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A computer can be used to perform many tasks, but it needs software for completing those tasks. Computer software is the coded collection of information or data that instructs the computer how and what to work.

Windows 10 Operating System, antivirus programs, PC optimization programs, MS Office, Browsers, etc. are all examples of the software. Basically, without software, a PC is like a dead body, i.e., without any soul.

Since software are an essential part of the system, paying for them is totally worth it. However, there are many times when you require an application for executing only your few tasks. For example, you might not be a professional video editor but may need a video editing application to complete your college project.

In such scenarios buying the software can be hard on the pocket, especially for students. For such people, the internet is full of free software download sites. Such sites offer the software entirely for free or for some time period. However, the problem is that the cybercriminals take advantage of it and infect legitimate software programs with the malware. Further, those infected software are offered to the people looking for free software, and hence malware gets spread. It is, therefore, quite risky to download and install free software from the internet.

If you are one of those who don’t want to spend on software and looking for a freeware, we have compiled a list of Best Safe and Free Software Download Sites for your reference.

Best Free Software Download Sites

Here is the list of the best free software download sites. The list comprises of the websites that provide free software or a trial period software.

1. FileHippo


FileHippo is one of the best and most popular free software download sites. Currently, it provides users with 25,000+ active free of cost applications under 11 categories for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

The website also offers the download manager when you try to download any program from it. However, that is an optional offer, and you can skip it. FileHippo also offers a software update checker program that scans your system for outdated programs and offers to update them.

2. MajorGeeks


Another popular platform for freeware programs is the MajorGeeks. When you visit the site, you will find it totally unattractive, which seems to be the one made in the 90s. However, when it comes to providing utility tools, it is next to none. MajorGeeks has been a reputed site for offering genuine free software for more than 17 years. The site is updated every day with the latest and updated software.

3. Ninite


Ninite is quite a unique free software provider website. It is very straightforward and useful. When you visit the Ninite, the site will offer you to select all the programs you want to install. After you have chosen your preferred programs, it will give you the option to download a custom installer that would bundle all of the programs you have selected to install them in bulk at one go.

Ninite is one of the most reputed sites in terms of providing malware-free software, so there is no need to worry about that part.

4. ZDNet Downloads


ZDNet Downloads has the largest collection of software programs for all platforms. You can get almost every free software available on ZDNet. The software programs are categorized and sub-categorized elegantly for smooth navigation. ZDNet has a good collection of specialized software such as video editing tools, photo editing tools, and others.

5. Softpedia


Softpedia is another most used website for free downloads. It is one of the oldest in this field and hence quite reputed. The software database of the Softpedia is on the next level with over 1 million+ downloadable applications. The software programs are regularly updated with their latest variant and thoroughly checked for any malware contain before putting them up for downloading.

6. CNet Downloads


CNet is one of the reputed names in the technology field. When you visit, you will be redirected to the collection of CNet software programs. The site has a collection of more than 200,000 free software programs available for download. However, when you try to download from CNet, the files would either be installed through its installer or through redirection to external sources.

7. FilePuma


FilePuma is another in the list of best free software download sites. If you visit it, you will find it very similar to FileHippo. It has broader sub-categories than FileHippo for more comfortable navigation. The update detector from FilePuma can scan your system for outdated programs and update them to their latest variant. FilePuma’s search bar is also efficient and accurate compared to others.

8. Soft32


Many of the Windows users might know the Soft32. The website is popularly known for providing free software programs for performing various tasks on your computer system. It also has a forum for discussing and solving Windows software related issues. Apart from Windows, the website also provides software programs for other platforms such as Linux, Mac, and others.

Best Open-Source Software Download Sites

The above section lists out the top websites to get free software programs. However, many of the applications they provide are free only for a trial period. Apart from this, free software provider websites often prompt users to get the premium version of the software. It is mainly because of affiliation. So, to get the entirely free software, you can head towards open-source software download sites. Open-source programs are entirely free to use, but they lack some advanced functionalities since they are mainly made by small developers.

Nonetheless, you can still get a lot of free utility tools from these open-source application providers.

1. SourceForge


SourceForge is one of the most popular platforms for open-source programs. It has hosted over 500,000+ projects and millions of registered users. The site displays the download stats next to the program so that users can decide on downloading it based on its popularity. Other than this, SourceForge also categorized apps as Editor’s Choice and various categories. Registered users can also rate the programs.



The Open Source Development Network (OSDN) provides users with the option to develop and download open-source programs. It gives a lot of free to use services to the developers, which are generally very costly.

3. GitHub


GitHub is a different site. It is not primarily for the open-source programs download. In fact, it is a dedicated website for app developers to host their apps. But you would find a lot of open-source utility there for free download. It is the best platform for developers to develop open-source programs, while for the users, you will get a variety of programs, but you have to search for it.

4. FossHub


FossHub is another free, open-source software downloading website. It is specialized for its optimized download links for faster download. You will get the direct download links, so there is no danger of unknown redirections.

5. BLACKDUCK | Open Hub


BLACKDUCK is another popular platform to download open-source programs. On this site, users can get various information about the open-source project like its license, language, developer, users’ ratings, download stats, etc.

Best Software Giveaway Sites

There are many sites on the internet that conduct the give-aways of the paid software. However, most of those are fake and untrustworthy. Here is the list of top genuine free software giveaway sites.

1. Giveaway of the Day (GOTD)


Giveaway of the Day is the most popular software giveaway website that provides you with licensed Windows, Mac, or Linux software for free. However, many software programs are without any technical support. You will have to install the giveaways at a specific time. Also, many giveaways are only for a few days or months.

2. Tickcoupon Giveaway

Tickcoupon Giveaway

The next on the list is Tickcoupon Giveaway. It provides its visitors with giveaways of popular software programs. You also get the extended trial period, discount coupons, and much in giveaways. Usually, there are 2-3 giveaways every day, but the giveaway frequencies are more during the festive season. Other than that, the websites also guide you on how to get giveaways quickly.

3. BitsDujour


Another genuine giveaway website is BitsDujour. Like others in the list, BitsDujour also conducts software giveaways on its site. Additionally, it also gives e-books in giveaways.

4. WinningPC


WinningPC is the site which gives maximum giveaways. You can always find giveaways on this site under different categories such as security, video, games, etc. However, almost every giveaway is subscription-based.

Bottom Line

Getting a free software program is joyful until it harms your system with malware programs, and you are left with nothing but regret. This post provides you with genuine and secure sources to get applications for free. While downloading the free software, ensure that the site is not using its own installer. If the site is genuine, you can go ahead, but before that make sure that you are not loaded with the additional bundled application. Despite the free options, it is still recommended to go for the paid software, if you are looking for long term applications. If you can’t afford the costly software programs, you can still get them at a discounted price from the trusted sources.

Is using Cracked Software Safe?

Using cracked software is unethical and illegal in many regions, but it is mostly safe. However, if the cracked is downloaded from untrustworthy sources, there is always a risk of malware attack.

Does GetintoPC contain a virus?

GetintoPC is a genuine website for getting the cracked software. It has a userbase of millions of users. Every software on it is thoroughly checked before putting it on download. So, it is improbable that it contains a virus.

Is torrenting illegal?

Torrenting is the illegal transfer of genuine software, games, movies, or music without any credits or affiliation to the original creator. So, obviously, it is unlawful. In many countries, even downloading and using the products from torrents is a punishable offense.

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