8 Best Green Screen Software – Top Chroma Key Editors

Are you ready to create your next creative video?

Green screen technology can help you to create effects like replacing the video background, combining animation with live acting, and superimposing a subject on various backdrops.

But, not all video editing programs provide the chroma key function required to perform the task. Thus, it can be challenging to find the most suitable software for your workspace.

Relax, we are here to relieve you of the trouble.

We have done the grunt work to test all top-notch video editors to find out the best green screen software for various platforms.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Movavi Video Editor: Best Green Screen Software for PC

Movavi Video Editor provides optimal chroma key function. Also, it is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. The software features a range of functionality. Thus, you can use it for a variety of purposes such as slideshow, timelapse, stop motion, and many more.


Movavi provides an in-depth tutorial for its every feature. As a result, even a beginner can do video editing without many efforts. Also, the user interface is friendly and welcoming. There are no clunky tabs to overwhelm you, and each function has its using guidelines mentioned.

Another advantage of using Movavi Video Editor is an abundance of free online tutorials. Users prefer this software and therefore create tutorials to help beginners. Also, you can find some useful tricks to make the most out of this software.

Additionally, it is home to some extraordinary features like chroma key, split-screen, mosaic, and faceoff, to name a few. Also, it has some pre-made video effects that can come handy while making your video. Some quirky feature includes reverse playback, video stabilizer, and zoom and pan options. Thus, making your video appealing with minimum efforts.

How to use the green screen function in Movavi Video Editor:

Step 1: Import your recorded videos, which consist of the green screen video and the desired background in the software. You can easily drag and drop the media files to import them.

Step 2:  Put the green screen video in the video track on the timeline. Further, put the desired background in the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) track. You can find the later just below the main video track.

Step 3: Select the green screen montage and click on the list icon on the left sidebar. There you can find the chroma key option. After selecting it, a chroma key option window pops up. Further, the software automatically detects the green color in the background.

Step 4: Click anywhere on the green portion of your video. After that, the software automatically removes the selected color, and your subject comes to the forefront. You can tweak details like edges, noise, tolerance, and opacity from the chroma key window.

You can download a trial version to test the software. However, it comes with some limitations like watermark and limited exports.

2. iMovie: Best Chroma Key Application for Mac

If you are using a Mac for your workstation, then try iMovie.

iMovie is exclusive for Apple users. It comes in-built with the operating system and provides some essential video editing tools. Also, you can download a previous version from the official site if necessary.


iMovie carries an extraordinary chroma key feature. It is easy to use and can remove the green screen from your video in minutes. Additionally, you can also use it for blue screen backgrounds.

It is a frequently used software among Mac users. Thus, it provides basic tutorials to start your project. Apart from that, iMovie is a versatile video editing software that you can use to create a variety of videos. It is free to use software but unfortunately limits itself to Mac OS only. You can find the iMovie alternatives for windows here.

How to use the green screen feature in iMovie:

Step 1: Import the green screen video and the desired background video in the iMovie software. Place both videos on the timeline keeping the green screen video over the background.

Step 2: Make sure you have selected the green screen footage and click on the video overlay setting icon on top of the preview window.

Step 3: Select the Green/Blue screen option from the drop-down menu. Further, the software automatically removes the colored portion.

Step 4: You can later refine the selection using the crop tool or by adjusting the softness.

3. Do Ink: Best Green Screen Software for iPhone/iPad

The Green Screen by Do Ink is a popular animation app for teachers. Indeed, anyone can use it for creating quirky animations. Also, it comes under the best app for education in the iTunes list. 


It allows you to import pre-recorded video, graphics, and animation. Or, you can record a live video within the app. The app has an easy to understand interface to help a beginner understand it quickly. Similarly, it has all the essential features for creating a high-end green screen video. 

Moreover, you can create a frame by frame animation using this app. If you feel stuck or don’t know where to start, then this app offers a community library for presenting their work. You can either take inspiration or build your content over an existing animation.

How to use the Green Screen by Do Ink:

Step 1: Search for the app on the iTunes store and install it on your device.

Step 2: Open the app and click on the plus icon on the top-right corner to start a new project.

Step 3: Later, import your green screen video by clicking on the plus icon beside the timeline.

Step 4: You have to keep your subject footage in the lowest timeline track. Also, you can remove any shadows from your video using the mask tool for better results.

Step 5: Do additional tweaks if necessary and finalize your video by clicking on the save button. 

For the downsides, it would have been better if it can save the project file as well. The app comes for $2.99 on iTunes.

4. Kinemaster: Best Green Screen Software for Android

If you want to use a premium video editor on your smartphone, try Kinemaster.


