Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth it?

Do you often clean junk files from your computer?

Our computer systems store a lot of temporary files when running a program. This data allows the app to load the content faster. Though, after completing the session, this data is useless and consumes your storage capacity.

However, it can be troublesome to locate and remove these files manually. Besides, you might delete essential system data accidentally.

Avast Cleanup Premium search and delete any junk files on your computer in a single click. You can notice an adequate performance boost after your first scan.

Still, many people have second thoughts about this application. People often ask if Avast premium Cleanup is worth it.

Thus, we tested the program to provide a proper answer to you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup welcome screen

Avast is one of the famous names when it comes to providing security solutions for your devices. In the past few years, the company has started working in the maintenance field as well. Since people are always looking for boosting their system performance, this software can come handy.

Avast Cleanup locates and eliminates junk files in your system. It is a PC optimization tool that speeds up your system performance. Besides that, it also helps keep your computer up-to-date by updating other applications. Thus, it protects you from security breaches and potential harm to your computer. 

It is available as a standalone product as well as bundled in Avast Ultimate which is a value for money deal.

How important is cleaning up old files?

You might have heard it before that you should regularly clean your computer. No doubt, it provides a significant boost to your computer. However, if you have an old computer with corrupt hardware, you won’t notice much difference in your system performance. 

Besides, old files usually consist of residual files from uninstalled programs. Such data can contain malicious code that can damage your system if you interact with them. It can happen if you have previously installed any application from unknown sources.

The primary advantage of cleaning the old files is getting more space on your hard disk. If your drive does not have much space left, then you can see your computer running slow. Removing even a few gigabytes from your drive can relatively speed up your computer.

Avast Cleanup is very precise in targetting junk files. It digs even in remote places like old downloads, temporary files, internet caches, unused internet cookies, Chkdsk file fragments, memory dumps, and many more. All these files occupy minimal individual space. However, due to a vast quantity, they add up to massive data size.

Avast also cleans up your unnecessary registry files. Many people suggest not to interfere with these files because it can cause permanent damage to your OS. It can happen if you delete a necessary file by mistake. However, Avast Cleanup Premium only removes those registry settings associated with uninstalled apps and hardware. 

Is Avast Cleanup free?

Avast presents some of its tools at no cost like Avast Antivirus Free. However, Avast Cleanup is a paid product. You can use the trial version free of charge for 30 days if you are not confident about the product.

You can quickly clean your system at least once by using the Avast Cleanup trial version. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to get rid of any suspicious software that you have downloaded in the past.

Avast Cleanup comes at the cost of $59.99/year for a single device license. Also, you can buy it for five devices for $69.99/year. You have to get the multi-platform license if you want to use the program on Mac or Android devices.

We highly suggest you use the free trial for 30 days and take benefits of the top-notch features. You can opt for the Premium version later if you like the program, which you surely will. 

Avast Cleanup’s Features

Avast Cleanup features

Avast Cleanup is a system optimization tool. However, deleting your junk files is just a part of making your computer faster. Avast Cleanup presents some more useful features that help you speed up your system performance. 

It speeds up your computer by putting unessential tasks into sleep mode. Thus, your processor can focus its capacity solely on the active program. It also cleans up your disk drives to provide you with significant storage space. Also, it cleans corrupt and unnecessary shortcuts to keep your system data as minimal as possible.

Avast Cleanup is worth it when it comes to clean registry settings and browser cookies. It helps your browser and OS to perform at the optimal capacity.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?

Avast Cleanup Premium is a great utility tool to boost your system performance. However, most of its functions are already available on your computer. If you know how to edit registry settings and look for junk files, you might not need this software. Still, we highly suggest not to interfere with these settings if you do not have much idea. 

Avast Cleanup Premium can remove all unnecessary files and provide you with significant storage space on your computer. For the price range, it is still a bit expensive for the service. Some of its features, like browser cleaner and registry cleaner, are worth mentioning. 

However, most of the features are automated tasks that you can learn and perform within minutes. For instance, you can check your task manager to know about the apps that initiate at your computer start-up. Also, you can pick out applications consuming unnecessary processing power in the background. Thus, you can put them in the sleep mode manually. Similarly, you can defragment your drives for optimal performance from my computer within a few clicks. It might take longer than Avast Cleanup Premium to perform the same task.

Moreover, the program is not effective when it comes to older PCs. The hardware sees damage through time that can you can not repair by using optimization tools. Therefore, the software’s best usage is to clean up junk files and structure your data for faster processing. 


Avast Cleanup Premium is a great utility tool for your computer if you are a beginner in operating digital machines. You can learn to perform all functions manually with proper guidance. Therefore, we do not recommend you expect a life-changing difference by using this tool. Still, it does add some value to your system. The best way to use this product is to get it at a discounted price.

Is Avast Cleanup any good?

Avast Cleanup Premium is an excellent software for optimizing your system performance. It detects and removes junk files even from remotest locations in your system.

Is Avast Cleanup free?

Unlike other Avast products, Cleanup Premium does not come for free. However, you can get a 30-day free trial to test the program before buying it.

Can you trust Avast?

Avast has seen some controversies related to selling user data. However, it dumps the subsidiary company, Jumpshot soon after the accusations. Also, you can manually opt-out of sending your data to the company. Thus, you can trust Avast.

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