DJI GO 4 for Windows PC – Best DJI Video Editors

Would you like to make an astonishing video with aerial shots?

DJI provides quality drones with the best camera footage. Moreover, it has included some quality video editing features in DJI Go 4. The official app for operating DJI products. However, you can only use this app on your mobile phones and tablets. To edit the DJI videos on your Windows PC, you require an external application.

But, it could be tiring to try various apps before you reach the one best suitable for your purpose.

Therefore, we have done the grunt work and picked the best apps for editing a DJI cam video on Windows PC.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best DJI Go Alternative Video Editors

1. Movavi Video Editor: Best Overall

movavi video editor

If you are looking for an easy-to-understand video editor, then use Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor has all the essential features like crop, trim, resize, text, and transition effects, to name a few. It can help you make the necessary edits in your videos. Moreover, it hosts a large number of advanced features to make your video pop out from others. Some of the features include noise removal, beat detection, and chroma key. You can use these functions for high-end editing.

Apart from that, Movavi Video Editor provides a flawless user experience. The user interface is straightforward and won’t confuse you with clunky tabs. Also, it has distributed the features according to their functionality. Thus, providing you only useful tools for using a particular function.

Additionally, Movavi has several video tutorials available for free. Therefore, you won’t feel stuck with a function even if you are a beginner. Also, people use this software for various projects and share their idea. So, if you ever get a creative block, then you can always find inspiration from the tutorials.

As compared to DJI Go 4’s video editor, Movavi provides similar ease to use the editing features. You can do most of the work by using automated tools. Thus, saving you both time and effort.

Overall, from a beginner to an advance editor, anyone can use this software with total ease. It is an excellent program to convert your aerial shots into breathtaking videos.

2. VSDC Video Editor: Best Free

VSDC video editor

If you are looking for a free to use movie editor, then try VSDC Video Editor.

VSDC provides slightly more functionalities than essential tools. You can crop, trim, and add transitions like a basic video editor. Moreover, it also carries audio effects, special effects for videos, and detail color correction. Also, VSDC provides you the opportunity to add a commentary video with your shot. You can directly record audio and video in the application.

Additionally, VSDC supports a variety of video formats. Therefore, you can merge your video with some other content without efforts. Also, it is worth noting that DJI cameras record the footage in either “.MOV” or “.MP4” formats depending on the setting. Some video editors might not recognize.MOV form, which is not the case with VSDC.

Also, it provides some top-notch features like object transformation and layers. These features can come handy if you want to add more effects to video without compromising the original footage. You can find numerous video editing tricks and tips on its official youtube channel.

For the downsides, there is much scope for a better user interface. However, with time anyone can get used to it. Also, the tutorials benefit a lot in the learning phase.

3. Lightworks


If you have above intermediate knowledge about video editing, then try Lightworks.

Lightworks is a jam-packed video editing program. It hosts a lot of advanced features. For instance, it has an excellent color correction option, real-time waveform, vectorscope, and project management tools. Also, most of the features are accessible in the free version. However, the free version only lets you export the video in mp4 format. Also, the max resolution in the free version is 720p. You can get the full version for $25 per month, $175 per year, or $438 forever.

Lightworks has all the potential of becoming your primary option for video editing. It has a prominent workflow and project management approach. Thus, you can easily edit and shorten many different footages. Also, the free version can be useful if you are planning to upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Although, we would suggest you get the full version if you are recording in high quality.

Lightworks has a unique approach towards importing media in the timeline. Unlike standard video editors, you can decide the fragment from the clip that you want to add by using markers. To clarify, you won’t have to add the complete footage and then remove the unnecessary part. Instead, you can select only the section that you want to add.

Apart from the limited export options, there isn’t much one can ask from a free video editor. However, if you are planning to use your drone’s camera in optimal settings, then use the full version. 

4. DaVinci Resolve 12

Davinci-Resolve 12

If you want to play with colors in your footage, use DaVinci Resolve 12.

DaVinci Resolve 12 begins its journey as a color correction tool. But in previous years after collaboration with Blackhat, it is now becoming a full-fledged video editor. The source code still being the same; DaVinci Resolve provides the best color correction option in the industry.

Moreover, it has played a significant role in Hollywood Studious. Many movie editors recommend this product, and that talks for itself. Additionally, it presents you with the platform best suitable for the post-production of a movie. It has multi-camera production, remote grading, RAW image coloring tools, context-sensitive trimming, multi-layer timelines, and mixed-format. These are some of the premium tools provided by DaVinci Resolve 12.

