7 Best Square Video Editor Tools for Social Media

Are you having trouble uploading your video on social media?

Or, you want to show some creativity using your video dimensions.

A lot of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and many others have predefined dimensions for videos. Usually, they do not allow the users to upload videos with random size.

However, your video dimension depends upon your recording device and its defined settings. Thus, it becomes necessary to use an external application to crop your videos. So, you can make your videos compatible with social media uploads. 

However, not many programs offer an option to optimize your video for social media.

Don’t worry; we have done the quality testing for you. We picked the best video editors that can crop your videos in square size. Also, they are compatible with social media uploads.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with best Square video Editors.

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus: Best of the Best

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 Dashboard

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, yet advanced video editor, use Movavi Video Editor Plus.

It is one of the best video editors for creating social media videos. It consists of a lot of essential features like scaling, trimming, joining, adding audio, and many more. Moreover, it provides elite functions like speed control, chroma key, color correction, and others. You can add required transitions and special effects to make your video stand out.

Besides that, Movavi Video Editor keeps its user window clean and sleek. It won’t overwhelm you with unnecessary tools at a time. Instead, it shows a different set of necessary tools for every function. Also, you get a soothing user experience while operating the software. 

If you are a beginner, then there are various video tutorials available for free online. Tou can watch them and learn to use the software with minimal efforts. However, that does not mean it doesn’t have potential. 

Movavi video editor carries enough features to create an outstanding video for social media. You can resize your raw footage in any dimension and upload it directly on various social media sites. Also, it has practical automated features to lower down your burden of manual editing. 

In short, anyone from a beginner to professional can use Movavi Video Editor to create appealing videos. Moreover, it let you adjust your video dimension in a few simple clicks. Thus, it is one of the best square video editor tools.

You can get the product for USD 60 per license. However, you can use our Movavi Video Editor coupon for an instant 50% discount. Also, it offers a 30-day free trial so that you can check the product before buying it.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush: Best Premium

Adobe Premiere Rush

If you are aware of Adone Premiere’s working methods, try Adobe Premiere Rush.

Adobe Premiere Rush focuses on the aspect of social media. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, it does not provide in-depth control over your footage. However, you can create all the necessary effects to make your video stand out. Besides, you get a variety of external templates and plug-ins. You can use them to add more value to your video.

You have to decide the dimension of the clip before starting the project. Later, you can adjust your media to fill the space appropriately. It includes adding a background or animation to fill the space. Sometimes, you might need to lose some part of your video. However, that entirely depends upon your style of editing. 

Adobe Premiere Rush offers you an excellent opportunity to create optimized videos for social media. You can get it in the Creative Cloud subscription. Also, you can prefer to buy it separately. 

Adobe is the leading name in the video and photo editing industry. Therefore, there is no compromise in the export quality of your video. Moreover, it allows you to choose between a variety of formats like .avi, .mp4, .mkv, and many more. You can choose whichever is most compatible with your preferred social media platform.

Another advantage of using an Adobe product is the availability of free online tutorials. Several people use this product and create helpful guides for beginners. Therefore, you won’t feel stuck with a feature for long. In short, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best video editors for creating social media posts.

3. iMovie: Best Free for Apple

iMovie video editor

If you use an Apple device, then try iMovie.

iMovie is an in-built video editor for macOS and iOS. However, you might need to download it if you don’t already have it in your system. The best thing about iMovie is, it is exclusive to Apple. Therefore, it provides effective processing and compatibility with the machine. Generally, you can find that video editors take a lot of processing power. Yet, iMovie offers quality performance with minimal load on the system.

iMovie is a primary video editing software. You get essential functions like cropping, trimming, resizing, and others. Moreover, it carries some useful features like chroma key, speed control, and many more. Additionally, you are free to add audio tracks in your montage. Access to various audio and video effects help you create an attractive video.

Besides, iMovie keeps the workspace neat and straightforward. You can understand each tool with proper in-app tutorials. Thus, it becomes comfortable for beginners to learn the program. Besides, iMovie supports export optimal for social media uploads. 

In short, iMovie is an excellent choice if you want to make beginner level videos. It offers all the necessary tools to create eye-catching social media videos. Moreover, it allows you to resize your videos in predefined dimensions.

4. VSDC Video Editor: Best Free for Windows

VSDC video editor

If you use windows as your default operating system, try VSDC.

VSDC Video Editor is a free software for the Windows platform. Still, it offers some unusual features for editing videos. You can quickly trim, crop, join, add audio, and effects using this program. Besides, it provides features like picture-in-picture, chroma-key, split-screen, and many more.

