8 Best iMovie Alternative Video Editors for Windows 10

Are you interested in making astonishing videos?

There is an abundance of video editing programs in the market for Windows. Some provide easy to understand UI, and some have better templates than others.

But, it would be pointless to use every second option only to realize that it doesn’t serve your purpose.

That’s why we are here.

We bring you the best iMovie alternatives for Windows 10 that you can use to create videos according to your needs.

So without much raving, let’s get started.

1. Movavi Video Editor

 movavi video editor

If you are looking for primary level video editing tools, then go for Movavi.

Movavi is a creator’s solution with everything that it takes to become a multimedia production hub. It virtually lets you import any media like photos, videos, audios, and much more. 

You can access essential video editing tools like trimming, cutting, joining, rotating the clip, and similar functions. All you have to do is to put your media files on the timeline and synchronize the audio accordingly. It also lets you share your content anywhere. 

You get some useful stickers, transitions, and special effects preloaded in the software. The free version lets you create 6 tracks at a time, which is enough for basic video editing.

If you are used to iMovie, then you might find the user interface a little different. However, the functions work all the same. Still, it might take some time to get a hold on it.

Movavi is compatible with Windows XP and above versions. 

2. Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is the standard video editing app that comes with all Windows versions back to XP. Movie Maker is an excellent choice if you are not into hardcore editing and want to edit a few lightweight videos.

You can import wide variety of video formats like .wav, mpg, .mkv, .mov, .avi, and many more. It proves to be a good choice if you have videos from different sources. Additionally, you can use the app to capture a video from your webcam.

There are plenty of transitions for clips, titles, and text effects available inbuilt with the app. You can use them to provide a certain angle or character to your video. Apart from that, you also get a variety of special effects that you can use them to give some depth to the video. Some common effects include grayscale, film age, and others.

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC video editor

If you are looking for a free editor but more potent than standard Windows Movie Maker, then VSDC Video Editor is a great choice.

Within a few clicks, you can retouch your video with transitions, special effects, color correction, and object transformation. You can use all your imagination and see those effects coming true instantly. Besides that, you can also rescue some poor-quality video, but it might become a little grainy.

VSDC also has audio editing functions. You can edit and improve your audio and put some effects on it. Or, you can use the tool to adjust the pre-existing sound quality of your clip. It also lets you remove and change the background of a video, which is rare for a beginner-level video editing tool. 

Don’t expect an eye-pleasing user interface with this one. Although it free, it elevates your skills and puts you on a higher level than other similar software.

4. Lightworks


If you are used to video editing tools and want to try a powerful yet free program for the same, then try Lightworks.

Some of the famous movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, The King’s Speech, and Pulp Fiction are all created using this application. It feels incredible to see such software available for free. But, there’s a catch, with the free version you can only export your video in 720p resolution and .mp4 format. It’s still better than most. The premium version comes at $25 per month, $175 per year, or $438 forever. It supports exporting the video in multiple formats. You can get additional editing software with a full-time purchase.

Lightwork lets you use multiple transitions, over 40 special effects, advanced color correction, and transformation option. Apart from that, you get advanced features like workflow, project management, real-time waveform, and vectorscope. With Lightworks, you can create professional-looking videos with ease. Being a powerful video editing tool, it can take much time for you to learn it if you don’t have prior editing knowledge. It’s the best alternative for iMovie in Windows if you want to create professional videos.

5. Shotcut


If you have a fad about keyboard shortcuts, then give Shotcut a try.

Shotcut is an open-source video editor. It is made around keyboard shortcuts and let you go through your clips with ease and speed. It allows you to import videos with a variety of formats. Since you can use a keyboard for almost every task in this app, it let you tweak videos with superior speed.

Support for any video format and bulk of video and audio filters makes Shotcut one of the best video editors in the industry. It also provides a multi-format timeline and quality features that you should expect from a premium video editor for free.

You can use this tool online or through the app, according to your suitability. The site isn’t well maintained compared to the competitors, but the app is good enough to use.

6. DaVinci Resolve 12

Davinci-Resolve 12

If you want to try some real movie editing for free, use DaVinci Resolve 12.

Even being free, it comes with a high potential for learning high-class movie editing. The software keeps most of its features in the paid version, which can cost you up to $1000. Still, the free version is enough to sharpen your skills. The pro version of this app has played some part in the Hollywood Studious. Which in itself glimpses the capabilities you have with the tool.

They advertise it to be using the world’s greatest color correction technology, well they didn’t disappoint us with that. DaVinci Resolve 12 is a tool that can help you from shooting to post-production of a movie. Real-time collaboration between editors and colorists, remote grading, multi-camera production, RAW image coloring tools, context-sensitive trimming, mixed-format and multi-layer timelines, a range of transitions, are some breathtaking features to name a few.

DaVinci Resolve 12 is a powerful tool for windows without any doubt.

7. Nero Video

nero video editor

If you want to have a user-friendly UI, then try using Nero Video. The home screen shows you all the things you can do with the app. It has tutorials from importing a video to back up your files and everything in-between. Although the video editing interface doesn’t please much, still it’s easy-to-navigate and won’t confuse the user.

Nero doesn’t provide elite editing capabilities but outshines its competitors when it comes to being a media center. You can store, back up, and stream your files with ease. Nero MediaHome helps you organize your media files like pictures, audios, and videos perfectly.

If you want an editor as well as a media storage manager, Nero is your choice. The only downside is that it comes at the cost of $50.

8. Magix Video Easy


If you want to learn video editing from scratch, try Magix Video Easy.

It has one of the best user interfaces in the industry. A very minimal home screen doesn’t let you confuse all the tools, and several video tutorials help you create your first masterpiece.

Automatic video editing wizards, connections, and introduction takes much work out of learning to edit, and a wide range of transitions and animation gets your movie professional look. This app is for beginners, and if you are new to the field, you can get the Windows version at the cost of $50.


iMovie provides more than enough usability when it comes to video editing. On the other hand, Windows Movie Maker lacks a few things. But the good part is, you have a lot of alternatives for iMovie in Windows 10. 

If you are still learning, we suggest using some lightweight software like Movavi and Lightworks. Once you are properly trained, you can switch to professional software.

Can you get iMovie on a Windows computer?

Apple owns iMovie as its unique and ingenious video editor. Frankly speaking, Apple can make a Windows version of iMovie in no time, but it hasn’t scheduled this anytime soon. The only plausible reason looks like Apple wants to keep its video editor exclusive to macOS users. It gives them an upper hand to attract more customers. Apple won’t benefit from selling iMovie for Windows since many free and better alternatives are already available.

What is comparable to iMovie for Windows?

There are some better and some worse video editors in the industry as compared to iMovie. But if you want to compare in terms of video quality and ease of use, we suggest using Movavi editor. Movavi has a slightly different user interface than iMovie, but when it comes to functionality, it is almost the same. You can not find the exact features as iMovie in any other application. Still, it is as close you can get, even better.

Does Windows 10 have video editing?

Windows’ Photos app lets you edit videos at a fundamental level. You can trim and join two videos or add images and make a slideshow. You can even select photos to create a transition video automatically. It is similar to Apple’s iMovie or Windows Movie Maker but has minimal features.

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