However, most of the functions are only available with the premium purchase, which might cost you around $1000. Still, the free version is good enough to begin your editing carrier. Also, if you are planning to do video editing for a long run, then this software can be your go-to option. Additionally, it shares an optimal workflow and project management system. Thus, you can perform all post-production related tasks using this single platform.

DaVinci Resolve 12 brings a variety of transition options and special effects. It has the potential of becoming the all-in-one editing tool for advance content creators. However, if you are planning to do it for once, then you won’t be disappointed. Also, it allows you to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo directly.

5. Magix Video Easy


If you are looking for a simple video editor, try Magix Video Easy.

Magix Video Easy is a tool for beginners. It has all essential features like cropping, trimming, brightness control, and speed control to make a decent movie out of your raw footage. Moreover, it has a straightforward user interface. With a minimal home screen, none of the tools would overwhelm you with excess details. 

Additionally, it has some intuitive features that can improve your voice and sound quality if you are planning to provide commentary in your video. The automatic wizard, proper introduction of tools, and connections take most of the grunt work from editing. However, you can always choose to do it manually to meet your goals. Also, there are several transition effects and animation to give your video a professional look.

Also, the storyboard and timeline feature is worth mentioning. It allows you to manage your videos effortlessly after importing. Additionally, it provides the user with the necessary videos to understand the tools. Moreover, you can find several free online tutorials.

Magix Video Easy provides a 30-day free trial if you are not sure about purchasing it. Once you are satisfied, you can get it for a cost of $50.

What to Look for in a DJI Video Editing Software

Color correction: Unlike standard shots, it is challenging to control the lights at the time of shooting in DJI videos. Therefore, you need to look for a tool that can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation with total ease.

Stabilization: Not to mention, but if you are shooting your videos in FPV mode, then you might encounter jerky and unpleasant shots. Thus, it is necessary to stabilize these shots for a favorable outcome. A shaking video might distract your audience and decreases your video engagement.

Resolution: When you are taking aerial shots, clarity of the footage can be an issue. Therefore you must record the video in the highest quality possible. Also, the video editing program should be able to process the high-resolution footage. It would be convenient if your video editor can import and export your DJI cam video without compromising the quality.

Final Verdict

DJI is no doubt one of the leading companies in making drones and robots. Also, it brings you quality cameras with its product to record your video. DJI Go 4 is the latest update of the official app to control your drone. Additionally, it has some exciting video editing features to enhance your video. You can use this application on your smartphones and tablets. But, it lacks support when it comes to Windows PC. Thus, you need to get a reliable video editor for your PC to make your masterpiece.

Keeping in mind the required features for a DJI cam video, we suggest you use Movavi Video Editor. It presents all the essential tools to enhance an aerial shot. Also, you can benefit from its advanced tools to improve your video to the next level.

What devices work with DJI Go 4

NVIDIA Shield K18.9 inchesNvidia Tegra K1 processor 2.2GHz2 GB
iPad Air (2019)10.5 inchesA12 Bionic (~2,5GHz)3 GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S27.9 inches1.3GHz octa-core processor2 GB
iPad Mini 49.7 inchesA8 (1.5GHz)2 GB
DJI Crystal Sky7.85 inchesRockchip RK3066 4-core CPU @1.61GHz4GB
Google Nexus 77.0 inches1.2GHz quad-core Nvidia-Tegra 3 processor2 GB
iPad Pro9.7 inchesA10X Hexa-core CPU + Apple M9 motion coprocessor2 GB

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the DJI Go 4 App on My Computer?

Unfortunately, the DJI Go 4 app doesn’t support the Windows framework. However, if you want to run the app on your PC, you can use an emulator. Bluestacks is one such emulator that allows you to use android apps on your PC. Although, using an app like DJI Go 4 on the emulator can have slow processing. Consider using it as the last resort since slow processing in video editing can produce an adverse outcome.

Which is Better MP4 or MOV?

MOV is an exclusive Apple file format for Quicktime. On the other side, mp4 is a universal standard video format. An mp4 format is widely accepted and supported by every video editor. Thus, it is better to use mp4 as your default video option. Some limited applications like Adobe Premiere Pro support additional add o for MOV file formats. Also, if you are using an Apple-based editor, you can use the MOV format without any issue.

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