Movavi Video Editor 2023 Review

Movavi Video Editor is one of the prominent video editing software. Because of its simplicity and highly advanced features, it has always been the favorite software for video editing professionals.

Recently Movavi launched its latest variant – Movavi Video Editor 2023, which is again creating a buzz. Let’s review and find out what new it has brought this time and whether it is good enough to buy.

In this article, I am going to review Movavi Video Editor 2023 in detail.

Movavi Video Editor 2023 Review

Developer: Movavi

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

User Interface 10/10
Features 9.5/10
Support 8/10
Performance 8.5/10
Pricing 10/10
Pros Cons
  • Inbuilt objects and animations
  • Attractive titles, effects and transitions gallery, just one click away
  • Excellent Audio Editing tools
  • Intuitive and sleek modern user interface
  • Value for money
  • LUT support
  • Custom Objects cannot be imported
  • kind of short in options on color grading for advanced professional use
Movavi Video Editor 2023 is an advanced video editing software. You can use it to create small videos as well as entire movies with special effects. Movavi has a collection of powerful editing modules. The learning curve is almost negligible. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced features make it a handy tool even for professionals. The paid version comes with few extra features, extended visual effects, and sample videos. Overall, its worth every single penny.

What’s new in Movavi Video Editor 2023?

This year’s update of Movavi Video Editor is primarily focused on providing more audio editing options.

  • Magic Audio Enhancement Button: To make the audio perfectly crisp automatically
  • Manual sound adjustment: If you like to make changes manually
  • There are new Audio Effects: Overload, Oscillation, and Vibrato.
  • The Audio Effect Panel has a new look
  • A new panel is added at the right-hand side of the timeline known as a Sound level visualizer for adjusting the overall volume of the project.

The Installation

Movavi Video Editor 2023 download size is 80 MB for a 32-bit system and around 85 MB for a 64-bit system. So, you don’t need a high-speed internet connection to download it. It took me less than 5 minutes to download. In your case, it depends on the internet speed. The installation process is also straightforward. It gets installed within a few clicks. It took me around 1 minute on my i3 processor laptop with 4 GB of RAM.

Just accept the terms and conditions and click on the Install button.

install movavi video editor 23

Installation would begin and would take some time to complete as per the system’s configuration.

movavi video editor plus 2021 installing

Once the installation gets completes you will see the Start button. That’s it; the installation is complete, pretty simple.

start movavi video editor 23

User Interface

Movavi Video Editor 2023 interface comes in dark mode, which looks pretty attractive. Different elements are appropriately aligned and spacious. You don’t need to click multiple times to access a feature. The timeline is vast. There are different tracks for music, video, and titles. So, you can easily differentiate tracks. There are options to add more tracks also. The plus point of the timeline is we can link audio and title tracks with the video. So, when we make changes to other parts of the video audio doesn’t get desync.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 Review User Interface

In the previous versions, you couldn’t adjust the size of the timeline but in the 2023 version, they have given this option. You can easily add in-built audio, video tracks to the timeline. In the earlier version, there was no option to add files and then drag them to the timeline. The files that you add were going directly to the timeline. But now with the 2023 version, they have given a separate tab where you add media files for the current project.

The icons are big enough to identify and use. Also, there is a button to play the video at a normal speed. You can use the spacebar button on your keyboard to play or pause the preview. There is also a button to move to the next and previous frames. It can be accessed with Ctrl+Arrow. Overall, the user interface of Movavi Video Editor is attractive and easy to navigate. A person with basic computer skills can familiarize themself with the interface in 5 to 10 minutes.


Features wise Movavi Video Editor 2023 has many things. The highlight of Video Editor 2023 is Object Animation, Automatic Video Creation, and more built-in media. Let’s test all these features.

Object Animation

To test the object animation, I tried to move an object as shown in the promotional video. I must say, I didn’t expect it to be this much easy. I added a smiley sticker using the Sticker tool to move across the video. Just added the sticker and then clicked on the animation tab. Now clicked on Add Keyframe and then moved the frame to the location where I wanted to move the sticker. It was simple. Using animation lets you change the angle of the objects. It also enables you to change the opacity.

stickers movavi video editor 23

Scene Detection

The Scene detection tool is impressive. Movavi Video Editor comes with this advanced feature that could automatically sense the changes in the scenes and cut the video into short clips accordingly.

scene detection movavi video editor 23


Another highlighted feature of Movavi Video Editor 2023 is video stabilization. It helps you to correct camera shakes during recording. I recorded a video on my phone and shook it pretty badly. Then tried to fix the video on the Movavi Video Editor. I expected too much. This feature is for minor shakes and movement. You can increase the Accuracy and Shaking level according to your need. It can help you to correct minor shakes but don’t expect too much.

stablization movavi video editor 23


The Overlay is a great option to overlay your video over another video. Using the overlay option, you can display the multiple angles of the same video in a single frame.

