System Mechanic Pro Review

System Mechanic Pro is a tool from Iolo software company. It is designed for an error-free computing environment. System Mechanic Pro uses Intelligent Live Updates to keep your computer stable. It fixes errors and improves the performance of your computer. It also has various features to protect privacy.

System Mechanic Pro also comes with anti-malware. It protects your computer from viruses and spyware. It also has a Firewall to block outside attacks. In this article, I am going to review the features of System Mechanic Pro. At the end of the article, you will know the positive and negative aspects of this software.

System Mechanic Pro Review

Developer: Iolo

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

User Interface 9/10
Features 8.5/10
Support 8/10
Performance 8.5/10
Pricing 9/10
Pros Cons
  • Well designed, clear interface
  • Impressive Built-in antimalware
  • Deeper Cleaning
  • Quick maintenance
  • Sluggish on low-end PCs
  • Uninstaller is basic
Iolo System Mechanic Pro is fantastic software. It repairs the registry errors. Also, removes junk files from your PC. The automatic system care performs system maintenance when your PC is idle. The privacy tools sweep private data after your browsing session. Also, the antimalware catches bad software. Therefore, it is worth the money you are paying.

The Installation

The installation of System Mechanic Pro is easy. On the website, it shows the installer size is 37.7 MB. But when you download it, its size is around 99.3MB. A 100 MB is not that much heavy, though. So, you can easily download and install it.

The installation process doesn’t have many options. It helps users to install it quickly. Many software includes different options in the installation. It confuses the users, and they find trouble in installation. However, this is not with the System Mechanic Pro setup.

User Interface

System Mechanic Pro has a basic user interface. At the same time, it is easy for beginners. It has been seen that many system optimization tools interface is filled with lots of junks. But, System Mechanic Pro includes the vital feature only.  There is a description of each element to avoid confusion with different options. The description gives the exact idea what this feature is and what it will affect.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Home Screen

The home screen shows the status of the system. It also has a meter that represents the health of your computer. You can also see the recommendations on the homepage. To check the current status, you can click on Re-Analyze button. Other features are appropriately placed in different tabs. So that, users can easily find them.

The Features

Iolo System Mechanic Pro has various features. It looks for system problems and provides solutions. There are different options for optimization and system repair. Let’s take a look at the features in detail.

Problems Detection

The Problems section lists all the issues that are causing errors. On my PC, it shows 3486 problems. There is an option machine. Or you can also repair them all.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Problems


The Toolbox of System Mechanic contains different tools. These tools help you to boost the speed of your computer. These tools are aligned in different sections. There are Clean, Speedup, and Protect tools. You can also access Recover and Manage Tools from here. The PC Repair tool helps you to find the errors on your computer. It also fixes them so that you can have a stable machine.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Toolbox


The ActiveCare of System Mechanic Pro provides continuous care for your PC.  It automatically performs cleaning tasks. It cleans junk files, registry issues, and private data. Also optimizes your internet connection and eliminates dangerous startup programs.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review ActiveCare

The best part of ActiveCare is, it performs tasks when your PC is idle. So that, you can enjoy your work. It is an excellent feature. You don’t want an automatic maintenance option to run while doing an important job.

Real-Time Status

The Real-Time Status does help you monitor the system resources. It shows the status of Processor, Memory, and Drives. The Opti-Care and PowerSense mode optimizes the performances of these components. You can also manage PowerSense settings from here.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Real-Time Status

Internet Security

The Security tool of System Mechanic Pro lets you fill the Windows security holes. It downloads the latest patches to fix them. The Privacy Shield turn off the personal data collection services of Windows. There is also an Incinerator feature. It deletes sensitive files permanently.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Firewall

The Anti-Malware tab shows the status of malware infection. Similarly, Firewall protects your PC from outside attacks.


Iolo System Mechanic Pro displays most detailed reports. The IntelliStatus tool helps you to find the status of the hard drive. It also presents system memory and processor reports. You can directly clean up the hard drive from here. Also, there is an option to optimize the memory.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review Reports

The Value in Terms of Money

Iolo System Mechanic Pro comes in $49.99. You can get this feature-rich software for one year. If we compare System Mechanic Pro with other system maintenance software, it has more features. Also, other such tools don’t have antimalware or firewall. So, this is the best deal for you.

Some users might feel it is costlier than other such software. But when you compare the features, it is a great deal. The Advanced SystemCare Ultimate comes with the same price tag. But it lacks antimalware and firewall. You are saving money for purchasing that two extra software. Though, the antimalware isn’t effective as much as Bitdefender. But if you are seeking for an entry level antimalware, it is best for you.


Iolo System Mechanic Pro is fantastic software. It repairs the registry errors. Also, removes junk files from your PC. The automatic system care performs system maintenance when your PC is idle. The privacy tools sweep private data after your browsing session. Also, the antimalware catches bad software.

System Mechanic Pro is the best software for having a stable computing environment. However, some users may feel it costlier than other such tools. But when you include the cost of antimalware, it seems the best deal.

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