Bitdefender Total Security vs Internet Security: 2020 Comparison

Are you worried about computer threats compromising your security?

Or, you want to increase your online privacy.

Bitdefender is one of the most trusted and effective antivirus solutions. It is capable of removing widespread threats like viruses, worms, and more. Additionally, it provides adequate protection from ransomware, trojans, rootkits, and other similar malware.

However, Bitdefender comes in a variety of packages depending upon your needs. It could be challenging to decide which plan to use if you are not aware of its benefits.

Therefore, we have tested two premium tier products, i.e., Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security for providing you with a useful guide.

You can use this article as a structure to understand the fundamental difference between the two products.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

FeaturesInternet SecurityTotal Security
Windows ProtectionAvailableAvailable
MacOS protectionNot AvailableAvailable
Android ProtectionNot AvailableAvailable
iOS ProtectionNot AvailableAvailable
Device SpeedupNot AvailableAvailable
Device Anti-theftNot AvailableAvailable
Bitdefender VPNAvailableAvailable
Real-time ProtectionAvailableAvailable
Bitdefender Total Security vs Internet Security Comparison Table

Bitdefender Internet Security Vs Bitdefender Total Security

Before starting with the description, it is worth mentioning that the Bitdefender Antivirus plan is also available for Windows PC. However, Internet Security and Total Security provides better features than the former. Therefore, we are omitting the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus plan from this article.

Bitdefender Internet Security has some essential features for your protection. It includes parental monitoring, data encryption, and an advanced firewall. However, Bitdefender Total Security is much more than a security solution. Addition to protection from viruses and malware, it provides System Optimization, Multi-device protection, and Anti-theft feature.

Besides that, you can find the following features in both Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security plan.

Similarities Between Internet Security and Total Security

  • You get protection from all kind of viruses, ransomware, malware, trojans, and more.
  • Bitdefender has Advanced Threat Defense and Safe files in all its variants.
  • Both packages support Webcam protection.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security uses artificial intelligence to detect the threat.
  • You get a secure payment option for online transactions named​Bitdefender SafePay.
  • The Parental Control feature lets a central account monitor and restricts online activities.
  • Robust Firewall protects your device when you connect to a public network.
  • You can securely delete your files using the File Shredder. 
  • Secure your files by locking them using File Encryption.

Overall, both Internet Security and Total Security protects you from common and widespread threats.

What’s Exclusive in Bitdefender Total Security?

Bitdefender Total Security carries some useful features on top of the Internet Security plan. As we have discussed similar functions in the above section. Let’s see what exclusive features does Bitdefender Total Security has.

Device Speed Up

This module of Total Security rectifies some minor setbacks that might be causing the slowdown of your PC. It has three distinct functions in it.

OneClick Optimizer

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 review oneclick optimizer

This tool helps you to clean junk data like Windows temporary files, registry files, and web browsing data. You can use this feature to release some disk space once in a while. You have to scan the system using this tool, and it shows all the unnecessary files in your system. However, always check and deselect any file you don’t want to delete.

Disk Cleanup

Bitdefender disk cleanup

This function lets you delete data from your disk partitions. It highlights the files with significant size. You can carefully select any unwanted file to delete it. Moreover, Disk Cleanup categorizes your data so that you can skip the important ones like documents or project files at once.

Startup Optimizer

Bidefender startup optimizer

Your Windows PC has some programs that startup on the boot. Windows provide support to deny the process, but that is not direct and well guided. Startup Optimizer shows you the list of programs and flags potentially unwanted programs that might be slowing your PC’s boot time. Thus, you can disable those programs that you don’t want to start as you boot your PC. For guidance, your antivirus should start, media player; not necessarily.

Windows provide the option to optimize your PC for faster performance manually. However, they are not straightforward to use. Thus, you can find it challenging if you are not a computer geek. Therefore, using this feature to optimize your PC is more sensible. It is worth mentioning that automatic scanning is not available with this function.

Device Anti-Theft

Bitdefender Central account can track all other devices using the same license. This feature can be useful if you lose your device or if someone stole it. You can lock, wipe, and track your device remotely with this function. It shows the last known location if your device is switched off.

Multi-Device Support

Bitdefender Total Security is available for multiple operating systems. Unfortunately, lower-priced variants only support Windows PC. On the contrary, you can use Total Security on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Besides, you don’t need to buy a different license for each device. 

Total Security vs Internet Security: Pricing Differences

All the mentioned prices are the official rates for various packages. However, you can get a discount on Bitdefender using our coupons. 

Device-Years Internet Security Price Total Security Price
3 – 1 $79.99 $84.99
3 – 2 $119.99 $139.99
3 – 3 $149.99 $179.99
5 – 1 $84.99 $89.99
5 – 2 $129.99 $149.99
5 – 3 $169.99 $199.99
10 – 1 $89.99 $99.99
10 – 2 $149.99 $169.99
10 – 3 $199.99 $229.99

The Choice: ​Internet Security Vs Total Security

Choosing between Bitdefender Internet Security Vs Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security adds some significant features to the Internet Security package. Anti-theft function comes handy when you want to use the antivirus solution on portable devices like laptop and smartphone. Also, Internet Security does not provide support for devices apart from Windows OS. Therefore, Total Security looks more beneficial among the two.

We are not considering the Device Speedup feature as a deciding factor. There are better products for device optimization in the market. Besides, the change in system performance is not quite noticeable. Still, Total Security is better than Internet Security in terms of performance and security.


In short, you can choose between the variants depending upon your needs. Choose Bitdefender Internet Security if you want to use it on your Windows PC. However, we recommend you opt for Bitdefender Total Security if you want to use it on portable devices. Also, use our coupons for more than 50% discount and enjoy the premium product at a lesser price.

Does Bitdefender Total Security includes Internet Security?

Yes, Total Security is a complete package and it includes all the features of Internet security and provides additional protection modules top.

How good is Bitdefender Total Security?

It does what it says and quite effective than its competition. You can read more if Bitdefender is good or not.

Which version of Bitdefender is best?

Bitdefender’s Total Security version is best in our opinion because it provides multi-device protection at reasonable price along with additional security modules.

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