What Editing Software Do Youtubers Use

video editing software for youtubers

It could be challenging to create their video without knowing much about video editing. On the contrary, if you want to make professional videos, then a dull video editing software may not fulfill your needs. Therefore, we have picked the best video editing software used by famous YouTubers.

8 Best Green Screen Software – Top Chroma Key Editors

green screen editing

Are you ready to create your next creative video? Green screen technology can help you to create effects like replacing the video background, combining animation with live acting, and superimposing a subject on various backdrops. But, not all video editing programs provide the chroma key function required to perform the task. Thus, it can be

Is Driver Booster Safe?

Driver booster had a fair share of controversies in previous years. However, that does not mean the application is worthless. You can use this article as a guide to decide whether Driver Booster is safe program or not.

Is Malwarebytes Good and What’s Bad?

is malwarebytes good

An antivirus app deals with the renowned viruses, whereas an anti-malware app detects and eliminates probable threats from your system. One such anti-malware application is Malwarebytes. Let us dive deep into its functioning and decide whether it is good or bad.

10 Best Free RAW Photo Editor Software

raw image editing

RAW image format store every single bit of data from your camera sensor. You can use this format to modify your photo to a greater extent. We bring you the 10 best free photo editors that you can use to enhance your RAW image.

5 Best Free Time Lapse Software

Time-Lapse allows you to show slow processes at a fast pace. For instance, if you are recording a lunar eclipse, it can last for over two hours. We have tried and tested the most popular free video editing software out there.

Driver Booster 7 PRO Keys

Driver Booster 7 PRO is an ultimate solution to keep Drivers up to date and performance at its peak. Windows PCs often face issues because of incompatible or outdated drivers. You cannot always keep checking manually and resolve it. So, using Driver Booster Pro keeps everything optimized and updated without manual intervention.

MalwareFox Coupon Codes

If you are looking for a reliable second opinion scanner to detect malware on your computer, MalwareFox is a great choice. It has inbuilt security modules which will remove adware, spyware, keyloggers, trojans and keyloggers from your computer.

Movavi Photo Editor Review

Movavi Photo Editor Review

Are you ready to create your next masterpiece photograph?  What if I tell you, it is possible to remove anything from your photo. You can also change your background in three simple steps. But, people think this requires some knowledge about tools and need technical skills. Here comes, Movavi Photo Editor. It is easy to

5 Best Stop Motion Software – Edit Videos Like Pro

Are you ready to create an excellent video? Video content has taken the internet by storm in previous years, and there is no reason it won’t happen in the next ones. Therefore, if you can creatively present your story, there is a high chance of engaging the audience. Stop motion videos provide you with such