Movavi Photo Editor

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$44.95 $24.95

Movavi Photo Editor is a one-stop solution for your photo editing requirements including the following features:

  1. Apply effects and enhance images
  2. Change or remove image background
  3. Restore old photos
  4. Retouch portraits
  5. Add text and graphics to photos


Movavi Photo Editor is a simple to use photo editor application. The features vary from basic tools to advance functions. All functions are easy to understand, and pop-up tutorials help even a beginner to learn it quickly. The user interface is comforting and easy to navigate.

Movavi Photo Editor Features

Let’s take a look at Movavi Photo Editor’s features.

  • Modifies image by tweaking Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Details, and similar features.
  • Provide single-click access to Magic Enhance and HDR Lighting.
  • Enhances portrait in the Retouching mode.
  • Removes unnecessary elements quickly with Object Removal.
  • Crop image to predefined ratios or create your dimension.
  • Change Background of any image in three easy steps.
  • Adds and decorates Text in your image.
  • Makes the photo beautiful using Frames.
  • Removes noise from an image using Denoise.
  • Restore old and damaged photos.
  • Adds deeper meaning to image using Effects.
  • Resize your image to desired dimensions.

Working of Movavi Photo Editor

When you start the Movavi Photo Editor, the first time, it shows you the tutorial (skip if you want). From the second time and after the tutorial, it shows a button to Browse for Images. You can either browse to open a picture or Drag and Drop it.

 Movavi photo editor welcome screen

You can find the features in the tab above image, click on more to find all features like Adjust, Retouching, Object Removal, and more.

Movavi photo editor features

Tools associated with each feature are available on the right side of the screen. You can access both manual and automatic features from here.

The Adjust feature lets you control the Exposure, Brightness Saturation, Contrast, Temperature, and more functions like that.

Movavi photo editor adjust

The Retouching feature presents all essential tools to deal with portraits like Skin smoothening, Wrinkle removal, Red-eye removal, Lip color, Hair color, and much more. Every function is categorized under different parts as Skin, Mouth, Eyes, and more.

Movavi-photo-editor retouching

The Object Removal feature lets you remove unwanted elements from the picture in easy steps. A pop-up tutorial comes when you click on this feature. If not, then click on the question mark icon “?” to see the tutorial.



The Crop function lets you crop the image is predefined formats, or you can choose to do it manually.

You can choose the Change Background function to remove the background from any image. It lets you choose manually, or you can use the automatic selection tool. Easy to understand tutorials helps a beginner to gain a grip quickly.

The Text feature allows you to add text and decorative banners in the image. You can tweak the font, size, color, and more functions related to the text in this feature.

Movavi-photo-editor text

You can find the options to view the difference between your edited image and the original one on top-right corner.

You can open a new project or undo/redo changes from the top-left corner of the window.


After finishing the edits, you can save the image using the Save button located at the bottom-right corner.


A scroll tab shows all other images present in the parent folder of your current image for quick access. You can also find zooming options above the quick access tab. Use the Hand tool to slide the image to your desired position. You can also click both mouse buttons or space bar and left mouse button to drag the image.



You can find more savings and project-related options in the File menu.

 Movavi-photo-editor files menu

To know more about keyboard shortcuts and to customize them go to Settings>Keyboard Shortcuts.

Movavi-photo-editor keyboard shortcuts

You can access How to’s and Video Tutorials from the Help menu.

Movavi-photo-editor help

Movavi Photo Editor supports frequently used image formats like JPG, GIF, and BMP. You can also choose to save your file as “.peproject” to resume your working from saved point.

Movavi-photo-editor saving option

Movavi Photo Editor keeps things as direct as possible and helps you create a masterpiece out of your image. It’s the best photo editor for enhancing your social media photos.


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