What Editing Software Do Youtubers Use

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Youtube is no doubt, the most popular video-sharing platform. A lot of artists use this place to showcase their talents. Moreover, the hype for making online video content is getting stronger every day.

But, for beginners, it could be challenging to create their video without knowing much about video editing. On the contrary, if you want to make professional videos, then a dull video editing software may not fulfill your needs.

Therefore, we have picked the best video editing software used by famous YouTubers for their channels. This list can help a beginner to a professional to choose a suitable video editor for their purpose.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into it.

1. Movavi Video Editor: Best Overall

If you want to create your videos in the fastest way possible, then use Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Pan and Zoom

Movavi Video Editor presents you with the most straightforward user interface. Besides, it has all the essential tools to perform both simple and professional video editing in no time. You can use the standard features like cropping, trimming, adjusting brightness and contrast, color correction, and many more. Additionally, you get access to some elite features like chroma key, timelapse, picture-in-picture, and many more.

Movavi Video Editor keeps the work area as clean as possible. Aso, it has different tools classified under several categories. Thus, you get to access only the necessary tools at a given time when using a function. Consequently, it does not overwhelm the user with cluttered and unrequired tools. Also, many features include automatic options to do the grunt work for you. You can do the color correction and white balance of your video in a single click. Also, you can always complete the final editing manually.

Moreover, you get to use a variety of special effects in your video using Movavi Video Editor. There are plenty of transitions and text effects too. All these features help you to make a decent video. Besides, some premium features can give your video more depth. For example, you can use the chroma key option to change the background of your video. Also, there is a picture-in-picture option so that you can include your commentary or reaction in the frame.

Therefore, this video editing software is beneficial to make basic videos as well as professional ones. For beginners, there are several free YouTube tutorials available. It can help you to get past the learning phase quickly. Also, YouTubers take benefit of the fast and straightforward process to make the videos in no time. 

Movavi Video Editor is the software made for beginners but has the potential to compete with industry giants like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. You can try the free version to get the grip. However, it has some limitations like limited exports, watermarks, and output video quality. Therefore we suggest you get the premium version and start your YouTube career.

2. iMovie: Best Free Youtube Video Editing Software for Mac

iMovie is an optimal choice if you are a beginner and use a Mac at your workstation.

iMovie green screen

It is an exclusive video editing software that comes for Mac users. It carries all necessary elements to edit a decent YouTube video. Also, the functions are quite simple. Thus, anyone can understand them in a few attempts. Although most YouTubers use superior video editing software, iMovie is still best to start the journey. 

The best part about iMovie is its wide accessibility. You can install it on any Mac computer from the last decade. Additionally, it also comes as a robust version for iPhone and iPad. Besides, it supports a variety of video formats. Thus, you can record your video using a decent camera to edit it further in iMovie. 

It has a straightforward user interface. When you open the program, a prompt asks to import files to start editing. You can find the imported media files on the left side. Further, you can drag the files on the timeline for editing. Cropping, trimming, adding transitions, and effects can be understood in a single-use. 

Also, the interface shows only required tools at a time. Thus, you won’t get distracted by unnecessary elements on the screen. For instance, if you are adding subtitles in your video, then it replaces the clip selection window with text effects.

Moreover, some intuitive features like magic wand enhance the video clip automatically. It is capable of color correcting and maintaining the white balance. However, you can tinker with the settings manually too.

Overall, iMovie is the best video editing software for YouTube if you are beginning your journey. It can help you understand the basics of editing before stepping up to a more competent software. However, the only drawback is that the program is not available for windows. But, you can always use the best iMovie alternatives for windows.

3. VSDC Video Editor: Best Free Software for Windows

If you are using a Windows computer, then VSDC Video Editor is a must-try.

VSDC video editor

VSDC Video Editor is a feature-packed non-linear video editing software. Non-linear means it does not make changes to your original footage. Instead, it creates adjustments as a different layer. Therefore, it allows you to use functions like chroma key and double exposure.

VSDC supports a maximum resolution of 1080p ( Full HD). Also, you can use still images and audios in your project. Additionally, this editing software allows you to screen record and take screen captures. It makes the video editing tool ideal for editing software review videos. Else, you can use it to show your screen in the video if necessary, like in a tutorial. VSDC also offers a wide range of audio and video filters and special effects. 

For export options, you get a variety of pre-made templates and formats. Also, it allows you to export the footage suitable for a variety of devices. Moreover, you can choose the option to burn your project directly into a DVD. 

Media in VSDC is treated as an object. That includes video files, images, audio files, animations, and more. You can layer the objects in multiple ways, like overlaying, masking, and blending. Therefore, it can be helpful if you are looking to make a picture-in-picture video. Additionally, you can add charts and text int your video using VSDC.

You can edit and cut each object individually. Therefore, nothing is final until you export your project. Also, the special effects are worth giving a shot. It includes multiple fancy effects like smoke, water, and fire. Not to mention, everything is fully customizable.

VSDC also has a premium version that consists of more features. However, the free version is enough to make videos for social media. You can buy the full version if you find the software useful. Besides, the user interface is quite dull as compared to other mediocre programs like Movavi Video Editor. Otherwise, you can discover VSDC to be the ultimate option for video editing at no cost.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro: Best Premium

If you want to take video editing as your career, use Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Adobe premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a high-end video editing software accepted worldwide. Most of the movies and TV series are produced using this editing software. Besides, YouTubers prefer this video editing software because of its flexibility and access to the abundance of tools. Additionally, you can collaborate with various Adobe Creative programs to make your videos stand out of the box.

