Wondershare UniConverter Review

If you’ve ever looked for free video converters online, you may already know the frustrations of trying to find one that is affordable, fast, large range of output formats and does not have too many ads.

I recently tried out Wondershare Uniconverter and was pleasantly surprised with its features. Spoiler alert! It is not just a video converter but provides a lot more.

If you are planning to buy Wondershare UniConverter but before that wants to know an honest opinion on it, you are at the right place. In this post, I will share my review on using the Wondershare UniConverter and all its features.

Wondershare UniConverter Review

Developer: Wondershare

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Ease of Use 9/10
Features 10/10
Support 8/10
Performance 9/10
Pricing 8/10
Pros Cons
  • Comes with many useful features
  • Pretty fast in conversion and other tasks
  • Does not impact system performance
  • The trial version leaves watermarks in the output
  • Certain apple Iphone videos/pictures were not convertable using this program
If you require an allrounder tool that can convert your videos, edit them, merge them, compress them, give you an option to download videos from the web, burn them into DVD, and more, there is no better application than Wondershare UniConverter. It is pretty easy to use and get used to. Despite being feature-rich, it does not have a huge impact on your machine, and you can access other applications while it is working in the background.

Why should you trust me on this review?

While searching for the Wondershare UniConverter Review, you might have come across a number of posts that are providing the review on the UniConverter application. 

It is not surprising that you might wonder why trust me on this review or what different I would tell you than the rest of the others?

Well, I have been in the video making and editing industry for a long time, so to enhance my videos and perform other necessary configurations, video editing applications have always been in my quiver. One of the critical parts of video editing is converting it into a required output. For that, I have been using different types of video converters and, with time, developed a deep understanding of what a robust video converter application should have.

So, with my experience, I believe that I am capable of comparing and reviewing Video Editing software like Converting applications and others. 

For providing the best possible review, I use the applications for at least two weeks; the same is the case with Wondershare UniConverter. I bet after going through my Wondershare Uniconverter Review; you won’t have to look any further.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is an excellent tool to convert your videos into different formats, such as MPEG, WMV, MPG, MOV, and AVI, making it the perfect tool for converting videos of all types. It also has the ability to create dual-screen conversions, making it an ideal choice for situations where you need to merge two different videos into one.

Additionally, its fast conversion speed means that you can easily manage your videos. Finally, Wondershare UniConverter offers a range of great features, such as automatic video editing and feedback, for making your conversions even more efficient. If you have used any of the video editing products of Wondershare like Filmora and loved them, you will definitely become fond of UniConverter, too.

Apart from all of these, in further sections, you will know that UniConverter is not just a video converter app. It is much more than that.

Download and Install Wondershare UniConverter on Windows

To use the Uniconverter, you need to download its installer and run it to install the application. For that, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the official website of Wondershare UniConverter and download the trial version by clicking on TRY IT FREE. You can also get the mac version of the application.

  2. After the download is completed, run the installer file to begin the installation process.

  3. Click on Install to start the installation. You can also customize the installation options.install-Wondershare-UniConverter

  4. The installation process will take some time to complete.installation-started

  5. After the installation is finished, click on Start Now to begin.start-Wondershare-UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter Features

As I have mentioned in the introduction, Wondershare UniConverter is not just an application to convert your video files into different formats. It comes with lots and lots of features that are too good to be fit in just a single application. 

Let us, one by one, take a look at all the significant features of UniConverter.

User Interface

The UI of the UniConverter application is pretty straightforward and streamlined. You can easily access every feature of the application from the left pane, where all major tabs are placed. The topmost Home tab provides a list of Value-added features, some of those need to be downloaded separately. Here are those:

  • Auto Reframe (require download)
  • Smart Trimmer
  • Intro & Outro
  • Watermark Editor
  • Subtitle Editor
  • AI Portrait (require download)
  • Background Remover

Video Converter

With the UniConverter at your bay, the converting can’t be simpler. You just have to drag or add the video files that you want to convert into the converter dashboard, adjust the settings and click on Convert.


If you have many files that need to be converted in the same format, the UniConverter can do that for you. For a video editor working on several files simultaneously, this feature can turn out to be very productive.

