Bitdefender Extended Free Trial of 90 Days

Whether you want to delay buying decision or want to get Bitdefender Total Security for free, this is for you. The extended 90 days free trial of Bitdefender lets you run premium features for 3 months without paying any fees.

How to get Free 90 Days Activation

From time to time, Bitdefender runs promotional campaign to let users try their products. This time, it has launched with Bitdefender Total Security 2020.

STEP 1: To claim your free trial, just click on the button below.

You will be taken to the trial subscription page which has a little form asking for email address.

STEP 2: You just need to enter email address and click on “GET IT NOW” button.

You will immediately receive an email containing activation instructions.

bitdefender trial extension

STEP 3: Click on the “INSTALL BITDEFENDER” button and it will take you to login Bitdefender Central.

You can use your existing account or create new if you don’t have one. Activation code will be redeemed to generate subscription and you will be able to download on your devices.

As the offer related to Bitdefender Total Security 2020, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Getting an extended trial yourself is better of testing software instead of reading Bitdefender Total Security Review written by someone else. You get a hands-on experience in this case.

STEP 4: Click on the operating system you wish to install and it should be downloaded.

Bitdefender 90 days Total-Security

Keep in mind that the downloaded installer would be an online version. You can also opt for Bitdefender Offline Installer and use the Central account login details to activate.

You’re all set. Just remember to redeem it as soon as possible because it must be used before 45 days of opting.

Can I use it to Reset Trial?

No, Promotional campaign is targeted at new customers and does not extend validity of existing subscription. Instead, you can use Bitdefender Total security coupon and buy 1 Year activation code at discounted price.

Is there 6 Months Trial too?

At the moment, we have information about 90 days trial only. However, if there is a higher validity of trial extension available, we will update this page with relevant information.

Is it compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, Total Security is a multi device subscription compatible with Mac OS too.

I hope that at the end of trial or maybe earlier you will be able to decide if Bitdefender is good enough yourself.

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  1. You can use this an infinite number of times log out out of your bitdefender uninstall then use the 90 day trial to get it again. You never have to pay for it.


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