Top 10 Camtasia Alternatives with Same Features at 1/3rd Price

Are you planning to make an astonishing video tutorial?

Recording your computer screen to make how-to tutorials is an effective way to convey your message. Camtasia Studio helps you to film and edit screencast videos quickly. 

However, for the benefits of the software, it feels quite expensive.

Also, you can find multiple programs in the market with similar features such as screen recording, editing, webcam recording, etc. Yet, people find it challenging to choose between what to use.

Therefore, we did the grunt work to test similar products for you. 

Here’s a list of Camtasia alternatives that you can use to make your tutorial promptly.

1. Movavi Video Suite: Best Camtasia Alternative

Movavi video suite best camtasia alternative

If you want an all-in-one video editor, use Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi Video Suite carries a bunch of useful tools in the package. Similar to Camtasia, you can record and edit a screencast video. Moreover, the screen recorder doesn’t slow down your system performance insignificantly. Besides, you get to benefit from some essential features like Chroma Key, Picture-in-picture, Color Correction, and many more.

You can find the user interface pretty straightforward. It does not overwhelm the user with clunky tabs. Besides, numerous tutorials and community support damp down your learning curve. 

Movavi Video Suite is an excellent choice if you are a beginner as it is easy to use with straightforward options. It let you create basic videos to high-end professional looking one quickly. Moreover, for professional editors, it can provide automated functions for faster editing. Overall, Movavi Video Suite is the best Camtasia Alternative to use.

It comes for $80 as a lifetime subscription. However, you can use our coupon for Movavi Video Suite to get a 55% discount.


All-in-one video editor.
Online Tutorials and support.
Straightforward user interface.


Limited exports available in the free version.
Hotkey for screen recording not avialable.

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2. Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is another excellent software to capture and edit videos. It got unlimited screen record time. Moreover, you can record from the webcam at the same time. Therefore, it comes handy when you are trying to record a tutorial and need to provide live commentary.

Besides that, you get access to some essential features like callouts, text/headers, annotations, effects for a cursor, and many more. Filmora Scrn supports recording at 120 fps. It’s a noteworthy feature if you are into streaming high-speed video games.

It has a clean layout and limited features. Thus, the software doesn’t require much processing power for screen recording and other functions. Consequently, you get a smooth workflow and faster results than Camtasia Studio. All these features makes it one of the best Camtasia alternatives.


Unlimited screen recording time.
Up to 120fps recording.
Allows to record the screen and the webcam at the same time.


Not available for mobile devices.
The free version adds a watermark.

3. OBS


OBS (also known as Open Broadcaster Software) is another one of the optimum Camtasia Alternatives. It is open-source, easy to use, free software for video editing. It carries an excellent live broadcast function for gaming and other live streaming videos. Moreover, OBS provides noteworthy graphic processing. It let the video stream at 60 fps, which guarantees smooth video streaming with no delays.

Additionally, this program lets you mix video and audio in real-time. Also, the screen capture option creates high-quality videos and screenshots from your screen. Besides, you can benefit from some primary features like Chroma key, colour correction, and masking, to name a few.

Overall, OBS proves to be the best Camtasia alternatives for gaming and live streaming.


Cross-platform and open-source.
Plug-ins that make it even more efficient.
Allows you to stream to almost all platforms.


Doesn’t link to an audio file as a source.
Compatibility issues with Mac.

4. Screencast-O-Matic


Screencast-O-Matic is a java based web app that comes as an installation package for Windows and Mac. You can choose to capture your screen from available presets.

Moreover, you can record your screen and a webcam video at the same time. Else, you can upload a video to edit it. Besides, you get some useful functions like the ability to record computer audio, script recordings, draw, and zoom. It also facilitates you to publish instantly to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox. Otherwise, you can save the video files on your computer. All these functions makes it a perfect candidate to be listed in the one of the best Camtasia alternatives.

The functions are also available in the free version. However, it comes with a 15-minute recording limit. Also, it prints the watermark on every video exported from the free variant. If you want to look professional, then use the premium version.


Uploading to YouTube is very fast and easy.
Saving videos in various formats is quite simple.
Records screen and webcam at the same time.


Basic tools for editing.
Watermark is added when you upload to YouTube.