For converting, you have a large number of output formats to choose from categorized under the following:

  • Recently: the recently used formats
  • Video: almost every available video format including and not limited to MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WMB, ASF, VOB, and many more. Apart from format, you can also convert videos in almost any quality if that format supports it. For example, 4K, 3D Left-Right, 1080p, 720p, 640p, and more.Wondershare-UniConverter-video-convert
  • Audio: Convert your video in any popular sound format available from MP3, WAV, M4A, WAC, AAC, and many more. As per your choice or requirement, you can also set the audio quality as 320 kbps, 256 kbps, or 128 kbps, as per your choice or necessity.Wondershare-UniConverter-audio-convert
  • Device: Convert the selected video into a format that is compatible with your device. UniConverter comes with a range of devices from every brand and OS, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, MI, and others. You can also convert videos as per your SmartTV or other components.Wondershare-UniConverter-device-convert
  • Web Video: Convert your videos into a format that best suits which site they will be uploaded to. For example, Facebook supports a different resolution than Youtube and other sites. Make your videos compatible to upload on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, and more.Wondershare-UniConverter-web-video-convert


We spend most of our time watching online videos, but some videos might not play properly online. To overcome this problem, Wondershare UniConverter comes with a fantastic Downloader feature that lets you download videos and audios from online sources such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more. Just copy & paste or drag & drop the link of the video you want to download on the Downloader dashboard.


The program will thoroughly analyze the link and provide you with multiple download options to choose from.

Video Compressor

Next on the list is the Video Compressor feature. It is another valuable addition for a video editing professional. Suppose you have one or more large size video files with you, but there is limited space available to carry them. In that case, the Video Compressor option will compress and reduce the file size to make them portable. Just add the video file, change the file size, and start compression.


Video Editor

A video editor in a converter application?! Yes, it is true. Wondershare UniConverter application also comes with an in-built video editing application, which is pretty good enough to fulfill your basic video editing requirements. It comes with tools like Trim, Crop, add audio, subtitles, adjust & add sound effects, and more. You can also include a watermark and apply effects & filters to your videos. This video editing feature of UniConverter is robust enough to be a standalone application. After editing the video, you can get the output in any format you prefer.



The Merger allows you to merge multiple video files into one and get a unique output. You can also trim the videos at your convenience before merging them into one.


Screen Recorder

Another amazing feature to have in a converter app. The Screen Recorder provides you with three options for recording.

  • Screen Recorder: lets you record every action happening on the screen.
  • Webcam Recorder: lets you record the webcam along with the screen. Great for individuals who create tutorial videos.
  • Audio Recorder: records audio along with the screen capturing.

DVD Burner

The DVD Burner lets you load your videos on the DVD to make them portable and easy to share & carry around. You can do it easily with interactive UI guiding you through the process.



You can use the Wondershare UniConverter to play audio and videos located on your device. Just drag & drop or browser your system to open the file.


How do I rate Wondershare UniConverter?

After using the Uniconverter application for more than two weeks, here is how I rate it on different factors:

Features: 10/10

A video converting application that comes with an editor, player, merger, compressor, downloader, and more deserves nothing less than 10 on 10 as compared to similar products in its range. And let me tell you, the features are not just for show-off. They are pretty effective and more than enough for a beginner.

Ease of Use: 9/10

The UI of Wondershare UniConverter is pretty straightforward and does not confuse you. Generally, in applications with too many features, it becomes challenging to find the one you require. This is not the case with UniConverter. All major components are right in the line of your sight. You can easily switch to any tab from another tab. When it comes to using features like converting, editing, merging, etc., you get pre-written steps on how to do that. So, even a novice user won’t have any trouble using it.

Pricing: 8/10

Wondershare UniConverter is slightly on the higher side when it comes to pricing. With the features it comes with, it is not surprising. However, suppose you are looking just for a video converter tool. In that case, you might consider other less expensive options, as the feature-rich UniConverter might not provide value for money to you.

Performance: 9/10

When it comes to performance, UniConverter surprisingly does very well despite being feature-rich. You can seamlessly use other applications while UniConverter is active in the background. However, it can cause mild performance issues in low-end devices.

Support: 8/10

Wondershare’s support forum is full of tips and solutions for solving common issues in all their products. However, when it comes to personal support, they tend to be slow and indirect in response, even for minor issues.

Final Opinion

If you require an allrounder tool that can convert your videos, edit them, merge them, compress them, give you an option to download videos from the web, burn them into DVD, and more, there is no better application than Wondershare UniConverter. It is pretty easy to use and get used to. Despite being feature-rich, it does not have a huge impact on your machine, and you can access other applications while it is working in the background.

However, if you already have separate applications for Video Editing, Merging, Compressing, Screen Recording, DVD Burning, and more, Wondershare UniConverter might be too overwhelming and costly for you. So, if you are searching just for a video converter, you can consider other good options like Movavi Video Converter.

Is UniConverter Safe?

UniConverter is a product of popular developers Wondershare. It has excellent ratings on TrustPilot too. So, the application is completely safe to install and use.

Is Wondershare UniConverter free?

Wondershare UniConverter comes with a free trial, but the application needs to be purchased to use all its features without any restrictions.

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