Bitdefender Activation Codes 2022

Bitdefender has been in the market for a shorter period of time but has advanced to be a really great antivirus for Windows. We compile the list of 100% working codes which can be copy-pasted to redeem active subscription till December 2022.

Their products line consists of multiple variants catering needs for home user to business enterprises while covering all platforms. Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is their flagship products which is a multi-device version working on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Scroll down for Bitdefender Activation Codes:

List of Bitdefender Activation Keys

You can continue to use without paying anything but understand the difference between Bitdefender Free and Paid version before proceeding.

Bitdefender’s huge sales are a result of the great discounts people enjoy from the coupons that have been made available for customers. People can get up to 70% off on each purchase of the software.

NOTE: To activate Bitdefender subscription, you need 10 digits’ code consisting of alphabets and numbers without hyphens or special characters. Any site offering anything different from this pattern is simply fake.

Bitdefender Total Security 2022

As said earlier, Bitdefender Total Security is a flagship product consisting all the features developed by the company. It is a cross-platform program working on Desktop, Laptops as well as all types of Smartphones.

You can be assured to get all round protection any security threats with it. One Activation key can add subscription of 5 or 10 devices makes it affordable.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2022

Family Pack is not an actual product but a package offering solution to protect all digital devices in a household. One activation code adds a subscription of 15 devices in Bitdefender central account. So, one member can monitor devices of all family members from one simple dashboard.

Bitdefender Total Security Activation Codes

  • UA9829QK8T
  • ET555DW9CR
  • T3XXKQC376
  • J4M75QR7LD
  • GA5NTXY65T
  • J55FWC467T
  • JT67NM467Q

Whenever a lot of critics agree that something is definitely great, there is a 90% chance that it is true. The Antivirus has received a lot of praise from critics. It has also been green-lighted by labs that test the software. The tests have proven that Bitdefender can indeed keep the system secure from most of the existing threats as well as new ones.

Bitdefender has implemented a lot of security features that help keep your system secure. These features offer more than real-time protection against online threats.

Bitdefender VPN Premium Key


How to use Bitdefender Activation Codes?

Unlike other software products, there is no text input in the interface to enter the code. Program will ask you to sign in using email address and password.

So, you need Bitdefender Central account before using any of the above codes.

Once signed up, subscription must be added to the account by redeeming the key given. It is applicable to all products including Antivirus, Internet Security, VPN Premium, Total Security as well as Family Pack.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium Activation Codes

It is better to buy Total Security which includes Premium key for Android as well as Windows computer. However, if you want separate product, check out the keys:












How do I activate Bitdefender for free?

Use the codes given above in Bitdefender Central account to redeem a valid subscription. Additionally, you can get extended 90 days free trial below.

How to get Lifetime activation code?

Lifetime edition has been officially discontinued by the company. Please refrain from any site offering crack version as it could be malicious.

How to Download Bitdefender Crack?

We offer copy-paste activation codes only because crack keygens are modified versions and may harm your computer security.

How to Reset Bitdefender Trial

Get 3 months extended free trial using the promotional link but it is applicable for new accounts only.

What if nothing is working? You can take advantage of free trial but it works only for new users and just once. Also, it not possible to reset trial using this method.

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  1. This is great stuff. I really like your work. I ended up downloading Bitdefender and it seems awesome. Unfortunately, where I am (third world country), its subscription is extremely expensive in our currency.

    I was kindly asking if you may add me to your family pack if it is not too much to ask.