One downside about VSDC is its tricky user interface. Since there aren’t many tutorials available on the internet, it might be challenging to learn the program. Besides, it might confuse you with the clunky tabs if you are new to video editing.

Still, VSDC is simple to use once you get hold of the tools. Also, it has a dedicated export option for social media platforms. Therefore, after editing your video, you can choose the file to export in predefined social media dimensions. For instance, you can select the export for web options, then choose Instagram as your social media site. Later, it asks you to select your preferred dimensions, like the 1:1 square ratio. Also, you can specify the output quality from here.

If you want to create a simple video for your social media accounts, VSDC is an excellent tool. Besides, it has custom presets for several social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. This feature makes VSDC an optimal choice for making videos for social media.

5. Biteable

Biteable video editor templates

If you want to work on trending social media video templates, use Biteable.

Biteable is a strong contender for a social media editor. The reason is, you can find several ready to use templates for your social media videos. Besides, it allows you to create your custom template to use in your projects. Also, it carries a lot of useful features to make your video stand out.

Biteable provides ready-made themes and clips for you to use. Therefore, if you don’t feel confident to face a camera, you can use the premade clips in your video. You would still need to add an audio commentary for an explanatory video.

Talking about sounds, Biteable also provides a lot of audio tracks and sound effects to add in your video. It also lets you include various audio effects to add depth to your creation. Moreover, there are plenty of color correction themes that you can use to create a standard in your videos.

Biteable comes at a $99 per year subscription model. Essential features and access to several video templates make it reasonable for the price. Also, you can use the free version if you are okay with a watermark on your clip. Compatibility with various social media templates makes Biteable an excellent choice for a social media video editor.

6. Typito

Typito Video Editor

If you don’t want to install a massive package on your system, use Typito.

Typito is an online platform to create quirky social media videos. Its primary focus is to help users create brandable content on social media. Thus, it supports optimized screen ratio and video size for frequently used sites. You can tweak your video according to the social media you want to upload it.

Besides, it offers a plethora of graphics and text animation. You are free to choose from 600,000+ stock images and clips in your project. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not finding suitable content for your video theme. Also, you can import your video if required.

Similarly, Typito provides users with numerous sound effects and filters. You can tweak your voice by adding various filters to make it sound more appealing. Also, you can use the sound effects to add meaning to your videos.

The best part about Typito is you can order a customized version if you want to scale your business. It can be helpful if you’re going to use the program to create social media advertisements in bulk.

In short, Typito proves to be the best social media video editor for commercial purposes. However, there are some drawbacks like limited exports, defined time length, and some more.

7. Wave.video

Wavw.video resize option

If you are trying to make commercial videos, try Wave.video.

Wave.video is an online platform similar to Typito. However, it focuses on creating commercial videos for websites. You can use this tool to create eye-catching videos for advertisements. Also, you can choose from plenty of video templates to suit your context.

Wave.video holds a gallery of 4 million+ stock images and royalty-free music to use. You can use the clips and audios in your project without worrying about giving credits to the creators. 

Apart from that, you can find an abundance of text effects and video filters. It can help you create a professional-looking video. Also, there are around 30 various video dimensions. Thus, you can export your video by optimizing it for any social media site.

Moreover, Wave.video has a user-friendly interface. None of the tools are difficult to understand. Thus, anyone with sufficient knowledge of using a computer can edit the videos on the go. Another advantage of utilizing this platform is freedom of location. Since you don’t have to install it on your system, you can access the editor from any computer. The only thing necessary is your login id and password.

Wave.video is a great video editor to create square videos for social media. However, limited video length can strike out some possibilities. Still, the program contains all necessary features to make a viral social media video post.


Social media sites are becoming a primary platform for content creators. Thus, many video editing programs provide options to edit your videos suitable for social media. However, most of them come at a relatively high price. Our verdict is to use Movavi Video Editor since it provides a lot of useful features and easy to understand interface. If you are looking for an online tool, then use Wave.video

How do I make videos vertically fullscreen?

You can crop your videos in a defined dimension for a vertical video. For instance, Facebook recommends an aspect of 600 * 900 for vertical videos. Also, you can record your video in a portrait setup if you don’t want to cut out your video frame.

Can you Crop a Video?

Indeed you can. Cropping a video means you are changing its dimensions. However, some video editors only let you scale the video in the original ratio. Still, others allow you to make custom dimensions. It can be useful if you want to focus only on a specific area of the video.

How to resize Videos for IGTV?

IGTV uses an aspect ratio of 9:16, which is similar to Instagram stories. You can start your project by selecting the defined canvas size. Otherwise, you can choose to crop your footage in the same ratio.

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