Premiere Pro shows a summarized tutorial when you first start the program. It updates you about the significant features and the workstation. Besides, it has the standard tabs interface dedicated to each feature. The default screen shows multiple tabs for live preview, source footage, and timeline. You can pin frequently used functions as desired. Thus, you can customize the work area as per your needs.

Adobe has worked significantly to optimize its user interface. Unlike previous versions, the latest version does not have a cluttered user interface. All functions are categorized under various logically structured menus for ease of access. Moreover, the newest version includes support for touch screen devices. It allows you to quickly zoom in and out of the live preview. Also, you can drag and drop media using your hand with ease.

Also, Premiere Pro can run multiple projects side by side. Therefore, if you want to add old footage in your video with minor tweaks, then you can do it in real-time. Also, you can exchange resources between your projects due to the accessibility.

Adobe has included some exclusive features of After Effects into Premiere Pro. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to use both the software. The benefit of using Premiere Pro as your default video editing tool is its Adobe environment. For instance, if you are an animator, you can create your graphics in Adobe Illustrator and send the file directly to Premiere Pro for animation. 

Anything and everything you saw in a video can be carried out using Premiere Pro. Either it is special effects like in a big-budget action movie or a simple tutorial about making a YouTube Video. Additionally, due to its extensive use, you can find both free and paid courses to learn the editing software online. 

Also, many institutes teach this video editing software as a diploma course. Therefore, it is the best video editing software to make professional videos for YouTube. You can use it on both Mac and Windows PC at the cost of $20 per month.

5. Final Cut Pro

If you are used to iMovie’s interface, Final Cut Pro is a nice upgrade.

final cut pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the broadly used video editing software. More than two million content creators and YouTubers use it as their go-to option. Moreover, it is commonly used in movie productions and big-budget series. The reason is an excellent performance.

Final Cut Pro is exclusively available for macOS. Therefore, it is optimized to work efficiently with the hardware. As a result, you get a smooth workflow while doing the most cumbersome tasks.

It has an appealing user interface. Allowing you to easily navigate between the plethora of features. You can customize the layout as per your requirements. However, it doesn’t allow us to create custom panels. 

You can use the touch bar on your mac to select multiple options. For instance, you can use it to add subtitles, various filters, and much more. The options on the touch bar changes when you select a particular function. Therefore, you don’t have to look for a menu.

Moreover, it supports a lot of external plugins or templates. You can find numerous transition templates and quirky effects online. It would be best suitable if you are trying to make your YouTube video fancy.

It provides a variety of intuitive features. You can use them to add numerous video and audio effects. While exporting your video, you can upload it to youtube directly. Also, it allows you to create your video in the highest resolutions like 4K.

You can get it for a lifetime with a single purchase of $300 only. It has impressive technical support. Consequently, you get regular updates to keep up the system.

Tips to Make an Outstanding Youtube Video

What Equipment Do You Need to Be a Youtuber?

As long as you are abiding the Youtube policies, you are good to upload any video. However, if you are trying to make an audience for your channel, then it is essential to make the video professional.

Camera: Firstly, you need to have a dependable camera to record your videos. It does not mean you have to buy the most expensive DSLR camera out there. Even a smartphone camera with a high-resolution recording (at least 1080p) can do the trick. Moreover, your choice of camera should be compatible with your Youtube content. For instance, for a YouTuber recording adventure sports, an action camera would be best. Similarly, if you want to make vines, then your smartphone camera can come handy.

Camera icon
Microphone icon

Microphone: All your efforts can go in vain if your audience is unable to hear you properly. The in-built microphone in your smartphone and laptop can not damp the ambient noise. Thus, recording unpleasant audio. Therefore, YouTubers use an external microphone. You can choose between a condenser microphone, USB microphone, or shotgun microphone depending upon your shooting location.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer: You should not use shaky footage for your video. It can distract your audience and make them dizzy. Therefore, YouTubers use a proper gimbal or tripod stand to place the camera. It minimizes the jerks in your video for a smooth recording.

Gimbal or tripod icon

Lighting: Lighting is one central aspect often overlooked by beginners. Without proper lighting, it is hard to record clear video. Therefore, it is essential to use artificial lights, mainly if you are shooting indoors. Additionally, try not to use sharp lights like a torch. Instead, you want to defuse the light using white sheets. The soft light does not create any deep shadows and provides a natural look for your video.

How to Make Your YouTube Videos Stand Out?

The majority of the audience on youtube clicks on your video passively. That means most of them are not looking for your video. Therefore, to attract more people, YouTubers use quirky thumbnails. Bright colors tend to invite people to click on our video. Further, you need to make your script appealing. Your content and delivery impact the engagement of your video. Additionally, you should consider the knowledge of your audience. Take the help of the following video for a better understanding.

How to Plan a Youtube Video?

Unless you are recording a live event, we suggest you do proper planning before you hit the record button. According to studies, people decide whether to continue watching a video in the first 15 minutes. Therefore, YouTubers grasp the viewers in this period. Secondly, a vague script can overwhelm your viewers with unnecessary information. Try to keep your video to the point and do your research related to the topic.

You can take help from this article for better planning your video.

Final Verdict

YouTube is one of the most popular entertainment platforms. On average, people spend at least 8 minutes on youtube daily. Now multiply that by 1.2 billion daily users. You get the idea of how much potential it has. Therefore, if you are planning to be a professional YouTuber, then you have to use the best tools available at your disposal. You can start with a low budget, but you should upgrade as you move forward. 

As per the editing part, we suggest you use a decent video editing software at the beginning like Movavi Video Editor. You can quickly learn the essential tools and become a YouTuber. Additionally, it can help you with outstanding features in the long run also. Remember, your content, delivery, videography, and other similar things play an essential role in your youtube video, so does your video editing software.

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