  2. Hey!! I just read your skills info thing under your name, we are identical in every way!! I started getting serious about them in 1996 after just poking around for a year before and I started with the exact same software as you, took a small Office Technology course in 1996 learned the basics about DOS, Windows, all the peripherals and other parts and pieces inside and typing. It was an office course, so it didn’t get really deep inside, just this is memory ( RAM, didn’t learn ROM till later on my own ), this is a hard drive, this is a 5.25″ DD Floppy ( and about 3 months info the course the school finally got with it and we all got 2.5″ HD drives ) this is a keyboard and this is a mouse, which was very rudimentary at the time, this is Word Perfect ( love it, I have MS Office 2019, but still have WP Office Suite X9 and love it, still a huge WP, Presentations and Quattro Pro fan, I have 2020, but haven’t tried it yet ). So, like you that was my starting point that completely tweaked my interest in computers, everything else I know today was self taught as well, just like you, once ya know the basics, the rest is easy to pick up. I do complete back-up, reformat, update all drivers, out all backup stuff ( docs, pics, vids, music and whatever ) all back in after scanning and putting on a DVD/USB stick for backup and unlike stores like Best Buy, Staples and all those types of places, my customers love me cuz I charge like 1/2 of what those places do and I do so much more, with what I mentioned above, so when they take it home it’s ready to go, I even turn on Windows Defender and fix the settings for them, so it’ll do it’s correct updates and scans periodically, cuz believe it or not, there’s still a ton of illiteracy out there and people can’t even do an update or scan. I trust Windows Defender ( used to be separate in 2010 till Win 8.1 and they were put together in one, Microsoft Security Essentials had to be downloaded and Defender was already in the machine but was only a firewall ). I’ve been trusting it since 2010 and have had ZERO issues with it, also I know my way around the internet, I know exactly what not to click on, what mail not to open, what stupid Facebook\Messenger cute picture not to open, like this one that I had to fix for a lot of people the last year, a picture sent by someone you know on Facebook ( or Gossipbook is what I call it ) saying, the person in this picture looks like you from years ago. It’s really necessary cloudy looking first thing I picked up on, then the 3 people who SUPPOSEDLY sent it to me, were people I’ve known for between 5-10 years, so they have no idea what I looked like as a teenager or my 20’s ( I’m 53 now ) so that was a HUGE giveaway, so when I fixed people’s computers, that was my first question, how long have you known blah blah, the average answer was 6 years and 99% of my customers are 55 and up, so I tell them, they wouldn’t have any idea how you looked at that age!!!! Anyway, done bugging you. I also build, rebuild gaming rigs, regular computers, desktop and laptop, repair, teach and consult on purchases, usually go to Digital World, great second hand music, music instruments, gaming, computer and other electronics store, then I doctor them up, I also put MS Office 16/19 whichever they want and any other type of software they may be looking for, music stuff like Accoustica, picture editing stuff have different ones, music conversion tools, movie burning stuff and so on and it’s still like 200 or more, usually more, cheaper than Best Buy and their stupid Geek Squad morons!!!! I also do cellphone and tablet repairs as well as any other electronics like home theatre stuff and so on!! I love it, nice to see someone else who did all this on their own as well. Thank you for the Bitdefender codes, don’t want them for my computer, it’s good, was thinking of trying this or ESET Mobile in my phone, cuz almost every site wants you to allow cookies before entering its domain ( guess they to get paid somehow ) but I’m sick of pop-ups and directed ads on the pages I’m looking at. I do a ton of downloading, ( that’s why I prefer desktop over laptop, plus doing stuff inside is easier and can do much mores with desktop ) so I do all my research on software, movies, Dreamcast CDI ROM’s and everything else I download in my phone, but I didn’t see a Windows Defender Mobile version on Play Store, but I’ve used Bitdefender, ESET, Kaspersky and F-Prot in the past and trust them, accept F-Prot not so much anymore and I noticed Bitdefender helps with the nasty cookie crap and it’s crumbs and also has a VPN, not sure how that works, but I’ll try it, see if it’s better than using Duck Duck Go and I can use my choice of Web Browser, I use Maxthon MX6, started using it in 2013 when it was just Maxthon 4.5, it’s fantastic, has its own links built in so don’t have to have a ton of extra apps on the phone and you can delete the useless ones ( accept for a very few ) and put your own in, so no need for apps for Gossipbook, Messenger, Gmail ( can be disabled on phone ), eBay, Scamazon, YouTube and so much more, any site you go to a lot that has an app or not!!

    Ok, done bugging you, maybe you enjoyed your message to read while cioped up in your home hiding from Covid-19!! Again, thank you for the serials, I’ll give Bitdefender a go, if not so good, I’ll search for ESET serials, but, none the less, some customers might want it too, like I said 99% completely ALL ELECTRONICS ILLITERATE!!


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