Movavi vs iMovie: Which one is better?

With the rise of video content on Social Media platforms, the use of video in marketing has also increased. The demand for video editing software is at an all-time high because various brands and individuals are trying their hand at making the perfect videos for their social profiles.

Mac users have got a very impressive native video editor in the form of iMovie. However, another editing program that is gradually catching Mac users’ eyes because of its features is the Movavi Video editor.

Both the video editing applications are capable enough to create a masterpiece from an ordinary raw video. While Movavi is available for cross platforms such as Windows, iMovie is Apple’s proprietary, therefore only available on macOS. 

In this post, we will compare both and try to find out which among the Movavi and iMovie is better for creating an eye-catching, artful video.

Movavi Video Editor 

Movavi Video Editor is one of the prominent video editing software. Its simplicity and highly advanced features have made it one of the most favorite software for video editing professionals. With attractive like object animation, automatic video creation, and built-in media, video editing is a breeze. The software has various animations, filters, titles, transitions, and effects with support for faster processing of 4K videos.

The main thing that any beginner video editing individual looks for is the ease of getting used to the editing software, which becomes easy when the software has a lively interface. Movavi video editor’s quick and responsive interface makes it a beginner’s favorite too.

The latest Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021 supports multi-track editing, cut & trim, and crop & rotate features. With Video Editor Plus’s object animation, you can easily create moving titles, clips, callouts, and stickers. Also, it has a collection of 20 new video clips, 86 themed stickers and 39 new music tracks. There is an option to automate the video editing too.

Movavi Video Editor Key Features:

  • Audio Enhancements: To make the video more clear and engaging, Movavi provides a lot of audio enhancement tools. Sounds in the video can be tweaked and adjusted, which best fits the given situation. You can also add external sounds or any music in the background of the video. 
  • In-built Content Library: Movavi has a vast in-built library with a collection of music, stickers, intros, and more. 
  • Video Format Support: You can edit and export more than 150 formats of videos in Movavi Editor such as MOV, FLV, MPEG, MP4, etc.
  • Effects and Filters: To make the video interactive and more lively, Movavi provides many effects and advanced filters.
  • It comes with the advanced feature of Scene Detection, Chroma Key, and Stabilization.

Pros of Movavi Video Editor

  • It comes with Inbuilt objects and animations
  • Attractive titles, effects, and transitions gallery, just one click away
  • Excellent Audio Editing tools
  • An intuitive and sleek modern user interface, easy even for beginners
  • It supports Mono-Stereo and Surrounds sound for its videos.
  • Value for money
  • LUT support

Cons of Movavi Video Editor

  • Custom Objects cannot be imported.
  • It is kind of short in options on color grading for advanced professional use.
  • Users cannot create motion graphics using Movavi Video Editor.

Apple iMovie

iMovie is a free entry-level video editing app from Apple that is available for free on Mac devices. If you want to get started with video editing and learn the basics, there is nothing better than the iMovie. It is available not just on Mac but across every Apple device, such as iPhone or iPad. If video making is just a hobby and you wish to polish your video a bit before posting it on social media channels. In that case, your search for the video editing app must not go beyond iMovie. For professionals, it might be some advanced feature-less, and they might want more.

Apple iMovie Key Features:

  • Cross-Device Support: This is one of the most incredible features rare to find in any video editing application. Suppose you have left the video editing at a particular point; the cross-device support lets you resume the editing on another device from the same point.
  • Touch-Panel: The latest version of the iMovie comes with the touch-panel compatibility that makes the editing more accurate and controllable.
  • Audio-Effects: iMovie comes with a lot of audio effects to choose from for making the video more interactive
  • Trailers: iMovie has a library of pre-defined trailers templates that can be fit in the video by dropping anywhere in the timeline.
  • Publishing: It also lets you publish the whole video to different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Pros of Apple iMovie

  • The cross-device functionality makes it apart from other video editors. 
  • The user interface is quite straightforward and clean, with a streamlined organization of panels and tools.
  • There are lots of keyboard shortcuts that can be easily customized to complete the task quickly and efficiently.
  • It also supports 4K XAVC-S Format.

Cons of Apple iMovie

  • Functionalities are limited for the advanced users.
  • It periodically freezes
  • Only available for Apple devices

Main Differences Between Movavi Video Editor and iMovie 

  1. The biggest deciding difference between both of these video editors might be the cross-platform availability. While the Movavi is available for Mac and Windows OS both, iMovie is specifically for Apple devices.
  2. Movavi gives you the option to create a slideshow from the pictures, which is absent in iMovie.
  3. In Movavi, users can export the output video in various formats, while iMovie supports limited output formats.
  4. Another deciding factor if you are an Apple user is the price of Movavi. While iMovie is free for Apple users, Movavi provides just a 7-day trial and then costs $39.95 per yearly subscription.

Movavi vs. iMovie: Which one is better?

If you are a Windows user, there is no better option than Movavi video editor for you. It will provide you with everything to begin your video editing and improve your skills too. Advanced users might find a few tools missing, like creating motion graphics.

On the other, if you are an Apple user, honestly, you don’t have to look beyond iMovie. You get almost everything that Movavi has for free. However, you might miss some features, such as the vast format option for output video. So, iMac users can consider using Movavi discount coupons which will give them additional options at a budget price.

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