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Video content has taken the internet by storm in previous years, and there is no reason it won’t happen in the next ones. Therefore, if you can creatively present your story, there is a high chance of engaging the audience. Stop motion videos provide you with such an opportunity.

But, some video editing software doesn’t have essential tutorials to start the journey. Therefore, it can be challenging for a beginner to get a grip.

Fortunately, we have done the grunt work to find the best stop motion software for every need.

So, without any further ado, let us start.

What is a Stop Motion Video?

A stop motion video requires you to manipulate static objects physically in small increments. You can either record a continuous video or capture the subject after each manipulation. After that, you put the video recording or photographs in the editing software for post-processing. Here, you have to remove all those frames from the video that contains your hand or any object you used for manipulation. Thus, leaving only frames containing your subject and necessary elements like background objects.

After final editing, you get a video consisting of a static object moving on its own. Also, the result looks like an animation without actually using an animation tool. Thus, even a beginner who doesn’t have prior editing knowledge can do it with minimum efforts. Although capturing all the frames can be time-consuming, depending upon your storyline.

5 Best Stop Motion Software

1. Movavi Video Editor: Best Standard

If you are a beginner and don’t have prior editing knowledge, use Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor is an easy to use video editing software. Also, it comes with several in-app tutorials to help you start your project. Apart from that, you can find numerous online videos regarding working on Movavi Video Editor.

movavi video editor

It has a friendly user interface, and nothing is clunky to confuse you. Also, you can find all the necessary tools in different sections for a consistent workflow. 

Now, a stop motion video can require you to take around 1800 photos for a minute-long video. It can be hectic to manage all those pictures in your timeline. Fortunately, Movavi Video Editor has a Slideshow Wizard mode that enables you to load the whole folder at once. Thus, you can effectively create your stop motion video.

Similarly, you can add music or sound to your video using this software. It allows you to add multiple audio tracks at once. Therefore, you can try and test different outcomes simultaneously.

Also, it allows you to set different transition times for every clip. Thus, you can animate the video at various speeds according to the need. For example, you can create a slo-mo video out of your images, depicting an action scene.

2.  Stop Motion Pro: Best for Windows

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

If you use Windows for your default operating system, then try Stop Motion Pro.

Stop Motion Pro provides the most straightforward available tools for stop motion animation video. This software provides high-resolution stop motion recording. Unlike other standard movie editing software, its primary objective is creating stop motion videos. Therefore, it provides all the essential features of the same. Moreover, it has some advances features like Magic Eraser, Green Screen, Remote Camera, and Rotoscoping, to name a few. 

Furthermore, it has a short learning curve, and even a beginner can understand the tools quickly. Also, there is no tech stuff to overwhelm you. It also allows you to capture the video and edit in the software directly. 

Additionally, it has markers to track and plan the progress of your characters. You can record videos as fast as 30fps. Also, it has a lip-sync feature and lets you record audio as the playback goes on.

It supports a variety of cameras and provides an optimal project management system. It can be helpful to maintain long term projects.

3. Dragonframe: Best Premium


If you like to control time in your videos, try Dragonframe.

Dragonframe is one of the leading frame capture video editing software. It provides a high-quality time control option over the video. For instance, you can use it for stop motion and time-lapse as well. It supports live view from the digital camera. Also, you can store your high-resolution images directly to it. Since animators get video assist tools, and it becomes the central hub for your project. 

Dragonframe includes some essential features and tools in the package. You can play with functions like auto-toggling, step-to-live, add text and effects, and remove unnecessary elements. Dragonframe is exclusive to frame-grabbing technology. Therefore, it gave a chance for innovation in stop motion movies. Some popular movies produced on Dragonframe include Shaun the Sheep Movie, Frankenweenie, The Little Prince, and many more.

Dragonframe software provides the following five workspace tools:

  • Video assist, editing, and frame-grabbing animation features
  • Cinematography functions for the direction of the video.
  • DDMX-512 for total lighting automation
  • Built-in audio and dialogue track reading features
  • Multi-axis move editor to execute complicated camera flicks quickly

Dragonframe covers a complete set of features. Thus, it can help an independent solo filmmaker to a big studio’s feature-length film for complete production.

You can take a 30-day trial before purchasing. However, you get a watermark on your video with it. It is compatible with macOS 10.10+, Windows 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu 16.04+ AMD64, and Fedora 22+ x86_64.

4.  Stop Motion Studio: Best for iPhone and Android.

stop motion studio

If you are working from your smartphone, try Stop Motion Studio.

It is one of the most accessible apps for stop motion capturing. You can record new pictures or choose photos from libraries through the app. Also, The free version comes with necessary tools like frame positioning, grid, overlay, fade, and frame-by-frame preview.

Some features like green screen, remote camera, and other movie effect features are available with premium purchase. But if you are working on a small project like a cooking recipe, then it has all the necessary functions. 

The app has tutorials available online since many people use it for their projects. Also, if you want to try it on your own, the in-app support would be enough.

5.  qStopMotion: Best for Free


If you are looking to create an animation movie, then you can try qStopMotion. 

It is open-source, free animation software. However, you need to have a storyline preprepared before beginning the animation. The latest version has seen some better enhancements. Such as the Zebra function, which highlights extra bright and extra dark pixels on your picture. It stops causing luminous distraction in the outcome.

You can either import pictures from your system or take it directly through the software. However, more camera support would be appreciated. You can export the animation in popular formats like AVI and MPEG.

The user interface of qStopMotion is straightforward. You won’t find any clutter of tech stuff since all the tools are simple and easy to understand.

Bonus: iKITMovie Best Stop Motion Tool for kids


iKITMovie is the ideal tool for all ages. Especially when you are working with Lego or clay.

You can find more than 2,200 free features in iKITMovie. Such as sound effects and background music to customize your projects. It also comes with setting a green screen option. Therefore, you can record your video in front of a green screen and change the background later.

You can also find several helpful YouTube tutorials. This software is optimal for beginners. It has all the necessary features to complete a stop motion movie. Also, kids may find the user interface a bit friendly since it has a fancy look.

How long does it take to make a stop motion video?

People often neglect the fact that stop motion isn’t a computer animation. Instead, it requires you to do the task slowly to capture every movement. Required time depends upon the complexity of the story, the number of characters in the story, and the number of crew members. You can do a one minute video in a couple of days with help. The same might take weeks for a beginner. Therefore, you need to decide the storyline and budget of your video before starting the project. Use the best suitable software for your needs.

Final Verdict

Stop motion videos are one of the most popular techniques of animation. But you can also use it to create fun videos. Stop motion, add a different meaning to your videos. Thus, many songs and music videos adapt this technique to create their official video. 

Although, if you are not a professional and want to create a fun and easy project, we suggest you use Movavi Video Editor. Apart from making stop motion, you can also create different types of videos using this software.

If you have any queries or want to share your animation experience, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for the info on how to make stop motion using these software apps. In the next 5 years I will make Transformers stop motion videos with my family crew that will be called The O’Krakel Brothers Productions.


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