5 Best Free Time Lapse Software

Would you like to make your video faster?

Or, you want to show multiple images in minimum time.

Since no one has time to look at their screen continuously for hours. It could be challenging to show slow processes to more people.

Enter time-lapse video.

It allows you to show slow processes at a fast pace. For instance, if you are recording a lunar eclipse, it can last for over two hours. However, sharing two-hour-long footage with people doesn’t seem feasible. Therefore, you can increase the speed of your footage and create a time-lapse video.

However, you might have to compromise the video quality if you are using an inadequate tool.

Don’t worry, we have tried and tested the most popular free video editing software out there. Here is a list of free programs that you can use in your project.

So, without any further raving, let’s dive into it.

1. Movavi Video Editor: Best Overall

Movavi Video Editor Timelapse

If you are looking for a straightforward software for your project, use Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor is a jam-packed video editing software. It carries a variety of features to assist you in your projects. Also, you can choose the premium version to access all of its functions. However, the speed control feature is available in the free version.

Additionally, you get a plethora of transitions and special effects to enhance your video. Not to mention, it also includes essential video editing tools such as cropping, trimming, scaling, rotating, joining, and many more. In short, it has an abundance of features to offer in addition to the speed control. You can read Movavi Video Editor review for more details.

You can execute your project using two methods. Either increase the speed of recorded footage or create a video using multiple images.

Let us look at the steps to create our video.

1. Converting an ordinary video into a time-lapse video

With this approach, you have to record the video beforehand to increase the speed later. You can use any camera to record your footage in a standard FPS rate.

Step 1: Open Movavi Video Editor and click on the add media files button. Then import your sequence in the software and drag it to the timeline.

Step 2: Choose the footage on the timeline and click on the gear icon to open clip properties. It should show a panel with editing tools.

Step 3: Use the speed slider and move it to the right side. It should increase the speed of your sequence.

Step 4: Do further edits if necessary and hit export to save your video.

2. Make a video using still frames

Step 1: Click your pictures using a regular camera and import them in Movavi Video Editor using the add media files button.

Step 2: Fetch all the files on the timeline and select all by pressing Ctrl+A.

Step 3: Select the gear icon to open the clip properties. Later look for the duration tool. Change the duration of your images manually to 00:00:00.100. (Always tweak the milliseconds first, and then seconds.) 

Step 3: Add audio to your video to increase engagement. You can also add filters and special effects to complement your footage.

Step 4: Save your work by clicking the export button. You can select the video output quality and dimension here.

Movavi Video Editor comes as a free version. However, you can upgrade to the full version if you desire. It has a plethora of features to offer. 

2. VirtualDub: Best Free Open-source Software


If you are recording in AVI format, then use VirtualDub.

Virtualdub is a free, open-source video editing software. It is available for Windows and supports 32 and 64-bit downloads. Moreover, it serves a batch feature, which helps you to process multiple files together. Also, it allows you to use external plug-ins like video filters and more.

You might find the user interface a bit confusing if you are a beginner. However, you can get a grip on it within a few days. Also, the keyboard shortcuts come handy when doing cumbersome tasks. Every function to offer is available on the menu. It has a different tab for editing video and audio. However, it would have been better to provide quick access tools like in Movavi Video Editor.

Although VirtualDub hosts a lot of editing options. Still, the user interface can be more appealing. Besides, for applying any filter, you have to adjust the settings and wait for the process to complete. Later, you have the modified version of your image. For making further changes, you have to repeat the process. Lack of real-time preview makes editing a little tedious. However, the processing is quite impressive.

Secondly, VirtualDub shows all the technical details like compression ratio, rendering speed, and more when you export the file. Therefore, it would suit you if you know the concepts of video editing.

3. iMovie: Best Free Video Editor for Mac

iMovie timelapse

If you are using a Mac at your workstation, try iMovie.

iMovie is exclusive to apple products. Thus, it has a smooth and flawless processing for videos. Moreover, it presents you with a variety of different functions to complement your video editing skills. You can use it as a primary tool for making the most out of your footage. It has all the essential functions that you can expect from a standard video editing software.

