How to Save Money on Software Purchase

We basically depend on software programs to make our lives easier. Whether you need a simple video player to stream movies with, or a video editing software for professional work, things could be a lot harder without them.

Even though most people prefer to purchase the most expensive thing in the market for assurance, this should be avoided for so many reasons. What people are yet to realize, is that expensive things are not always the best.

Instead of buying a product, people buy the brand. With all the competition in the software industry, there are lots of options to chose from. On the other hand, getting the best thing on a cheap price tag can be hard at times.

Saving money on software purchases is easy if you know how to balance the two. Getting free software may not be an option sometimes because they are pretty limited.

When it comes to price, the features that the software has must reflect what you spend. If there is another brand out there with the same features but a lower price, then that is the most viable option.

Of course, that is common logic. That is not the only way that you can save money on software purchases though. If you really need to save some good cash over time, then here are a few things that will ensure you have a healthy expenditure.

1. Don’t Renew – Buy New

Instead of renewing a license or product that has expired, buy a new one and get extended benefits. Most software companies give out varied benefits for new software purchases, hence you may even end up getting double of what you pay each time.

Let’s take for example, you are buying an antivirus software from an online store. You are going to be given an extended period to either try the software or just keep on using it (as discussed below). These periods last for up to one month or more on rare occasions.

You might also end up getting huge discounts after every purchase. If that is the case, you will end up saving more than half of what you would spend if you keep renewing the software.

2. Find Extended Trial

Some companies may offer you a trial period even before you purchase the software. Others prefer giving you a trial period after you have purchased the software. They do so in order for them to avoid fraud.

Whichever the case, the trial period will help you save money on the software purchases by reducing the number of times you purchase the software. The good thing about the software products with a trial period is that you may still be able to use some of the features after it is over.

Search: <product name> "3 months" Trial

The trial period also saves you money when you are dissatisfied with the product. When you are given a trial period with a money back guarantee, you could always claim a refund when the software product did not function as advertised.

You should not, however, use this as an excuse to return products because you just wanted to use them for free. Some claims might also be rendered invalid when a consistent pattern of refund claims is noted.

3. Find a Discount Coupon

Some companies do not give discounts on software purchases directly on the sales page. Instead, they introduce coupons which you can use by placing a special code with your order.

This way, anyone who was in a rush or just had some money to spare can miss it and they retain the profits. Before you make a purchase, try finding a coupon on the website if there are no significant discounts being given.

Search: <product name> discount coupon

If a coupon is not available, then there is surely a discount advertised under the product. However, do not forego a perfectly good software which you definitely need because you haven’t seen good discounts. The software discounts go as far as the profit margin allows.

4. Look for a Government or School License

student learning in collegeAs part of giving back to the community, School and Government licenses are usually cheaper than the others. They are also profitable organizations, in that, they buy the licenses in bulk and hence get a really great discount to minimize cost and make them affordable.

A good example is how Microsoft sells Educational Packages at a cheaper price as compared to developer packages and ordinary licenses. This may not apply to most of the software products though. Some of the products are not widely used or ordered in schools and public institutions. hence you may probably not find them often.

5. Wait for the Right Time

Just like any other stores, online stores give discounts on certain occasions when sales are expected to peak. Black Friday, for instance, is a really great day for buying software products at amazingly low rates.

When you need an annual license, then waiting for Black Friday will definitely be the most ideal thing. You will always end up purchasing a license on that day, hence you’ll never miss any of the discounts offered.

Some stores offer huge discounts on national holidays, during the launch of a new product or even when they are trying to achieve the monthly goal.

Some popular Occasions apart from Black Friday are:

  1. Halloween
  2. 4th July
  3. Cyber Monday
  4. Back To School
  5. Thanks Giving Day

Always be on the lookout for discounts on holidays that the stores’ locations celebrate. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about it.

6. Look out for Local Resellers

Some local resellers can give you a bigger discount than foreign resellers. This may be due to the tax laws on a specific country or subsidies from the developers to encourage more sales from the resellers.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to queue on a line for a long time after burning up fuel to visit the stores. There are some local stores that also have an online front to increase sales.

Most of the huge stores have adapted the online marketing strategy. Therefore, buying online from a local store might save you a substantial amount of money.

7. Find Cheaper Alternative

As I’ve mentioned above already, if nothing of the above options work, look out for best alternative for that product. In some cases, it is possible that you might get the work done for free or at least 1/4th price.

Search: <product name> alternative

An obvious example could be of professional video editor. While everyone might say that Adobe Premier is the best but it is out of budget for many beginners and casual editors. They can opt for alternatives like Movavi Video Editor which gets the work done decently at minimal price.

8. Subscribe to Newsletter

Some software developers ask for email address while downloading trial version. Don’t hesitate to give your real address because they might send you an offer which you cannot resist.

Also, look out for subscribe box on their blog. Along with the development news, they are likely to inform you about upcoming sale.

There are so many other ways that you can save money on these types of purchases. However, these are the best ways to save money on software products in a reliable store.

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