5. Monosnap


Monosnap is another great Camtasia Alternatives. It is a light tool for capturing screen recordings or screenshots. However, you do not get the editing features in this program. The app is available for Windows and Mac platforms.

Monosnap allows you to capture your screen in full-screen mode, window mode, or you can select a specific area. Also, the 8x multiplier ensures no loss in quality. Besides, you can set a hotkey for launching the program immediately. It saves a lot of time if you want to record something instantly. Moreover, you can highlight your video areas with a pen or shape tool. Also, it let you add text to your videos. 

So, if you want to share your screen unconventionally, then Monosnap is a great option.


A single app for screenshots and screencasts.
Add annotations in screenshots and video.
Allows to do voiceover.


Steep learning curve.
No video editing.

6. Fraps


Fraps is a multi-purpose program that enables you to capture your computer screen. It supports the video recording in 7680x4800p. That means you won’t lose the quality of your video if you have to zoom particular areas occasionally. Also, it allows you to set the frame rate manually between 1 to 120 fps.

Moreover, you can use Fraps to click screenshots in specified time intervals. Thus, you don’t have to do it manually if the task requires multiple screenshots. However, the free version of the program comes with a lot of limits like 30-second recording limit and watermark. You can get the premium variant at an affordable rate of $33.


Resolution of up to 7680×4800.
Allows you to set intervals to capture screenshots.
Stable framework function.


The trial version limits video length to 30 secs.
Very large video files.

7. Ezvid


Ezvid is another lightweight screen capture program that proves to be an excellent Camtasia Studio alternative. You can find the user interface welcoming and easy-to-understand.

Ezvid creates a simple recording and lets you add keywords, title, and description. Moreover, it provides some excellent audio editing options. Besides, you can use the speech synthesis function for narration. That means you can write a script for commentary in an automated voice. 

Therefore, you can use Ezvid if you are a beginner to create instructional video tutorials.


Webcam recording feature.
Screen capture slideshows.
Upload directly to YouTube.


45-minute limit of videos.
Doesn’t allow to save files to PC.

8. Bandicam


Bandicam is a Windows-based screen recording application. It allows you to create screencast videos or you can use an external video input device for recording the footage. Thus, it enables you to create tutorials without many efforts. Thus, it is capable to replace Camtasia for a Windows platform.

Additionally, Bandicam supports a variety of recording devices and high-resolution footages. The only downside with this program is it does not provide video editing features. However, you can add text and images as an overlay on your video.

Bandicam is famous for creating high-quality videos with optimal compression. Thus, you can use it to make tutorials of programs that take up your CPU processing power like Photoshop, or Final Cut Pro.


Adjust cursor effects.
Allows to set up external video devices.
Several screen recording options to choose from.


Windows-compatibility only.
Doesn’t support video editing.

9. CamStudio


CamStudio is another open-source, free video capturing tool. It records your video in AVI format which takes more space than other frequently used forms. Apart from a screen recorder, this program act as a audio recorder as well.

The foremost benefit of CamStudio is its compatibility to convert recorder video to live streaming one for online broadcasting. Still, it lacks some useful video editing features that are available in Camtasia.

However, given that It comes free of cost, the utility of the product is considerable. Also, the developers provide constant updates for optimal performance.


A lot of video editing tools.
Free to download.
No limit of the video length.


Only AVI and SWF output files.
Uses up CPU resources a lot.

10. ScreenFlow


If you are a Mac user, then ScreenFlow is an excellent alternative for Camtasia.

ScreenFlow is an easy to use intuitive screen capturing program. It is strictly made for beginners and provides essential tutorials to help you start.

Apart from primary video editing features, you also get access to some essential add-ons. It includes animation video effects, animated GIF support, and creative audio filters. As a result, you can edit your videos like a professional quickly.

However, support for templates would be appreciated. Also, it doesn’t enable the user for a free update.


A lot of video editing tools.
Supports closed captions.
Motion and animation graphics.


Free update isn’t available.
There are no templates.

Final Verdict

When it comes to making video tutorials using your computer screen, Camtasia is an excellent product. However, there are better programs in the market that comes at one-third of the price. This list gives you the idea of top alternatives to Camtasia.

Movavi Video Suite proves to be the best Camtasia alternative with similar and even better features. Besides that, you get a lot of support and tutorials for beginning with the program. 

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