8 Ways to Save Money on PC Games

PC games are fun to play, but most of the time you have to pay high prices to get them. If you have patience and willing to research a little bit, then you can save lot of money on PC games.

Almost all PC games offer discounts through different sales from time to time to boost their revenue. If you know the right place where to look for such discounts, then PC gaming could be light on your wallet. I am listing eight ways to save money on PC games.

1. Steam Sales

Steam is the most popular and official platform to purchase games. Most of the time you will see the actual prices of games here, but if you wait a little bit, then you can get excellent discounts on your favourite games. Steam regularly updates and introduces discounts through different deals. It offers daily deals, mid-weekly deals, weekly deals, and weekend deals. You can even play free of cost some new game during the weekend sales.

Steam Sales - How to Save Money on Games

Apart from such regular deals, Steam introduces significant discounts during the holiday period. In such sales, almost every game on this platform gets the price reduction. If you have enough patience, then you can wait for the next holiday season and stock your gaming collection and keep playing throughout the year.

The most significant holiday sales are winter and summer sales. You can also check the small sales event like Halloween, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving. You need to check the Steam website in the sales period regularly.

2. CDKeys

CDKeys is a website that offers Steam keys at discounted prices. You will get discounts on popular titles as well as new releases. You can get a price reduction on the pre-order of new games. It offers more than 70% discount on the regular sale window. The daily deals window presents some top games discounts in the limited time sale.

CDKeys - Ways to Save Money on PC Games

CDKeys is considered most respectable among gamers. It is used to purchase keys directly from the official websites but at discounted prices.

3. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming (GMG) is another favourite place to save money on PC Games. It is a famous reseller of PC Games. The website has a broad range of games for consoles as well as for PC. You can access the featured deal on the homepage of the website. It offers early access to sales and discounts for its VIP members.

Green Man Gaming

With the GMG loot boxes, you can surprise yourselves with the most significant discounts on even the popular titles.

4. Amazon

Yes, Amazon your favourite shopping site also deals in games. Like you receive deals in the physical products, Amazon offers great deals in the digital content from time to time. You need to check the gaming section on their website to know about these offers. Especially during the holiday season, you can get huge discounts on your favourite titles.

Amazon Games - Save Money on PC Games

There are lots of titles, and it could be a tough job to find suitable games for you as Amazon is quite a big shopping portal. However, if you know what you are looking, then you can use the various filters to find the match.


5. Humble Store

Humble Bundle

Humble Store offers excellent discounts on the popular game titles. The Humble Bundle lists top and popular titles in charity game bundle with great discounts. Popular game titles which support the charity offers their games at discount prices. Beyond this Humble store also has a subscription service that provides some top games in just $12 every month. You can also sign up for the newsletter that delivers the latest deals in your inbox.

6. G2A

You can save lots of money from the G2A website if you are purchasing the PC Games. You will find huge discounts on the new titles as well as in some high rated games. However,  there have been some cases of fraud with G2A  services. You always need to stay cautious when you purchase something from other than the official website.

G2A - Ways to Save Money on PC Games

Otherwise, many gamers have purchased their favourite games from this site without any issue.  G2A shield is a way to protect your money  from any mishappening from the vendors. It takes few bucks a month but gives you peace of mind.

7. Is There Any Deal?

IsThereAnyDeal is the best place to know about gaming deals. It checks several other websites for deals and discounts and then collects them at one place. You may search for a particular title and check its price at different stores. You can also check the price history to know the lowest rate of a game.

Is There Any Deal on Games

You can even create a wish list with all the titles you are planning to purchase, then set the price you want to get that game, the website will notify you when its price reaches below your mark. You need to create an account with your email ID to use this feature.


8. Keep Track of Sale Events

You can follow popular gaming pages or groups on social media to stay informed about sale events. Gaming enthusiasts often share about discount and deals in such groups. People have created dedicated game deals group on Facebook. You need to research a little. Also, follow the popular games on Twitter, they may announce the next sale over there.

There are lots of sale events happening in a row, and it could overwhelm you. However, you can check the GameDeals Subreddit; this Reddit board lists almost all the deals. It is not only for PC games, but you can find a lot of PC game deals here.


There are so many ways to get discounts on games. You don’t always need to pay high prices for your favourite titles. The new version of the popular games are at high prices when they launch, so you need to have a little patience. They all introduce deals eventually to boost their sales. Also, another tip to save money in PC games is – to not purchase the one you are not going to play. Often, we buy lots of games and didn’t get time to play them all. So, if you purchase a title at a 50% discount and you are not going to play it, then you are paying 50% extra.

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