Movavi Video Suite 18 Review

Movavi Video Suite 18 comes with several useful features alongwith Video Editor. It comes with the video converter and screen recording tool. The suite also has an audio converter, image converter, and creating slideshow capabilities.

Movavi has different multimedia tools and the Video Suite contains most of them. In this article, I will test critical tools offered by Movavi Video Suite.


  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to use for Beginners
  • 4K Video Support
  • Hardware Acceleration Support
  • 14 Supported Languages

  • Limited control over Effects
  • Usage reporting enabled by default
  • Hard to do Precision edits

The Installation

Movavi Video Suite 18 installer is of 71.5MB. It took around 8 minutes to download on my computer. The installation was also simple. Within a few clicks, I was able to install it on my laptop.

Movavi Video Suite 18 Installation

Just after the installation, Movavi Video Suite starts, and it asks to activate the product. Movavi Video Suite doesn’t consume much of system resources. So, you can smoothly run it on a PC with low configuration.  My Laptop has 4GB of RAM and runs on the i3 processor.  It works effectively and doesn’t even lag for once.

Movavi Video Suite 18 Installation 2

User Interface

Movavi Video Suite 18 user interface is simple. The main window lists all the components category wise, so you can easily navigate. It categorizes tools in Video, Audio, Photo, and Data tabs. The Extras tab lists a few other tools from Movavi. It also has stock video footage. Movavi has user guides for different tools also. It gets open in the browser, and you can learn the working of tools.

Movavi Video Suite 18 Review

The different tools like video editor, video converter, screen recorder also have the simple interface. A user who has previously used any other editing tools can easily familiarize with the interface.

The Components

Let’s test a few essential components and see how they work.

Video Editor

The video editor runs in the two different modes. The one is the Full-feature mode, and another one is easy mode. In the easy mode, you can easily create videos. The easy mode is also called Montage Wizard. You need to add your video or images then choose a template. Then add some music, and your video is ready.

Automatic Video Creation

The Full Feature Mode has all the features. You can add your media files. You can also use sample media given in the editor.  The video editor doesn’t have a dedicated area to put your current project media files. The files you add goes directly to the timeline. Although, there is an option to add folders directly. Still, we have to add files again and again if we need.

Movavi Video Suite Video Editor

The object animation feature is fantastic. You can move stickers, titles, and other items in the video. The Stabilization tool is also useful. Don’t expect too much; it is useful only on minor shakes. Similarly, the Noise Removal tool helps to reduce external sounds. It does not remove loud noises. Though, you can use it to remove minor traffic sounds.

Object Animation

The Transition, Sticker, and effects are attractive. They are easy to include in the project. You can use object animation with stickers to create interactive videos. The video editor also has a direct tool to share the videos on YouTube or upload it on Google Drive.

Convert Video / Audio / Images

The Convert Video tool of Movavi Video Suite is full featured video converter. It’s not just a simple video converter. It has options to edit the videos before converting. You can also merge different videos and then convert them to another format. It supports various input and output formats. Some popular video output formats are MP4, MP3, MOV, and AVI. Check the all supported input and output formats here.

Movavi Video Suite Video Converter Merging

You can connect smartphone or tablet, and it will automatically detect the conversion settings. It supports many popular devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android smartphone & tablets. To test the features, I added a few videos and tried to convert them.

It automatically detects issues with the video and audio. The video I added had low audio, so Movavi suggests boosting the sound. Also, I noticed that the converter doesn’t support multiple MP3 tracks. Another video that I added had 5.1 channel audio. So, it suggested selecting one channel MP3 format.

Video Converter Editing 2

Video editing feature such as trimming, cropping, and rotation are available. You can also adjust the colors. Even you can make audio adjustments before converting the video. The video conversion time depends on the input and output formats.

Video Converter Editing

It converted an 850 MB MP4 video into MOV format in just 1 minute. However, when I selected the MPEG-2 format, it took around 50 minutes to convert it. So, if it is taking too long, then you can choose when finished action. You can select sleep or shut down the computer.

The output quality you have selected also affect the conversion time. Yes, you can also choose output video quality in kbps. I like the video converter more than the video editor of Movavi Video Suite. With the same converter, you can also convert video, audio, and images.

Record Computer Screen

Computer screen recorder of Movavi Video Studio is a sophisticated program. You can either record a particular area of your screen or the whole screen. It also lets you choose the display in case you have attached the extra monitor. It can record the screen with system audio, as well as the webcam and microphone. Screen recorder of Movavi is the best tool to create tutorials for your YouTube channel. There is an option to upload the video on YouTube directly.

Movavi Video Suite 18 Scheduler

The Movavi screen recorder also has a scheduler. I tested this feature and scheduled to record the screen for 10 seconds. It automatically started recording the screen & webcam and ends after 10 seconds. There is also an option to put your computer at sleep or shut down after recording. However, scheduler only works if you keep open the screen recording app. In Movavi Video Suite 17 the scheduler was working for once and you have to schedule it again. But in Video Suite 18 Movavi has updated this feature. Now we can add multiple tasks for the same or different day.

Record Sound

The Audio Capture of Movavi Video Suite 18 doesn’t have many features. It is a simple sound recorder tool. Press the Start Capture button, and it will start recording the audio. Though, there are few options such as choosing the audio capturing device and saving location. It automatically saves the files to the folder you select. You can also add a date or text to the filename.

Movavi Video Suite Audio Capturing

Burn CD/DVDs

To use the Data tools of Movavi Video Studio you need to download an extra setup. Just click on it, and it will start the download process. This tools is around 63MB and takes a few minutes to download and install. With the help of this tool, you can easily create CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs. It also lets you create Super Video CD and AVCHD DVD.

Movavi Video Suite Data Burning Tool

The media burning tool can be used to create data, audio, video, and image discs. You can even copy discs to the hard drive or another disc.

The Value in Terms of Money

Movavi Video Suite 18 personal license is worth $79.95. The business license is also available in $169.95. The most important part of the video suite is the Video Editor and Converter. The screen recorder tool is also useful if you are planning to create tutorials. The other tools are unnecessary and repetitive.

With this price tag, Movavi Video Suite is not a bad deal. If you consider other software with similar features, they would cost you at least an extra $100. Though, Video Editor doesn’t have advanced features still it is useful if you are planning to create simple videos. Also, the video converter supports an extended range of input and output formats. So, Movavi Video Suite has more value than its subscription charge.


Movavi Video Suite 18 is an excellent deal if you consider the features. It has three original components that are useful- The Video Editor, Converter, and Screen Recorder. Even if you need only two of these tools, purchasing video suite is affordable than buying these tools separately. Only Video Editor Plus and Screen Recorder are worth $100. So don’t think that you don’t need all those unnecessary features and grab the suite.

Movavi Video Suite runs effectively without lagging and crashing on my laptop. It has the i3 processor with 4GB RAM. So, I can say that Movavi doesn’t need that much system resources. If you are a YouTube Creator and record videos on different devices, then Movavi Video Suite is the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a professional video editor with all possible features then, of course, this suite is not for you.

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