Is Bitdefender Safe or Dangerous Antivirus

Searching for proper software especially online can be quite cumbersome and challenging. There are many illegitimate software vendors that increased skepticism from users when it comes to buying software online and one normally dwells on many “what ifs” before. However, the good news is that there are safe avenues to buy software online; one of many such companies is Bitdefender.

Company Background

Bitdefender is an IT company based in Romania; specializing in cyber security and anti-virus software. Since 2001, the company has developed and sold anti-virus software, internet security software and other cyber security related products and services.

To date, Bitdefender has catered to over 500 million consumers worldwide and at some point; their anti-virus software was considered to be one of the best in the world.

Problems and Complaints

Recently, Bitdefender has experienced criticism over several issues spanning from poor customer service to unsafe software provision. Many Bitdefender customers criticized the company of its slow customer service support and the prolonged time it took to have their problems solved.

bitdefender customer service problems

A lot of the unresponsive customer service requests were attributed to the overwhelmingly increasing numbers of customers.  Overtime, Bitdefender has resorted to strengthen its customer support by providing 24/7 around the clock customer support on the telephone, email, live chat and more detailed FAQs page.

Additionally, users with certain versions of operating systems experienced trouble with their software mimicking malware. The company‘s technical support worked on solving the issue however, this affect all their users worldwide thus, raising the question of the safety and legitimacy of their products.

Furthermore, certain Bitdefender software cannot be run concurrently thus, it limits the user’s choice and forces one to venture out to other vendors for additional choices. Furthermore, a Bitdefender needs to put in mind when compatibility of the software and their machine when shopping for one.

However, due to their experience and expertise, if chosen right, Bitdefender software is an excellent, safe and support tool. And what seen better, they have actually never been attacked by any malware.

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What Independent Test Labs Say?

Bitdefender AV-Test AwardMany independent test labs have proven that Bitdefender software are very safe and are to reckon with. Independent lab called AV Test has awarded Bitdefender as best Performer. Numerous hacking tests have deemed it difficult to penetrate and somewhat impossible to hack at all.

However, many independent test labs have recommended that Bitdefender software be used concurrently with software from other vendors as back up. This ensures all time security as most other users operate with other software, in case of any issues.


As with all online software, if the right factors are considered and the right vetting steps are followed, users will definitely confirm that  Bitdefender is worth a purchase and investment . As with most products online, when shopping for a product especially from a vendor you are unaware of, it is always wise to read reviews from actual users and from different sources. These will definitely help you understand and gauge the vendor’s legitimacy.

Antivirus software and many other types of software can be very complex especially for non tech people. It is also a good idea to understand the software you are looking for – the specs, why you need it, how it works, etc. If you are having difficulty with, get someone who is more adept at the field to assist.

Additionally, understand your device and how it works – will additional programs affect it in any way? Is it compatible with other programs? If you figure this out, it is easy to choose the right software for your computer. Following tips from experienced users and qualified persons also helps, such as, using the Bitdefender concurrently with other antivirus programs and security software to ensure maximum security.

All and all, Bitdefender is a definite legitimate and safe vendor for all security software. Like any online vendors, Bitdefender has had difficult times however; it is one of the leading security software providers – at par with renowned suppliers such as Kaspersky, AVG and Avira.

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  1. contacted Bitdefender via email on 2 different occasions, (week of NOV. 22-28 /2020) and got answers to my questions with in 2 days. 110% customer service…. amazing response time, totally satisfied i am long time customer. never had problems with these folks in ROMANIA . regards mario in laval,quebec, canada


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