder + Slideshow Maker


Whoever said that the best things in life are for free should have reconsidered that. When it comes to software, the best features come at a price. However, price doesn’t have to be premium, you can avail discount using Movavi coupon codes.

movavi coupon

Movavi is well known for how it produces quality video editing software. Since the software has gained recognition, the company has made more efforts to gain more users, one of them being giving out coupons to make the prices more favorable.

Not so many video editing software developers provide coupons as they’re competing with advancements.

An advanced software, however, might not be the winner in all scenarios.  A person might be looking for an affordable video editing software, but because some of them might be out of his or her budget, the person will probably go for something that fits into their budget.

Movavi products are examples of pocket-friendly programs.  Together with the Movavi coupons, consumers get a professional software at very low price.

How to Claim a Movavi Coupon Discount

WorthWagon includes the value of the coupons on every Movavi product purchase.  So, you do not need to claim for the coupon discount. Just choose the product that you wish to purchase and you will notice the big discount that has been included.

This shall save you a lot of time that you would have used in finding the perfect coupon for the purchase.

You can imagine of the hundreds of coupons that you need to go through before you find the one that gives the perfect discount.

Then after you find that, the coupon you have to go back to the website and then check if the coupon is valid. Some of the other coupons are usually shady. You can never really be sure of whether the coupon is valid on the website until you try it.

This is why you are encouraged to shop with the pre-filled Movavi coupons on this website.

Which is the right Movavi Coupon

There are obviously hundreds of coupons being offered by various resellers.  as I said earlier, finding the right coupon is it’s not easy. It may take you a really long time to find the best coupon that gives the maximum discount or if you prefer, the maximum possible discount.

In our recommendation, Movavi Video Suite coupon is the best bang for the buck as it includes all the essential video editing tools developed by the company.

We took the liberty of finding this right coupon for you and afterward attached to every order. So whenever you’re purchasing anything on this site, you will automatically get a discount for the product.

Now you’ll have time to finish that Netflix movie that you just paused.

Is there a Movavi Student discount

Movavi does offer discount for educational institutes and students however, the amount isn’t disclosed. You must contact them and company will verify identity in person by skype calling before offering any special price.

On other hand, Worthwagon offers up to 50% of the original price. You can, therefore, get a 50% discount on a specific product depending without hassle of contacting and discussing price.

A 50% discount on a product is more than anything a person will ever expect. Even if there was a student discount rest assured that the discount wouldn’t have been more than that 50% unless the product was either outdated or it’s being advertised.

Is Movavi License Lifetime?

Movavi offers lifetime license for all the products. It means the product you purchased will never expire and can be transferred to new computer any time.

However, the catch is that you won’t get any major upgrades. It means if you buy using Movavi Video Editor Plus coupon for version 15, it doesn’t upgrade to version 16 for free. There are upgrade charges which is obviously discounted but you must pay.

It must be noted that you are eligible for all the minor releases pertaining to version purchased. For example 15.2 and 15.7 releases would be free of charge.

Is the Movavi coupon valid on Upgrade

The coupon is only valid for the first time purchase. During upgrade,  you will need to get the software at the original price or nominal discount offered on upsell.

At WorthWagon, we offer the latest version of the product available from the manufacturer. You can consider using the highest discounted price from us while upgrading to a major version.

Is Movavi  worth buying

Before we give you a verdict, you should first know what you’re looking for from that type of software. The types of tools that you use define what you are.

For example, you can’t expect a person who is new to video editing to just jump into Adobe products when does clearly need some level of expertise.

you also want to find anyone who is a really good professional using inferior software to edit videos.

here is a list of the pros and cons of Movavi  to help you understand whether the software is going to help you achieve your goals;


  • The video editor is really easy-to-use as compared to others. If you’ve gotten a chance to use other video editing software,  you don’t have noticed how complex they are. Movavi it’s pretty simple and hence the best for both professionals and the newbies.
  • The program also has a nice user interface.  the user interface has been modernized and therefore, makes everything simpler for the modern man.
  • Even though it’s a simple program, Movavi that you may find interesting and useful in many tasks that you may have concerning video editing.  the developer included only the features that I needed on a regular basis. You will, therefore, be able to utilize it almost every single feature that is included in the program.
  • The program also requires minimal resources from your computer.  You can be able to work with videos without experiencing lag in the rendering.
  • Together with your Movavi coupon, this has become one of the cheapest video editing software in the market.


  • The program still lacks a lot of features that would have been very useful if they were included with the rest. A person may still need more advanced software in the end.
  • Most of the good features also come with the premium pack. If you go for the free version, you’re gonna miss a lot of the good things that you could have used and found helpful.

As you can see,   there are not so many disadvantages of this program. WorthWagon agrees with the fact that this is the best video editing software that a new person can use.

About Movavi

Movavi is focused on making multimedia editing software based out of Cyprus / Russia.

In order for them to meet the market demands, Movavi decided to create a video suite that is capable of doing most of the things that advanced software can do.

Since its establishment in 2004, Movavi has grown from a startup run by a small group of enthusiasts to an international business with over 300 employees. Our ever-expanding range of products is sold in more than 150 countries.Read more: ©

The company being young have managed to make a name for itself with the outstanding performance from the programs they build. They also claim to provide 24/7 support for any issues that may experience during the use of the products.

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