Making a time-lapse video on iMovie is a straightforward task. You have to import all your images into the software. Later, drag them on the timeline to actively edit your project. Then, select all your files and select the clip information panel. Here, you can choose the interval of your image. You can start with the minimum value, i.e., 0.1 seconds.

A frame rate or fps is a concept of recording a video. It is the number of images that would appear on the screen in one second. Lower fps means faster video. For instance, if you choose 0.1 fps, then the video will have 10 frames per second. A regular video needs to have 24 frames for a smooth viewing experience.

If you think that your output is slow or you have a pre-recorded video, then you can tweak the speed setting to make your video faster. Import your video in the iMovie software. Then drag it on the timeline and choose the speedometer icon. Then, a speed pop-up should appear. Here, you can select either the fast or custom option. In the custom option, you can choose the desired speed, such as 50% or 200%.

iMovie is the primary choice of many Mac users. Since it delivers excellent performance and a variety of functions at no cost. One downside about iMovie is its unavailability for Windows PC. However, you can get software similar to iMovie for Windows.

4. LRTimelapse: Best for Professionals


If you have Adobe Lightroom installed on your system, then you can benefit from LRTimelapse.

Gunther Wegner develops this software with the sole intention to create outstanding time-lapse videos. He is a well-renowned photographer who is famous for capturing day-night images. To clarify, he is an expert in clicking photos while the daylight is changing to dark and vice-versa. It is considered the hardest part of photography and is commonly known as the holy grail of photography. The software deals with changing exposure during this time. Thus, minimizing your efforts to do the grunt work manually.

LRtimelapse can be used as an external plug-in with Adobe Lightroom. It can be useful if you are trying to make a professional and polished video. Photographers prefer to take still images at a regular time interval for creating a time-lapse video. Therefore, they need an excellent batch processing tool to modify all pictures in one go.

LRtimelapse allows the user to select the keyframes in the video and animate them all at once. Thus, creating a smooth shift from one frame to another. Although, you can use an app in your smartphone or camera to make a time-lapse video. Professional use raw pictures in the project since it gives an upper hand in editing the video.

Such one application to edit raw images in bulk is Adobe Lightroom. However, it lacks when it comes to adjusting the flicker and uneven exposure in the pictures. Here, LRTimelapse does the trick. It allows you to select a standard-setting and modifies individual photos to meet the goal. Additionally, due to a wide variety of camera support in Lightroom, you don’t have to worry about the format of your pictures.

5. Framelapse: Best Time-Lapse Software for Android

If you want to make your video on your smartphone device, use Framelapse.

Framelapse allows you to take multiple photos and create a time-lapse video on your android device. The application provides a quick performance, and you can render your video in no time.

Also, it permits you to control settings manually. You can tweak functions like exposure, white balance, timer, and many more. Additionally, you can add transitions and filters to your footage. You can also set the time interval between each picture and choose the duration of the video.

Besides, the user interface is appealing. It has the most straightforward functionality as compared to other similar android applications. Also, it has an impressive performance and shoots video in the optimal quality with standard settings.

Moreover, the application allows you to set the bitrate and resolution of the sequence. So if you are a travel freak and recording your photos and videos on a smartphone, then Framelapse is the most suitable option for you. 

All you need to do is install the application on your phone. Later modify the settings like bitrate and resolution as per your need. Then click on the record button and try to maintain the stability. You can use a tripod or gimbal to serve the purpose. You can edit the output if necessary.

The free version carries the essential tools to create a perfect video. However, you can upgrade to the pro version for additional benefits.

Final Verdict

There is plenty of free video editing software available in the market. However, most of them use simple source codes. Consequently, it affects the performance of the application and also interferes with the video quality. To create professional-looking videos, it is essential to choose software with optimal functionality. 

Our choice is Movavi Video Editor. It has all the necessary features to create a stunning video out of still images. Also, it allows you to modify the speed of a video to make time-lapse out of a normal one. Besides, it hosts a lot of great features to enhance your sequence. You can add transitions and special effects to your video. Also, if you desire, you can get the full version to access elite features like picture-in-picture, chroma key, and many more. 

In short, Movavi Video Editor is a one-stop solution for making various types of videos in 2020. If you are a beginner and looking for a simple to use video editing software, use Movavi Video Editor.

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