Is Filmora Bad or Good Video Editing tool?

Video Editing applications have become a necessity for every individual or organization that uses videos as a medium to gain interaction, engagements, branding, promotions, and more. It is video editing software that makes a dull video presentable and interactive for maximum reach. 

With the increase in their demand, numerous video editing applications emerged on the internet, but not each of them is good enough. When you search for the best video editing programs, one application you will constantly find in every list is the Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora is one of the popular video editing software which is used by both beginners and professionals. However, before getting its subscription, you might want to know whether it is robust enough to handle all your editing needs or not.

In this post, we will find out whether Filmora is a bad or good video editing software.

Wondershare Filmora: An Overview

As already mentioned in the introduction, Filmora is a popular video editing software from the Wondershare company. When it comes to video editing software, Filmora is one of the old players. It has an intuitive user interface and powerful video editing tools. There is a massive library of stock media. It comes with 300+ stunning visual effects, categorized under different niches. 

The latest version also comes with an in-built screen recorder. After editing the video, it allows you to export the output in DVDs, upload it on YouTube, or save it on your computer. The support system of the Filmora is quite impressive. For users’ convenience, it also comes with a tutorial that will guide you through the software’s tools at the first launch after the installation.

Filmora 9 tutorial

Problems with Wondershare Filmora

Although it is one of the popular and robust video editing programs, Filmora comes with a few problems that might create hindrances in your work. So, before purchasing the program, it is essential to make yourself aware of the issues with Filmora so that you don’t regret getting it afterward.

Here are a few problems associated with Wondershare Filmora:

  • Many users are claiming that Filmora regularly crashed on their system. It might be because Filmora is a pretty heavy application and demands a lot of computing power to run, which not all systems can afford. However, in reviews, users have mentioned that crashing is not caused because of the problems on their side. It is the Filmora application that needs to be fixed.
  • After installing and using it for some time, Filmora suddenly stops responding and does not even launch for many users. 
  • Users have reported that the Filmora application is producing bad quality output even on the paid version.
  • The free version of Filmora puts a big watermark in the middle of the output video. However, they don’t mention it in the beginning and only notify you when you try to take the output after finishing your editing task.
  • Though Filmora has many excellent features, professional video editors might feel it lacks some advanced options compared to its alternatives in the same price range.

How to fix problems in Filmora Video Editor?

If you have already purchased Fimora Video Editing software and facing some problems, here are a few tips to fix them:

  • If Filmora frequently lags or crashes on your system, it is best to upgrade your device by adding RAM or the latest GPU, if it is possible. You can also upgrade the motherboard or just the processor. Though upgrading the whole system might seem a long shot just for running a video editing application, you should know that it is not just Filmora, but every robust video editing software demands heavy computing power. So, it’s best to upgrade your system if you are professionally into video editing.
  • Regularly update the GPU drivers on your computer for the smooth running of heavy applications. An outdated driver might make GPU ineffective.
  • Sometimes the programs misbehaves because of corrupted or unfinished installation. So, try uninstalling and re-installing the Filmora.
  • Keep your operating system updated. An outdated OS might cause hindrances in running the high-end programs.
  • Don’t open any other application while working on Filmora; otherwise, it might lag or even crash.
  • Adjust the settings in the Filmora application as per your system capabilities.

Should I purchase Filmora?

Well, it depends. Filmora from Wondershare is clearly a fantastic program to give your videos a professional look. With Filmora, you can achieve far better results than in-built programs such as iMovie.

If you are a beginner in the video editing field, Filmora is best for you because of its straightforward UI and easy-to-use tools. On the other hand, if you are a professional editor, you might feel Filmora is not that good for you as it lacks some advanced tools.

So, before getting Wondershare Filmora, research well, compare it with other programs and find out whether it fits all your needs and budget.

If you are looking for alternatives to Filmora, the best one is the Movavi Video Editor. You can get Movavi products at highly discounted prices using coupons.

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