Kinemaster presents you with all the essential video editing features like general software. Moreover, it brings some advanced and exclusive features to boost your creative side. Some of the astonishing features include the chroma key, video transition effects, special effects, image layers, effects layers, multiple videos, audio filters, and much more.

If you have ever used the desktop version of Kinemaster, then you can find the similarities in both versions. However, desktop operating systems provide much more freedom and thus has better performance.

Moreover, you can find several video tutorials and premium help and support with this app. You can use the trial version to test the app. Later, you can have it for a monthly subscription of $4.99. You can use the app on an android device as well as the iPhone.

How to use the green screen feature in Kinemaster:

Step 1: Install the app from iTunes or Play Store.

Step 2: Before starting with your project, we need to set up the crop tool. Go to Project Settings>Editing and then choose Fill Screen. This setting prevents the background image from stretching. Thus, avoiding an unnatural look. 

You don’t have to follow this step if you are using a video as a background.

Step 3:  Import your background image or video in the main track by selecting the media button on the circular menu. Later import the green screen footage by tapping layer and then media.

Step 4: After layering your videos, go to the options menu and select the chroma key. Later, press the enable option to activate the feature. It should remove the selected color immediately.

Step 5: Choose the show mask tool to refine your selection. Hit export when you are satisfied with the result.

5. WeVideo: Best Online Chroma Key Software

If you don’t want to work on an online platform, then use WeVideo.

WeVideo is suitable for computing products like Chromebook since it doesn’t have support for many software for installation. Moreover, you can save space on your device by not downloading any file.


WeVideo offers an intuitive user interface. Thus, beginners won’t find it challenging to get a grip on the software. WeVideo doesn’t restrict itself to chroma key features but provides all the qualities of a full-fledged video editor. Moreover, it has a template media library that presents royalty-free music and audio effects. Also, it comes with an abundance of transition and video effects.

Apart from providing video effects, it hosts a variety of text effects and credit details. Although premium features are available with higher price purchase, you can still enjoy the green screen feature at $4.99 per month subscription. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t support the chroma key option. 

This software provides a lot of manual tweaks for you to discover. But if you are short in time, then you can use its automatic features, which can do all your work in no time. Also, the automated features are reliable, but you can always do some manual editing for finishing touches.

How to use the green screen feature in WeVideo:

Step 1: Sign up on WeVideo and import your media files. You can add the green screen video and background video and look for sound effects on the web app.

Step 2: Put the green screen video on the top layer named video track 2. Similarly, drag the background video on the lower layer called video track 1.

Step 3: Select the green screen footage and click on the pencil tool from above the timeline panel.

Step 4: Then, select the eyedropper tool positioned under color keying. Click on any background color area from your footage.

Step 5: Do additional tweaks if necessary and save the file once you are satisfied.

What is a Green Screen, and How Does it Work?

Green Screen is the industry standard background color for making transparent footages. For instance, we can’t shoot a flying superman in the sky. Thus, videographers capture the actor in flying pose in front of the screen. Later, they remove the green color from the footage making everything except the actor transparent.

In video sequences, you don’t have to worry about the motion of your subject. The chroma key feature in almost every video editing software can remove only the green part. Thus, leaving the subject’s movement intact. Therefore, even in complex action sequences, it is easy to keep everything that does not share the background color.

Can I Use a Different Color for Chroma Key?

Every color has a chroma range, which is measured by calculating the luminosity of that color concerning a white background with the same light. That means you can use any color as long as it doesn’t show reflections or shadows.

Generally, people use green color because it stands far away from human skin tones. If you are using a color like peach or pink, then it might skew the subject as well. The second popular color for using chroma key is blue. For instance, we can’t shoot Kermit the Frog in front of a green screen because it shares a similar shade. Thus, creators use a blue screen instead. 

kermit the frog

Make sure the material of your screen is not glossy since it might consist of reflections from the environment. Similarly, try not to use glass objects or reflective surfaces while shooting in front of the green screen. The reason being, such coatings can capture the background color, and working with chroma might become challenging.


Green screen technology dates back to the time when we started making digital movies. Still, people consider it rather new. The chroma key feature offers you to play with background and other objects in the footage. It has boosted creativity in the field of the movie industry. Moreover, it is impossible to create high budget action movies like Avengers and Kingkong without using this technology. Production crew uses high-end editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to make these movies.

However, if you want to create a low budget video, then it is not worth it to buy these programs. Therefore, you need an all in one tool to process your video. Our verdict is Movavi Video Editor since it provides all the necessary features to make a great video that can go viral on YouTube.

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