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25% Discount on 1 Device License MWB25ONE
25% Discount on 3 Device License MWB25THREE
Malwarebytes Premium MWBOFFPRE
Malwarebytes Premium for Mac MACMWBFREE

Coupons are one of the best ways to save money on software purchases. They are given out as a mode of discount for some of the software you purchase, Malwarebytes being one of them.

malwarebytes coupon

The Malwarebytes coupon can give you discounts of up to 50%. If you haven’t noticed yet, the coupons are usually given out so that only those who notice them can use them.
Most companies do so to avoid giving discounts to people who are willing and able to buy the program at full price. This is why WorthWagon decided to insert the coupon discounts directly into the products price tags.

You will, therefore, be able to access the coupon discounts without searching for them. The Malwarebytes coupons are available on most of the stores independently, hence you might miss them easily.

Finding the best Malwarebytes online can also be tedious. That’s why we have taken the liberty of finding the Malwarebytes coupons and inserting them automatically with each of your purchases.

Since there are still a lot more questions about Malwarebytes coupons and the software itself, let us take a look at the most frequently asked questions and topics;

How to claim discount using Malwarebytes Coupon

WorthWagon staff finds the best coupon and offers Malwarebytes Premium at the cheapest price on the Internet. Don’t find a coupon but buy from Worthwagon directly as they are authorized reseller.

Your coupon may be invalid in the first place. Some of the resellers often post invalid coupons which will keep declining until you give up. Some of them are not even authorized resellers, hence can’t provide a valid Malwarebytes coupon or software.

Instead of tiresomely trying to find a Malwarebyte coupon and then purchasing the program on a different store, you can purchase the software directly from our store. You shall save a lot of time with these direct purchases.

Malwarebytes Student Discount

There is 50% discount for the .edu email holders but WorthWagon offers 60% for school students with valid ID and email.

If your school does provide the .edu email accounts, you can be able to access the 60% student discounts if you provide a valid ID that shows which school you attend and credentials.

This is way better than the coupons which are limited to only a small school discount because of the fraudulent purchases.

Malwarebytes Education Institute

For School, Colleges other Education institute, Worthwagon offers 50% volume discount. This is somewhat different from the student discounts. Student discounts are given to individual students and not the whole school.

The discount will be spread through all the licenses that you buy, hence you are going to get a 50% discount for all of the purchases with the Malwarebytes coupon. The process of validating the authenticity of your claim is pretty straightforward.

You do not have to wait for ages for your details to be authenticated. This means that the institutions can still access the discounts as fast as they could have if they ordered directly.

Malwarebytes Lifetime sale

The Malwarebytes lifetime sale doesn’t happen anymore. This type of sale has been discontinued like almost all the other software purchases. There is a yearly subscription, however. Companies thrives on annual payments.

When something is bought yearly, it gives the companies more profit than an expensive lifetime license. Most of the companies have discontinued the provision of lifetime licenses so that there can be more purchases as well as updates.

Can Malwarebytes Coupon give Renewal Discount?

No, buy multiple years for higher savings. Since the discount is available for the first time purchase,  it is advisable to get as many years as possible in the subscriptions.

You shall receive the discount from the Malwarebytes Coupon on all of the years the license shall cover.

Malwarebytes Military Discount

There is no official thing for the army but Worthwagon can offer an extra 35% discount.  The company is yet to give out coupons for the military purchases, but when you buy from WorthWagon, you shall get a hefty discount if your credentials can be validated.

You may have access to a better discount after a short period of time. But as you wait for an official coupon,  enjoy the discounts that WorthWagon offers.

WorthWagon takes notice of the services provided by the military. We have launched our own Malwarebytes coupon that gives the military a well-deserved discount.

Is Malwarebytes Worth buying?

It all comes down to what you need the most. This is not a software that is enjoying the monopoly seat in the software industry.

There are a lot of security software that a person can use as alternatives. The only reason they have managed to sustain a spot in the market is their differences.

So depending on what you need more than the other, each one of these programs, including Malwarebytes, has a unique feature or feature that makes it worth buying. Many people are blind to the fact that programs must have their drawbacks.

It is much like buying a phone. The one you choose isn’t necessarily perfect. It may lack something that you needed but you went for it because it had another thing that you needed more.

Malwarebytes also has its advantages and drawbacks too. The only thing that you can be sure of, is that you’ll always get basic protection. With that out of the way, let us see its pros and cons so that you can determine if it is worth it.


  1. It has a brute virus scanning system. Malwarebytes can uproot viruses from a PC without the need of quarantine. This may not always be the best way to scan a file as you can lose so many if they get infected and can be repaired.
  2. It can remove or prevent malware infection for free. Unlike most of the companies that advertise free protection but have strings attached, Malwarebytes is totally free. They have made the program to provide full malware protection for free and some extra features at an affordable price.
  3. Most of the features it has are relevant to Windows security. Some developers just place random features in security programs to make them look bigger and better. The problem with this is that you may be given a duplicate feature you already had preinstalled. Malwarebytes’ features are all meant to keep your computer safe from threats, hence lacks annoying bloatware.
  4. The program uses even the lowest resources. This is where the brute scan comes in handy. This type of brute scan doesn’t need a lot of the computer’s resources. This is because they may only be scanning behaviors of files. On the other hand, it saves a lot of time and enables you to use your computer without interruption.


  1. The mode of file scanning is pretty obsolete for some types of malware. This makes it hard for the program to determine whether a threat is real or it is one of the false positive results.
  2. Single user licenses are relatively expensive. You can, however, get a really good discount here with the Malwarebytes coupons.

As you can see, Malwarebytes is capable of providing basic protection for free. From our point of view, you may not get the most out of it, but it is exactly what you should buy when you use your PC day and night. Malwarebytes will give room for you to perform other tasks while it is doing a deep scan.

About Malwarebytes Corporation

Malwarebytes corporation was founded back in 2006 when malware was getting more and more famous each day. Because malware attacks were not so advanced back then, the company didn’t get much recognition back then.

It had to diversify and increase the services offered in order to keep up with the current market. With the recent advancements in attacks, Malwarebytes corporation has earned a spot at the top. The company is, however, diversifying its products and services list.

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