Movavi Video Editor Plus overlay

Highlight and Conceal

The highlight and conceal feature of Video Editor is useful. If you want to grab the attention of viewers on a specific part of your video, then you can use highlights. Also, the conceal feature lets you hide a part of the video. This feature is useful in case your video is fast-moving so you can highlight important areas. Similarly, the conceal feature lets you hide the identity of a person or a place.

highlight and conceal movavi video editor 23

Chroma Key

Chroma Key is an advanced technique to replace the background or object in a video. Usually, such a video is shot with a bright color background. Then the Chroma Key feature is used to replace the background with other images or videos. It is quite easy to implement and use.

chroma key movavi video editor 23

Pan and Zoom

Pan and Zoom feature lets you highlight a part of the video. It enables you to zoom in on an area of the video and zoom out. Usually, this is done with the help of camera zoom, but you can also do it with the editor. Select the video clip and click on Pan and Zoom from the tools. You can choose simple zoom in, zoom out, or Pan. Click on Add and then adjust the time of zoom duration.

pan and zoom movavi video editor 23

 Audio Editing Tools

Though it is a dedicated video editing tool, Movavi Video Editor 2023 comes with excellent audio editing tools too. This is what makes Movavi better than its competitors.

Movavi Video Editor got a feature to detect the beats of the audio tracks. It is easy to use. Just select an audio clip and click on the Detect Beats button in the Beat Detection tool. It will then detect the beats and mark the timeline with yellow markers. We can easily use it to maintain the tempo of our video. Quite a useful feature.

Another fantastic feature of Movavi Video Editor is Noise Removal. It suppresses the background noise and helps you to enhance your voice. This feature is quite useful for vloggers. People recording videos on roads can reduce noise with the help of this tool. Select the audio clip and click on Noise Removal from the audio tools. Increase or decrease the slider and press Apply to make it work.

Other notable audio tools are Synchronization, Equalizer, and Audio Effects.


The value in Terms of Money

When we consider Movavi Video Editor 2023 value regarding money, it is very cost-effective. Other software with the same features could cost you from $200 to $400. But Movavi Video Editor’s price is just $59.95. You can get the business license at $119.95. The Camtasia video editor costs around $299 with similar features. The only advantage of Camtasia is it also comes with a screen recording tool. Which Movavi doesn’t have, but you can get it for $39.95. So if we add the cost of the Editor and Screen Recorder, it comes to $59.95+$39.95=$99.9. You still save more than $200 with Movavi. You can also get the Movavi Video Suite with lots of features such as a video editor, screen recorder, media player, and much more at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, Movavi Video Editor is a lightweight program. It doesn’t need high-end PC configurations to work. So, you could also save money by not upgrading your computer.

Further, it is currently available at the discounted price of just $34.99 instead of $59.99. So, with such features and cost, I think Movavi Video Editor is the best deal.

Do not purchase without using Movavi Video Editor 2023 coupon, you’ll miss out on savings.


Movavi Video Editor 2023 is a lightweight feature-rich video editor. It has all the essential features that we need to make a great video. The extra built-in media makes it a must-have tool. Also, video stabilization is a pro feature that you get in this low-price editor. Other features such as Beat Detection, Noise Removal, and Quick Video Creation makes Movavi Video Editor a great editing tool. There is no comparable editor with such features in this price range. If you are looking for a video editor to make great YouTube videos, then this one is best for you.

5 thoughts on “Movavi Video Editor 2023 Review”

  1. Please tell me I can switch the working space from “dark mode” to “light mode” in the Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022. I have searched and failed to find that option. Thank you

  2. Feeling Disappointed.
    I edited with a movavi 2021 a raw video of about 23 minutes.
    I needed a 2 mins video from there, so I did some cuts and cut outs.

    Upon export to mp4 format, and I even tried AVI, but the exported video pays for like 5 seconds or less and freezes. The frozen capture stays like that till the end…
    Only the audio plays well to the end.

    I tried another video, but the export picked an entirely different video from the media bin, used a screen capture from it, and gave a frozen video preview, but audio played till the end.

    A third experience was when I started entirely afresh with a raw video from a different camera.
    This time, it gave me bright green frozen preview, and played the audio till the end.

  3. I use Video Editor Pro 2020, full version, bought new.
    A finished simple 2-track project was exported to desktop as an MP4.
    It played perfectly as an MP4, twice.
    Two hours later, it had self-corrupted and lost half the jpg images from track 2.
    Only half of them!
    How does a finished, formatted MP4 file self corrupt?
    Has Movavi built in a secret destructo code?
    Movavi Video Editor Pro 2020 allows you to SAVE the working file on desktop.
    The colour code for this 2020 version is BLUE.
    But the SAVED icon appears as RED on the desktop.
    When you try to open the SAVED project, Movavi opens to an old free trial version, and tells you that you have to go online and buy the new version.
    That means Movavi is trying to sell it to you twice.
    What’s going on here?
    Any ideas?

  4. Starting a huge project and can’t find an answer, will I be able to add about 600 seperate titles on an hour and a half long video without reaching any limits?

    • No, there is no limitation as such. You will be able to add that amount of titles.
      i suggest you get a free trial download and import titles to check for yourself.
      If you are convinced, grab a 50% discount offer from WorthWagon.


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